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About Saturnia

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Saturnia is a spa town located in Tuscany in north central Italy. Saturnia is one of the ancient town inhabitants over a period of time in history.  It contains collections of silk blue water springs on different levels that are heated by the nearby volcano. Interestingly these stream waters are powerful and always flow downward all the level with constant temperature of 35 degree temperature.


About Hot Springs in Saturnia


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Hot Springs in Saturnia are a group of natural, free and open air hot springs situated near the town of Saturnia, Tuscany Italy. Its water flows with a constant temperature of 35° over the series of limestone terraces in order to create shallow pools and cascades.  Travelers can soak up or sit in these pools to solve some of the skin related problems and to improve cardiovascular system, muscles and bones.

These hot spring pools flow from the waterfall filling the craters as it trickles down. These pools are just half meter deep, which makes a place safe and suitable for family and kids. It’s cool and friendly temperature pushes us to relax those body muscles and rejuvenate skin. It is very important to spend at least 2 hours of your time soaking or swimming in these thermal pools. Remember these Saturnia hot thermal pools are completely free to visit 24 hours a day in a year.

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What makes Hot Springs in Saturnia is popular tourist spot?

Below 7 points are going to presents what are vital reasons to know the Thermal springs in Saturnia makes greatest tourist destination. Those are;

1. Health Benefits

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First and foremost things from the thermal or hot spring of Saturnia are health advantages for human beings. It is a mineral-rich waters of the Saturnia hot springs are known for their therapeutic properties, offering benefits such as improved circulation, pain relief, and skin rejuvenation. In Spite of that, hot water also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, muscles and bones.

Hot water contains Sulphur (14 mg per liter of hydrogen sulphide), carbon (462 cc per liter of carbon dioxide), sulphate and 2.790 grams of mineral salts. Due to its high level of Sulphur content, the water is particularly renowned for its potential healing properties.

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2. Natural Beauty

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As we knew that Hot springs in Saturnia are situated in the Tuscan countryside small town called Saturnia. Nestled in the middle of the rolling Tuscany hills, along with hot springs are surrounded by lush greenery and natural beauty. Hot spring nearby has a tranquil and picturesque atmosphere that enhances the overall experience of relaxation and rejuvenation. More importantly its water and health-oriented contents are made naturally to cease human physical and mental problems.

Its inshot springs are the major attraction here in Saturnia. Last 3000 years of its water are ideal for bathing, healing effects and rejuvenations of its natural sulphurous water. Its backdrop, thermal terraces, blue pools and healing effects are the major natural things here in Saturonia.

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3. Historical and Cultural Significance

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Saturnia’s hot springs have been revered since ancient times, approximately more than 3,000 years, and it was well known even during the time of Roman mythology. It dissolves the quality of gas, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide every minute of his life. Visiting the hot springs makes you more proud of this rich cultural heritage and connect with centuries of tradition.

However its water is a constant temperature of 37.5° and flows at 500 liters per seconds and relenshing the pool every four hours naturally. Many people believe that it is the start of a golden age dedicated to agriculture, hunting and love. Moreover Hot spring of Saturnia is also symbol for bathing center to the centurions, soldiers, popes and farmer’s major bathing center during Roman period.

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4. Wellness and Relaxation

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Its calming and soothing nature of the hot springs makes them an ideal destination for anyone seeking joy and distress. The serene environment fosters a sense of peace and tranquility, providing a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Hot springs in Saturnia are popular because of their wellness and relaxation nature. Rolling environment which offers mind or stress free relaxation along with some of the healing effects. With its medical advantages, a hot spring offers some of the surrounding natural beauties which makes your mind even more happy and joyful.

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5. Outdoor Activities

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Amidst of the health and healing advantages, hot springs of Saturnia also offer some of the  outdoor activities such as hiking, nature walks, and picnicking, allowing visitors to further connect with the natural surroundings. While enjoying the hot springs themselves, the surrounding area offers opportunities to indulge himself in some of the adventurous and fun activities here in Saturnia.

These activities will make your day even more fruitful and create a relaxing and calm mind-set.  Along with these activities you can also do things like visiting a few tennis courts and golfing at Terme di Saturnia spa and golf resort. Visit Roman ruins, Porta Roman in the city and visit museums of history and early history of the Valle del Fiora.


6. Local Cuisine and Hospitality

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Saturnia will not going upset you when it comes to food and cuisines. Surrounding regions are known for their delectable local cuisine and warm hospitality. As an adventure seeker, never miss indulge yourself in authentic Italian dishes and immerse yourself in the local culture, enhancing the overall experience of their trip to the hot springs. You can expect foods like Italian, Mediterranean, pizza, sea foods and local cuisines.

Food in Saturnia is normally budget friendly and sometimes you can also seek a costlier one, according to your budget. You can try local foods like Cantuccio, Ristorante I Due cippi dal, Ristorante bacco, Da Mario, Lo scangeo, La stellata trattoria, osteria banco santo, da lusia, barakka bar and La stelletta trattoria.


7. Scenic Surroundings

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Never miss to enjoy the surrounding beauty of Saturnia including the famous picturesque landscape. Saturnia’s hot springs create a stunning backdrop for relaxation and unwinding in order to make your tour more worthwhile and interesting. Whether you’re admiring the rolling hills, nearby waterfalls, or simply basking in the natural beauty, the setting enhances the overall experience of visiting the hot springs.

Its serene environment fosters a sense of peace and tranquility along with stress free mind-sets. Here everything is natural, starting from water to landscapes provides both physical and mental solutions to escape from more number of human problems.

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Overall, visiting the hot springs in Saturnia gives us remarkable travel enthusiasm and opportunity to connect with nature, history, and wellness, making it a compelling destination for those backpackers who want to dream of truly enriching and rejuvenating experiences.


Q: Is Saturnia hot spring is free of cost?

A; It is completely a free. As of 2023, Saturnia hot springs remain completely free of cost to general public.

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