Top 10 Places to Visit in the World

Top 10 Places to Visit in the World

Known as a "City of Love", Paris is one of the most iconic destination not only in Europe even in Whole World. Also includes Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum and Mona Lisa picture.

1.Paris,  France

One of the Asian  vibrant city Japan  blends the mixture  of both Modernity and Traditional attires. Temples, Cuisines and cultures are must see one.

2. Tokyo,  Japan

"City Never Sleeps", New York most attractive place known its friendly atmosphere. Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Skyscrapers are must visit places.

3.New York, USA

Famous ancient city known for culture, art and cusines. Hub of famous ancient and historical sites like Colossum, Roman forum and ancient ruins.

4.Rome, Italy

Bali called as "Island of God", its stunning geographical location, island, beaches and natural landscapes makes one of the must visit destination.

5.Bali, Indonesia

6.Machu Picchu, Peru

Most inspired Inca city nestled in the Andes mountain. Such a great urban creations of Inca peoples considered as one of the 7 winders of the world.

7.Riode Janeiro, Brazil

Most visited city in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Its natural view, carnival, samba, Bossa nova, balnearies beach, and Statue of Liberty are must see one.

8. Sydney Australia

Famous for stylish and cosmopolitan city offering yacht- studded harbor, beaches, and opera houses. Never miss Sydney's food, culture and art.

9. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a world famous destination, popularized by the picture square cliffside villages and blue domed churches. Beaches, villages and foods are next level here.

10. Cape Town, South Africa

Known for Sun, Sea and Scenarios. Its Table mountaines, Robben Island, Mountaine and city view makes one of the greatest place to visit.