Tokyo City- Place where you meet tradition with modernity

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Tokyo is the capital and bustling city of Japan also called as vibrant city that always blends tradition with modernity.  It is a vibrant city that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. As a traveler you will definitely be fascinate by the city’s unique charm, like its cherry blossoms, bullet trains, museums, national parks, Buddhist monuments, and other ancient landmarks.

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City boasts the towering skyscrapers of Shinjuku to the serene gardens of Asakusa. Tokyo is also a better place for those who love to eat Sushi and other traditional Japanese foods. With its vibrant history, architecture and cutting-edge modern technology, makes the city one of the must visit destinations in your bucket list. Never miss to enjoy and immerse themselves in dynamic and unique colorful cultures of the Japanese.

Let’s jump into the depth of Tokyo city;

10 Best Things to do in Tokyo, Japan


1. Take blessing from SensoJi Temple

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SensoJi temple is known for being one of the oldest and world most significant Buddhist temples in Tokyo. Built in the 7th century and celebrating 1,400 years of past history. There are some parts of the temple that are really impressive like its main gate, usually called “Kaminarimon” built in red lanterns and statues of deities. We recommend that visiting SensoJi temple is a place where you can explore culture and traditions of Japanese and Buddhist rituals as well as pray at temple in order to smoke incense.


2. Climb Tokyo tower

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If you are an adventure seeker and looking to take some daring travel activities here in Tokyo then you can choose to climb Tokyo tower. Normally the tower is more colorful and an eye catching experience if you are at the top during the night time. Tower considered as the symbol of the cities one of the most recognizing landmark because of its design and modern skyline. Climb up to the observation desk to enjoy the panoramic view of the city and if you are at night you will be much grateful to enjoy its colorful city lights. Perfect spot to see cities natural and architectural beauties with the beauty of Tokyo’s Sparkling lights.


3. Reach the world’s tallest tower in the world, Tokyo Sky tree

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One of the romantic things in Tokyo is to take your partner to the top of the Tokyo Sky tree and kiss high in the sky. Tokyo Sky tree is one of the most iconic landmarks in Japan and tallest towers in the world. Definitely you will be impressed with its design and unique structures. More importantly, its 360 degree view offers Tokyo city and nearby Mount Fuji (active stratovolcano) surroundings.


4. Make your shopping at Nakamise shopping street

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Nakamise Street is a world famous streets known for shopping here in Tokyo. Most popular and famous shopping street is located in Asakusa near SensoJi Temple. This street includes 50 shops which are lined both the sides of the streets. Along with streets that include traditional handcrafted items and souvenirs like Toys, trinkets, folding fans, Kimono and Japanese confectioneries. I think there is no better place like Nakamise shopping street in Tokyo to make fantastic purchases of Japanese traditional gifts and keepsakes.


5. Eat Sushi

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Your Tokyo trip will not complete until or unless you are not going to eat the world famous Japanese dish ‘Sushi’. There are totally ten food markets available to taste Sushi along with fresh seafood. Sushi is a traditional Japanese food which is available at Tsukiji inner market and Tsukiji outer market, which are bustling with numerous sushi shops and restaurants. Here you can taste different types of Sushi like nigiri, sashimi and more. Never miss to taste the Sushi dishes in any of these restaurants such as Sushi Daiwa and Sushi Dai.


6. See old Pine

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Pine trees were planted around 1709 in the Hamarikyu garden at the mouth of the Sumida River. It is a place of largest black coloured pines or known as “kuromatsu” in Tokyo. These pines grow oddly sideways and bushy and also trees are supported by built in braces. It is a 25 hectare garden also known as “Hama Detached Palace garden”, served by the Shogun’s family and later served as a strolling garden and imperial detached palace. Today these trees are facing threats like disease and insects from vicious sources.


7. Take a cross at Shibuya Scramble crossing

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One of the craziest and weird things is crossing the street of Shibuya Scramble while it gets high traffic. Shibuya Scramble is one of the busiest pedestrian areas in the whole Tokyo where more than thousands of pedestrians cross the intersection simultaneously from multiple directions and creates huge human movements. Even with its huge traffic, Shibuya Scramble is well managed and operates smoothly without much hurdle to people due to its perfect transportation and pedestrian management.


8. Ride the Thunder Dolphins

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You can take it as one of the funniest things to do in Tokyo which usually you can do at night. Thunder Dolphins held in Tokyo dome city of the amusement park. Activity which is cities main attraction where roller coaster tracks wind through city dome complex along with includes dome baseball stadium. When you climb step by step you will be so fortunate to get a view of the surrounding areas and most amazing during the night. Remember there is no general admission fees available to entry but riders can choose to buy either individual ride tickets or ride wristbands.


9. See ZojoJi temple

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ZojoJi temple is also one of the ancient temples like SensoJi Temple whose history dates back to over 600 years. Temple originally built during the early 14th century and the temple even today also plays a vital role in the part of the religious and cultural life of Japan over the period of time. There are several attractions available to see like temple main gate, main hall and temple complexes are really amazing things. Its main gate is called “Sangatsu-mom” and these are the perfect example of Japanese architectural and engineering marvels.


10. Enjoy Mori Art Museums Arts

Mori Art Museum - GaijinPot Travel

Mori Art Museums is a contemporary art museum situated in the Roppongi hills complex. Great museum for art lovers to see and embrace a diverse range of arts collections and exhibitions. Museums not just offer unique and provoking artistic feeling and also offer cutting edge and more innovative artistic styles of collections. As a travel enthusiast you can really seek famous Japanese traditional artistic collections both in the modern as well as ancient too.


Top 5 Places to visit in Tokyo, Japan


1. Visit Cat Cafe

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Normally you will see and visit cafes where usually people come and drink coffee. But here in Tokyo a unique cafe is built not just to drink coffee and tea, but also where you can spend time with friendly and adorable cats. Japanese love cats therefore they gave some space to the cats in order to attract more customers and cat lovers. Here customers can sit and relax as you interact with the cats that freely roam around the cafe environments.


2. Visit Meiji Jingu

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It is an ancient Shinto shrine, which was built and dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and Empress shoken. Built in 1920 and primarily for the purpose of honoring their memory and the symbol of the Meiji restoration. During this time period of political and social transformation took place. As we said that architecture is a perfect example for the traditional Shinto architecture and you will see a grand wooden torii gate at the entrance. Its main building entrance, roof top, intricate woodwork and sake barrels are must explore things here.


3. Visit Ueno Park

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Out of five oldest parks in Japan, Ueno Park is one of them and not only that it is a beloved and most people’s oriented park in Tokyo. Opened in 1873, it includes Ueno zoo, museums, and cherry blossoms in spring. However, Ueno Park includes temples, ponds, and open spaces for enjoying the picnic lunch. Its official name is “Ueno onshi-koen” which means “Ueno imperial gift park”. Never miss to explore the statue of Saigo Takamori, Shinobazu pond and parks art, science and history museum.


4. Visit Imperial Palace

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One of the spectacular places where you can see outside the palace architectures and beauties. Imperial palace is such a famous iconic site which exhibits Japanese imperial history and is a place well known for photographers too. Palace only accessible to the general public during the special occasions and rest of the days you can enjoy the surrounding views and gardens. You never miss visiting the Imperial Palace east garden where you will get panoramic views of the palace grounds as well as you can stroll through gardens, lush greenery and Edo Castle’s fortification.


5. Visit Tokyo national museum

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Perfect spot in the name of a museum to get a plenty of Japanese culture and history. Tokyo National Museum, having a very vast history background, boasts an exceptional and comprehensive collection of art and artifacts from Japan and most of Southern Asia. Founded in 1872, exhibited around 3,000 collections of artifacts and also a symbol of 1, 20,000 works and 648 sorts of Japanese cultural properties. Never miss to see Samurai armor and weaponry exhibition, museum ground and tea house here in this museum.


Facts about Tokyo

Let’s see what are the top 10 quick facts about Tokyo city?

  1. Tokyo was called Edo for a very long time. Tokyo city was once a small fishing village called Edo until the 19th century, but 1890’s Meiji restoration city changed its name to ‘Tokyo’.
  1. Capital city of Vending Machines. You will see vending machines in every 12 meters of distance and each one for every 23 people in their population.
  1. Tokyo has its own Eiffel Tower called ‘Tokyo Tower”. Built in 1958, which was inspired by the Paris Eiffel tower and this tower is called one of the world’s tallest towers measuring 634 meters.
  1. Most Populous Metropolitan area. City contains around 8,457 sq. km with more than 37 millions of people living here in this Tokyo city.
  1. World’s busiest Shibuya Scramble crossing. Every 2 minutes more than 3,000 to 30,000 pedestrians cross this Shibuya crossing at a time.
  1. Cherry Blossom season. This season is called ‘Sakura’, where people gather in huge numbers in the park for ‘hanami’ to enjoy the stunning pink blossoms and breath-taking sights.
  1. High tech toilets. You will find in every hotel, restaurant and iconic places high tech toilets featured with heated seats, bidets, and music experiences.
  1. Less English lovers. Japan and many Asian countries are less interested in the English language and you will see very few people speak in English.
  1. World’s safest city in the world. Yes, irrespective of busy, crowded, loud and populous, it is one of the safest cities in the world with the lowest numbers of crime rates and thefts.
  1. Tourists need not pay tax here. Interestingly, if you are a traveler, you can shop tax free at licensed stores even in the world’s most expensive city.


Tokyo Weather

Tokyo’s weather is probably not stable; it is quite varied throughout the year. Let’s see in detail about;

1. Spring season

Spring in Tokyo starts from March to May and spring is always mild and pleasant.  During this season you can enjoy cherry blossoms adding a beautiful touch to the cityscape due to the ideal temperature condition of 10-20°C (50-68°F).


2. Summer

You will also experience summer in Tokyo, suppose if you are in the midst of June to August months. Normally summer here is hot and humid, usually temperature often exceeding 30°C (86°F).  However sometimes during summer you should be ready for occasional rain showers and typhoons.


3. Autumn

From September to November Tokyo is under the autumn period. It is a time of very comfortable temperature conditions for travelers and adventure seekers due to its 15-25°C (59-77°F) temperatures. Its fall foliage is really amazing to those who really see the beauty of the city.


4. Winter

Tokyo’s winters are relatively mild, starting from December to February. Winter temperature is around 0-10°C (32-50°F), therefore you can see snow is rare in the city and also it gets cold.

So, it is very important to check prior in advance before packing your bag to Tokyo, which season is suitable to you. Visit when the city offers amazing things like cherry blossoms.


Tokyo is obviously one of the most visited cities in the world. If you see the most visited destination in the world you will get the name of Tokyo. Because of its technology, people, and top level infrastructure makes you indulge in the city. However the city also boasts some of the ancient landmarks like temples, Buddhists monuments, art museums and war museums making the place worth visiting.

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Q: What kind of city is Tokyo?

A: Tokyo is some sort Metro city where you can see good number of Vending machines, Bullet trains, Cherry blossoms, Ancient monuments or Museums and Buddhist temples.

Q: Is Tokyo a cheap city to visit?

A: Absolutely not. Due to high cost of living and costly products, Tokyo ranked one of the most expensive city to visit in the world.

Q: What not to miss in Tokyo?

A: There are many things which you should not miss it like Cherry blossoms, Imperial Palace, Tokyo tower, crossing at Nakamise shopping street, taste Sushi and Visiting Buddhist temples and monuments.

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