Top 10 Things to Do in Antarctica

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Antarctica, often referred to as the “White Continent,” is a destination perfectly suitable for adventure seekers who truly want unique experiences. There are good numbers of activities and things which help you to explore vast, untouched landscapes blanketed in ice and snow, with towering glaciers and breath-taking icebergs. Along with it’s a place where wildlife thrives in some of the harshest conditions on Earth, from penguins waddling along the shores to seals basking in the sun.

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Travelling to Antarctica is a journey of a lifetime, where visitors can witness the stunning beauty of the Polar Regions as well as the deeper appreciation for the snow covered mountains and its fragile ecosystem. It is not big matter whether you chosen cruising through icy waters, exploring research stations, or simply marveling at the untouched wilderness, Antarctica will be dream destination for all sort of backpackers. Definitely it is a place that leaves a lasting impression, sparking a sense of wonder and awe in all who visit.

Top 10 Things to do in the Antarctica


1. Kayaking and cruising

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Most beautiful and memorable things you can do in Antarctica are Kayaking or Crushing. Kayaking slowly explores the mirror-esque surface of one of Antarctica’s pristine bay along with the Gerlache coastline with most calm experiences. If you really want to see Antarctica’s ice waters it is only possible by kayak or on a cruise ship which allows for a close-up look at the breathtaking scenery and wildlife. Moreover tranquility surrendered by the glaciers, snow covered mountains and clear blue skies. Along with that, you can also spot seals, minke, orca and humpback whales nearby these regions.


2. Wildlife watching

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Antarctica is a place well known for many glacier oriented wildlife’s like penguins, seals, whales, and seabirds. Penguins are more popular here. You will get 6 different sorts of penguins like Adelie, Gentoo, Rockhopper, chinstrap, Macaroni and Emperor. The Weddell Sea and Antarctic Circle are perfect places to spot these penguins. Never miss to experience incredible wildlife including observing these animals in their natural habitat is an once-in-a-lifetime experience.


3. Camping under the stars and ice

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If you really want to spend a day in Antarctica under the stars and ice, then make a camp. One of the most adventurous activities in sub-zero temperature is camping. You can choose places like Hovgaard Island and the West Peninsula. Sometimes camping outfits like tents, waterproofs, cool weather sleeping bags and thermal mat are provided here. For the adventurous traveler, it is really a daring thing sleeping under the infinite number of twinkling stars and camping on the Antarctic ice can be a truly unforgettable experience under the starlit skies.


4. Cross-country skiing

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As we know, Antarctica is spread around 12 countries and it is possible to ski around the country. It provides spectacular frozen landscapes which offer quick snow travel and go deeper into the wilderness. If you want to take cross country skiing you should make prior booking or reservation to availability. It is an excellent condition for cross-country skiing, to providing a unique way to explore the vast, snowy terrain. Most of the skiing activities are done during the daytime only, therefore adventure seekers can experience snow landscapes and nearby things even with guided tours.


5. Research station visits

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Antarctica is the site of some of the world’s most cutting edge research. Scientific research stations in Antarctica offer insight into the ongoing scientific work and the life of researchers in this extreme environment. The Vernadsky research base on Galindez Island opens its doors to visitors to study meteorology, ecology, biology, glaciology, seismology and physics. It is the place where the hole in the ozone layer was first discovered. And never miss to visit cool and unexpected aspects, the research center of the Vernadsky station lounge, one of the southernmost bars in the world.


6. Scuba Diving

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One of the little challenging or daring and technical activities in Antarctica is Scuba diving. Diving sites may vary from shallow ice diving, wall and from zodiac. Maximum depth is around 60 feet/ 20 meters. During your diving period you will find unique sorts of terrain and marine life’s like marine life’s, seals, penguins, jellyfish and other sea birds. Each dive will be expected to prepare his or her own equipment well in advance prior to each dive. Keep in mind that light is very minimal underneath the Antarctica waters, so always keep essentials equipment’s before taking a dive.


7. Take a polar plunge

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Polar plunge is an activity that takes place onshore in many cases from the gangway or zodiac. It could be a love hate activity which involves fully submerging your bathing suit clad body in the ice water of Antarctica. Such a memorable activity in the entire Antarctic trip is more memorable and fruitful too. Some companies will allow you to jump off the back of the boat, and some organize a mad dash from one of the beaches into the ice waters during a land excursion.


8. Iceberg cruising

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Iceberg cruising is a boat tour to see the massive icebergs floating in the Antarctic waters is a popular and mesmerizing activity. Antarctica icebergs are generally larger and sometimes weigh billions of tons. Its size could be even equal or larger than an island like Jamaica. Be a part of the sailing adventure starting and ending in charming Ushuaia, world’s southernmost city. Such a memorable natural environment offers close encounters of marine mammal encounters and close interactions with exotic wildlife’s.


9. Whale watching

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Antarctica is a prime location for whale watching, with sculpted iceberg in the background and ice water lapping at your zodiac. Close encounters of humpback and killer whales, offering a chance to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Apart from that, there are 8 different whale species available to explore. February and March months are more recommended to see, because the number of cruises is high. Use ships or Cruises to get a different viewing angle and closer actions of whales.


10. Explore Blood falls

🔥 Blood Falls in Antarctica is a waterfall that appears to be running with pure blood dude to the high levels of iron found in the water. : r/NatureIsFuckingLit

One of the strange spots in Antarctica is blood falls. It is a ruddy color in nature which is a real challenge to the scientific and visual wonders. Waterfall is bright red and originated from the Taylor glacier in McMurdo’s dry valley in Antarctica. Every minute it releases sporadic iron rich salty waters. As a backpacker it is really a different travel experience to see and understand what is all about blood falls?


Q: Do People live in Antarctica?

A: Antarctica is the only continent in this world with no permanent human settlements.

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