Here You Have to Know About Social Tourism.


      Social Tourism is a program that mainly focuses on the supply of economic, financial, and personal assistance to the village/ depressed classes/host communities. Under this, Visitors/Travelers will get the opportunity to discover new places, artists and free time activities, culture, civilization, and locate new places. Moreover, Social tourism will build strong positive relationships between visitors and host communities/villages.








Meaning of Social Tourism:

       Social Tourism is a type of Tourism that gives good Productive and Economic changes through Tourism and other related activities for those who are economically and financially weaker sections of Society. Ex: Romanian Social Tourism.


Some of the Good Examples of Social Tourism:                  

   1. Rural Upliftment:



           Rural development is a crucial challenge in every developing and under-developed country. In order to help local craft workers, help to build sheds for those who are suffering shelter, exchange ideas regarding rural upliftment, discuss new innovative techniques in their work, improve quality of life, etc. are good examples of rural upliftment.


  2. Submit oneself:



          Here you will get the option to work with tribal to know their work culture and they will learn educational values from you. Social Tourism always has mutual advantages.


   3. Endowment:

           The endowment is nothing but giving something to someone. Social Tourism will always welcome Endowments. Travelers who are ready to provide some financial guarantees to those families or disabilities sections along with weaker sections of people and workers. Ex: Craftsman, Daily Labor, Women workers, Senior citizens.




   4. Mingle With Native Task:

         As we know that native culture and tradition are different from place to place and country to country. Social Tourism will provide an opportunity to participate in local projects like Recycling programs, Collections of foods for stressed communities, Clean Up your nearby areas, and education about health and sanitization. More importantly, Educate the local people. Join Host communities will build a Positive relationship between Visitors and Hosts.



   5. NGO:

             If you are running a Non-Government Organization you have a good option to help society both financially and personally. The main objective of the NGO is to solve Political, Social, Economic, and Environmental problems. With the help of NGOs, a depressed society/community will get these benefits through Social Tourism.


International Social Tourism Organization (ISTO):

        Established in 1963, a non-profit organization is considered one of the oldest Social Tourism bodies in the World. The main object of this organization is to Promote access to leisure, Holiday, and Tourism for all. 



              According to International Social Tourism Organization (ISTO), Social Tourism is defined  as “The connections and phenomena related to the participation of people in the countries of destination as well as of holidaymakers, of disadvantaged layers of the society or those who are unable to participate in tourism, holidays and their advantages for whatever reason.”


5 Major Goals to Improve Social Tourism in the Future:

      •  Environment Friendly

      • Improve Quality of Life

      • Fair Business Process

      • Accessibility

      • Solidarity.


    Social Tourism Benefits/ Importance of Social Tourism in India:

       1. Social Impact: 

                          Social Impact resulting that opportunity to meet and learn about unique cultures and traditions. More importantly, there is a strong relationship or Bond between people living in different Societies.  The output of social impact will create positive relationships between hosts and Travelers.




       2. Provide a New Skill:

                With the help of Social Tourism, a Tourist can enhance his travel skill along with other new skills. When he enters into a new society, that society is totally different to him. When he mingles with them, travelers have the opportunity to learn different and unique skills like Learn new Cultures, Languages, Cuisines, and more importantly what they need too.


       3. Enhance Serviceable: 

                       Social Tourism will put you into a person like a Service maker. When you are in Social Tourism whether Domestic or International your main goal is to serve the society. You should serve local and depressed communities by Volunteering, involve in local projects (Recycling process, Clean up areas, etc.), Creating NGOs, etc. The overall main intention is to uplift the Social, Economic, and Political situation of local and depressed communities.



        4. Vast Outlook:

          Within the boundary of Social Tourism, your vision should be broad. When traveling like a Solo or Adventure lover your aim is only to enjoy an Adventure. When it comes to Social Tourism not only Enjoy, but more importantly, your vision improvement is your first preference. Involvement in Rural activities and Community developments like Endowments, educating local or community peoples, awareness about economic upliftment’s, etc. are your primary vision. Including, Social, Political, and Economic upliftment are your main focus.


        5. Increase Confidence:

         When you are a person like a decision maker, responsible, or service maker, ability to learn new skills. Then you don’t worry about improving your Confidence to work, irrespective of your background and Country of Origin. Self-esteem is another option to gain. 




                     Learning to deal with people from different societies and work as a volunteer, manage communities, and more importantly lead communities is a great option to learn Confidence. Once you learn these skills, you can apply your confidence irrespective of Origin and Country.


        6. Reduce Stress and Increase well-being:

               Every trip gives freshness to both mind and body. Reducing stress is a major advantage of Traveling. Social traveling provides the option to join a totally different community or society to learn and serve in order to uplift it. When you are in interesting activities, stress will definitely be erased from your mind.



               Humanity is a great way to Serve the Public. Service-oriented people are always down to earth and simplicity is their mantra for all the time.


        7. Improve Personal Communication:

                Personal Communication in the sense of family Communication. Craftsmen or artists or small laborers receive service or help through social tourism by traveler. Strong bondage will be created between Service providers and seekers. Build a Positive Relationship between them.

           Lovable communication will always give the quality of a relationship. With the help of social tourism definitely, your Personal and Family communication will increase irrespective of your Religion, Race, and Gender.


    Types of Social Tourism:

       On the basis of People’s opinions. Social Tourism Divided into 5 Types:

        •    Responsible Tourism

        •    Tourism for All

        •    Sustainable Tourism

        •    Enlightens Tourism

        •    Accessible Tourism  


      Importance of Social Tourism:


         1. Set up Universal Bond:

                The great importance of Social Tourism is to build strong cross-border relationships. Visitors have the option to explore culture globally and create a strong positive relationship between visitors and hosts. 



                Suppose you visit a country like America or Africa/ Asian Tribal or Local communities culture varies from country to country. If you like Service oriented, Responsible, Decision maker, Volunteer for them. You need not worry about good bondage.


         2. Understand his Presenter/Connectivity:

                 Connectivity plays a greater role in Social Tourism. Connecting visitors/travelers to their host country is a great way to explore and understand the Host country.

              Connection is all about what to do. How to make a plan for service? What are the pros and cons of that society or family? Etc. are materialistic things to a visitor. 


          3. Lot of Fun:




                  Traveling itself is a lot of fun. Normally people prefer to travel for more enjoyment and fun. In the same way, this trip will enhance your journey to be more enjoyable and more responsible. Learning new skills, serving the different community, and building positive relationships are another way to enjoy the journey.


          4. Accountable:

                 Being loyal and more responsible is more important in this section of Travel. Responsibility will strengthen your Decision-making skills and Positive approaches.



                 Being more accountable, multiple roles you have to play like, lead social groups, working as a volunteer, submitting yourself to different activities, Take some tasks within the community or society. More importantly, enjoy the journey.


      Short Summary of Social Tourism:

               Social Tourism restorative Financial and Economic activities of the landing place of Visitors/Traveler. If you see some places like Africa or the American subcontinent can also promote their festivals, way of life, cuisines and Customs and traditions too. Some visitors or Social tourism from different governments or NGOs made magnificent changes in society in the last few decades. They will turn villages or Communities into model villages and become good examples for the rest of the villages. Yen number of villages and communities are ready to welcome social tourism and have the potential to switch to modern. Social tourism will respect local nature and the culture of the environment along with local communities.

               The objective is to examine and know the pros from the social aspects in the impact of tourism. As well as build a good long-lasting relationship between them.

            In recent decades Social Tourism has become so popular. This tourism will swap the world in one trip. Overall, the main contribution of this section is economic growth, creating jobs, and building positive relationships among them. 



      Q: What is meant by Social Tourism?

      A:  Social Tourism is a type of Tourism that gives good Productive and Economic changes through Tourism and other related activities for those who are economically and financially weaker sections of Society. Ex: Romanian Social Tourism.

      Q: What is an example of Social Tourism?

      A: 1. Rural Upliftment’s
      2. Submit oneself:
      3. Endowments
      4. Mingle With Native Task
      5. NGO’s

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