What are the 10 Reasons to Visit Blue Lagoon, Iceland?

About The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a Lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland. It got world recognition for its geothermal spa or Skin therapy treatments and natural views. Blue Lagoon contains calm turquoise blue water, natural surroundings, Northern lights views, Silica mud, and other skin-oriented mineral contents which makes it one of the perfect and most visited destinations in Iceland.

18 Things to Know Before You Visit the Blue Lagoon Iceland


Because of its multiple advantages, travelers most likely choose Blue Lagoon as their first preference. Skin therapy treatment is a more crucial thing to do here. Soaking in color water (Containing 30% fresh and 70% Saltwater) has numerous advantages to Skin and skin-related symptoms. Geothermal Water contains Silica mud and Sulphur, which are healing properties for the skin.

Northern Lights and other volcanic surroundings are other things to enjoy in Blue Lagoon. During Winter months (especially at night) Northern lights are more visible and accurate to explore. Enjoying the perfect views of northern lights while Soaking in the blue-colored water is an unforgettable experience. Apart from that, there are a lot of things which are kept hidden to explore for travelers in Blue lagoons. Let’s discuss one by one here;


Best Time to Visit Blue Lagoon

How To Visit The Blue Lagoon In Iceland | TravelAwaits


As per Tourist traffic and Supportive local weather conditions in Blue Lagoon, the winter months, between November to February is the perfect time to explore Blue Lagoon. These months have friendly temperatures which will help to soak in warm water along with enjoying Northern Lights views.

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Blue Lagoons Tickets and Bookings


S. NoStandard/Comfort Ticket Price   Premium Ticket Price Luxury/Spa Retreat Ticket Price
1.         $69 – $110         $87 – $129      $525 – $625


  • Entrance to Blue Lagoon,
  • Free use of Towel,
  • Free drinking, 
  • Silica mud mask,
  • 1st drink of your choice.
  • Entrance to Blue Lagoon, 
  • Free use of Towel, 
  • Free drinking
  • Silica mud mask,
  •  Additional mask, 
  • Slippers, 
  • Dining reservations in Lava restaurants with sparkling wines. 
  • Shower Facilities,
  • Private retreat Spa,
  • Retreat Lagoon,
  • Skin care amenities,
  • Multiple Spa packages,
  • Spa Restaurants,
  • Available changing rooms.

 Top 10 Reasons to Visit to Blue Lagoon


Here, we are going to discuss some of the 10 best reasons for a traveler to enjoy the beauty of Blue Lagoon;


1. Stunning Geothermal Spa

Luxuriate in Iceland's hot springs | Abercrombie & Kent


The first and foremost feature of this destination is the impressive “Geothermal Spa” located in a lava field in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula of Southwestern Iceland. Most of the tourists prefer to settle there just to enjoy the Stunning Geothermal spa provided by the Blue Lagoon. It holds water with high mineral content and soft white-colored silica mud. These 2 contents will help to smoothen your skin functions and deep cleansing radiances.

Along with it, its geothermal gives some kind of relaxation and good vibes.  37-39° Degrees Celsius are perfect conditions for bathing and swimming in the blue lagoon geothermal. Milky-blue warm waters are rich in minerals, oil-absorbing capacity (silica), and Sulphur contents, giving an optimistic result with eczema and psoriasis. Blue lagoons even have world recognition for their healing properties too.

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2. Unique Natural Environment

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The Blue Lagoon’s eye-catching scenery will always grab your attention. Its surrounding environment makes travel more fruitful and engaging, it makes it one of the must-visit destinations in Iceland. Its milky blue color water (30% from Fresh water and 70% from Sea water), surroundings of the black lava field, and spectacular Northern Light views make the purpose of your journey worth one.

Interestingly, the Northern Lights (Natural Wonder) are clearly visible from the Blue Lagoon. You can also spot aurora borealis where solar activity and weather conditions are perfectly supportive. Apart from the above fact, the Blue Lagoon is covered by black volcanic rocks and contrasting blue waters, which improve the quality of bathing time in the pool with unique and otherworldly experiences.


3. Skin Treatment Benefits

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Containing rich mineral content of the Blue Lagoon’s geothermal seawater is considered to have healing benefits for the skin and skin-related symptoms. It got tourist recognition for producing algae catalyzed, collagen and other mineral contents. Includes Sulphur, Silica (color mud), and Water (30% from Fresh water and 70% from Sea water) are considered core reasons for heartening your skin.

Alongside, its water contains good oil-absorbing capacity and reduces acne and eczema too. It will help you to many visitors come to soothe its skin-soothing effects, and try to improve skin conditions like psoriasis, skin dryness, skin texture and detoxification. Due to its medical benefits, last year Blue Lagoon received more than 2 million tourists.

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4. Relaxation and Wellness

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Apart from Skin treatment, Blue Lagoon is a paradise for relaxation and wellness for those seeking mind-free destinations in Iceland. As we discussed earlier, temperatures around 37-39° Degrees Celsius are perfect conditions for calming our body and mind.

Surrounding with incredible natural beauties, a calm atmosphere, and healthy water always drives a tourist into an optimistic environment. Visitors also get various options like spa treatments, massages, facial treatments, and Blue Lagoons Silica mud mask which keep your body and mind along with skin rejuvenated and refreshed.

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5. Outdoor Activities

Blaue Lagune auf Island: Wellness mal anders | Urlaubsguru


Most of the visitors prefer Blue Lagoon for soaking in the rich mineral content waters. But apart from that, visitors are blessed and fortunate to enjoy outdoor activities. Geothermal activities, earthquake and volcanic activities, Northern light views, walking paths, sauna, steam rooms, and waterfalls on-site are major activities done by many travelers.

More importantly, never miss enjoying the ‘Salt Fish Exhibition’ which is very popular here. Horse riding on red gravel roads, bike riding on black sand beaches, and motor rides in lava fields are other mind-relaxing activities in Blue Lagoon. It is well known for in-water massage experiences for ultimate relaxation to mind and soul.

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6. Accessibility

A Wheelchair User's Guide to Iceland's Blue Lagoon


When it comes to accessibility, Blue Lagoon is a most conveniently situated tourist spot just 20 minutes away from Iceland’s Keflavík International Airport. It is a place known to be easily accessible to everyone who comes from outside of Iceland.

“Wheelchair Accessible” is one of the most famous that allows people to enter the lagoon. The 5.2 feet deep lagoon provides easy accessibility to soaking in blue water, spa therapies, picturesque landscapes and relaxing environments.  Blue lagoons allow travelers to indulge in the Blue Lagoon as part of their Iceland journey.


7. Northern Lights Viewing

Blue Lagoon & Northern Lights


Especially, during summer and winter months you can enjoy the beauty of one of the  7 natural wonders of the world, Northern Light. Northern lights are also known as Aurora borealis, which is more visible to visitors during night time at 65° N. Blue Lagoon is a perfect destination to see Northern light with the surrounding lava fields in less noise.

Interestingly, some hotels in nearby lagoons are famous for ‘North light wake-up calls’. Tourists will get a wake-up call option in the early morning or midnight to see a Northern Lights view. Due to less pollution and the natural landscape still today, Northern light is more accurate and visible from Blue Lagoon. From August to April months (Winter months) are most recommended because of clear skies and supportive weather conditions. As a traveler, it is important for you to enjoy incredible light shows while bathing in the Warm waters of the Blue Lagoon.


8. Sustainable Practices

The Blue Lagoon — Iceland Life


Apart from impressive tourist destinations and warm water bathing, Blue Lagoons is also labelled for Sustainable development and practices. The energy generated by the lagoon is geothermal, and the water is a by-product which is supplied from nearby geothermal power plants. So, renewable natural resources (water) are perfectly utilized here. The Blue Lagoon also coordinates and properly utilizes natural landscapes like natural and organic ingredients in its skincare products.

Safety, travel standards and sustainability of a Traveler along with a good positive relationship with society are core things in Lagoon. Ex; Set a goal for cutting carbon emissions and carbon neutrality up to 50%. Moreover, presented a good number of eco-friendly tools and practices to reduce environmental threats and impacts.

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9. Iconic and Incredible

Blue Lagoon - Iceland | The Blue Lagoon Iceland - fake tilt … | Flickr


Due to its iconic beauty from nearby landscapes, blue color water and northern light make a perfect photogenic destination in Iceland. Make sure that places in Blue Lagoon are Instagram-friendly, and provide eye-catching destinations to new visitors from its Surrounding Lava fields to man-made pools.

You can also take pictures from your mobile phone or else you can use a DSLR camera. Wooden platforms, bridges and hotels where you can walk and take perfect captures. Never miss taking standard photos with your family members or couples within this destination, which will create long-lasting sweet memories.


10. Cultural Attraction

Iceland Keflavik Airport | Blue Lagoon | icelandictaxitours.is


In recent years, the Blue Lagoon has become a cultural hotspot. Known for its iconic symbol of Iceland’s culture and Sustainable tourism. It attracts more than 2 million visitors annually for its impressive blue water bathing and skin therapy. Natural surroundings also catch the attention of the travelers. It is synonymous with Iceland’s unique geothermal features and cooperates with the power of nature.


Final Thoughts

Blue Lagoon is probably a quite different travel destination when you compare it with other world’s top destinations. Here, Mind-blowing natural views and health benefits (skin therapy) are enjoying here. Double travel benefits are blessed by the Blue Lagoon to adventure seekers.

So, when you think from a traveler’s perspective, it could be the perfect destination for those who take serious care about skin along with adventure. Health-oriented destination is always enriching and enhances the quality of your trip duration in order to provide adventure feelings.

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Q: Why was Blue Lagoon Iceland is Famous?

A: It got world recognition for its geothermal spa or Skin therapy treatments and natural views. Blue Lagoon contains calm turquoise blue water, natural surroundings, Northern lights views, Silica mud, and other skin-oriented mineral contents which makes it one of the perfect and most visited destinations in Iceland.

Q: 10 Reasons Why Blue Lagoon is Famous?

A: 1. Stunning Geothermal Spa
2. Unique Natural Environment
3. Skin Treatment Benefits
4. Relaxation and Wellness
5. Outdoor Activates
6. Accessibility
7. Northern Lights Viewing
8. Sustainable Practices
9. Iconic and Incredible
10. Cultural Attraction.

Q: In Which Country Blue Lagoon is Located?

A: The Blue Lagoon is a Lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland.

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