Palatki Heritage Site Hike

Palatki Heritage Site is a park and red rock cliff archaeological historical site, located in Coconino National Park, Sedona Arizona, United States. Palatki is also known as “Red House” in the Traditional local Hopi language. Due to the vast number of Redstone cliffs and rock formations. Red rocks were formed between AD 1150 to 1350, by the dedications of the Sinagua people of the Ancestral Puebloans.  which has a rich and diverse cultural heritage. There are many heritage sites and landmarks in the city that represent the city’s unique history and culture.



Things to Remember in Palatki Heritage Site;

  Let’s discuss further about Palatki Heritage Site in detail;




Cliff Billet in Palatki;

  • The Palatki Heritage Site contains a good number of manmade cliffs, especially Red Sandstone Cliffs.
  • These Redstone’s are normally found from 1100 to 1400 CE.
  • Cliffs normally belong to the “Ancestral Puebloan” periods of the Sinagua region.
  • The primary purpose for constructing these red cliffs is to protect from winter sun effects and for Shelter too.
  • You can also explore the “Honanki Heritage Site”, nearby Palatki Heritage Site. Both are Red Rock cliffs, which were built around 1150 to 1300 CE.
  • During the Ancient period, Palatki witnessed shelter and home to numerous tribal and nomadic groups (Called Sinagua).
  • In Palatki, “Sinagua” people are more fascinated by pottery work and engaging in agricultural activities. 
  • If you clearly observe the top of the cliff, you will notice some sort of kin or clan. Which is located above the Puebla.


Rock in Palatki;

  • As we said earlier, Palatki witnessed and made the “Red Sandstones”.
  • Both “Petroglyphs” and “Pictographs” are available to see and explore to visitors here.
  • As per research, Singua peoples made pictographic rock walls.
  • To some extent, Pictographic rocks were created by the peoples of North America, especially at the time of the Archaic period.
  • Researchers believe that rocks in Palatki will be 3000 to 6000 years old and some rocks are 5000 to 6000 years old.


A survey in Palatki;

  • Archaeological survey started excavating from the 19th century onwards in Palatki Heritage Site.
  • By the Euro-American collaboration.
  • They found that, from the 1900s onward more than 80% of original photos of Palatki have vanished.



Palatki and Honanki Heritage Sites;

Palatki Heritage Site and its sister site, Honanaki, are both the largest cliff dwelling on a red rock between AD 1150 to 1350. The name originated from the Smithsonian Institution, by Dr. Jesse Walter Fewkes, an archaeologist, who calls it the Badger House for Honanki and the Red House for Palatki.

      You can see 3 trails at the Palatki Heritage Site. Under that, Sinagua cliff dwelling (this includes 60 uneven fairly strenuous steps) And the next one shelters painted symbols or pictographs from every native culture.


Things to Remember for Palatki Heritage Site Hike;

There are multiple things to remember before packing your backpack to the Palatki Heritage Site;


1. Price in Palatki Heritage Site Hike;

Here, you need to have an entry pass to the heritage site. Normally it varies from $5-20 for Red Rock pass entry or called American beautiful pass. A reservation system is available for those who are ready to pay $1 for each person. National Park Pass and Golden Age Pass are also available here.


2. Length or Distance of the total hike;

Palatki has a scarcity of Space, which is why management (U.S. Forest Service) decided to limit the visitors to up to 12 at a time. 1.5 miles is the total length of hiking here,  each trail having a 0.5 mile one way. Overall journey in Palatki is easy, but the trail on the rocky cliff is quite challenging. Hiking requires some sort of shoe, but water and toilet facilities are available to hikers.


3. Paltki heritage site from Sedona;

Palatki is a cliff-dwelling rock situated near the City of Sedona, north-central Arizona. 13.7 miles from Sedona via Boynton Pass Road.  Just 20 miles away from the Northwest of Sedona.


4. Is hiking at the Palatki heritage site difficult?

    Except for Christmas, Palatki is open throughout the year. 9.30 am to 3.30 pm is the regular time for visitors to explore and hike the site. Hiking in Palatki is not too challenging. It requires just 30 minutes to complete rock cliff routes along with solitude. Sometimes duration may vary to 1 hour also, due to weather conditions and the ability of a person.


 Palatki Heritage Site hike Map;


Coconino National Forest - Palatki Heritage Site


Other Information;

Timings:                        Timings decided by

Fess:                               Decided by the Recreation. Gov. for reservation. Pass is available for both Red pass and American Interagency 

Usage:                            Heavy Nearest 

Town:                             Sedona, Arizona.

Managed by:                 US Forest Service.

Best Time to visit:        SEPT-FEB




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