How to Enjoy London Travel with your Budget?


    Explore London City is the dream of every traveler who wants to take a world tour. But due to their Budget or Financial uncertainty, they won’t pick up their bags. Obviously, London is a dream city to visit every person on this planet. Visiting London with your budget is possible. Only through Your Perfect Budget Strategy and Planning Your Trip. So, in this article, we are going to provide some data regarding London city for people who want to meet their dream city London on a Low Budget.


Here are the Top 10 Strategies for Explore the London City on a Budget:


1. Plan a trip to London During the offseason/Best time to Travel  London: 


During the Time of Christmas, New Year and Summer you may lose your money. Because during peak season there is a chance to increase the ticket and other accommodation prices just because of demand and rush season. So visit during the off-peak season as much as possible and it can save you a lot of money on flights and accommodations.

2. Take public transport as much as possible:

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 “On public transportation, you see things that no one should have to ever see”. London is popularly known for better public transit in the world. London has an efficient and extensive public transport system, including underground buses, and trains with very low cost to travel anywhere in London as well as within the areas of the United Kingdom. Famous London Underground is helpful for Day trips. In London, you may see a Direct Train facility from Every Airport to main Cities.

3. Stay in a hotel with your budget limit:


You will get many budget-friendly hotels and cost effective hotels in London and nearby London city. You have the option to check out vacation rental sites like Airbnb for more easy and affordable options for Hotel bookings.  With an impressive transport facility in London, you can easily travel anywhere in London and nearby areas from hotels.

4.  Eat food within your Budget boundary / Eat local foods:


London is also famous for its Multicultural city. Therefore you will easily get food on your budget. Local markets and street stalls, food stalls, and food markets will provide quality of foods to you at an affordable price.

5. Visit Free museum attractions in London:


London holds a number of museums and galleries. These museums will call you to meet without taking any charge. There are many numbers of free museums and attractions in London, like the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, National History Museum and the National Gallery, Tate Modern, Science Museums, etc.

6. Plan to stay outside of Central London:


 Booking a hotel or accommodation in the main part of the city will always be costly. Not only in London but all over the world. Great way to escape from the costly budget, better if you have to stay outside central London. Or else, Booking your tickets and accommodation in advance can help you save some amount of money.

7. Try to find discount codes and vouchers in online booking:


    Some online agencies and companies offer discounts and vouchers to new travelers or family vaccination. If you get discounts and vouchers use it well. This is also a better way to minimize your travel budget.  Sometimes you will get discount codes and vouchers online for attractions, restaurants, and transportation. Making Travel insurance is also a good idea.

8. Use your Legs:


Instead of Using a costly Cab or Car service, you may have the option to walk  nearby places within 4- 5 Km from where you stayed. If you are a couple or friends, Then you can walk along with the talk. There you will not get tired and bored. One of the best ways to see London is by walking. It’s free, and you’ll see the city very closely and feel very personal and blessed.

9. Better to skip for buy Gift in tourist areas:


If you see any item which is costly or where people are rushed and where there is high demand. You should skip to buy for those items. London is costly when it is comes to Gift and souvenir. So, Instead of looking costly or beautiful gift and items you can buy from  local markets and shops for cost-effective products.

10. Stick to your budget:


     The more important thing is to set a budget for yourself and stick to it. You have to prepare a plan for every step of your journey and follow it. Then you can easily manage your budget. This will help you avoid overspending and easily manage your entire trip.

Cheap Places to Visit in London on a Budget:

1.     Buckingham Palace:


    For people who want to visit London, definitely, Buckingham Palace is the first option. World famous Buckingham Palace is a must-visit destination. You can see the palace freely from outside but if you want to enter the palace you have to pay the some amount of entry fees. You can see Traditional British ceremonies, Royal British palaces, families, and their history. 

2.    Sky Garden:


     Sky Garden is a free and nice attraction to visit and see the views over there. It will cover most of London city views on the top floor itself. One thing you should remember here is that you have booked your ticket well in advance.

3.    Tate Modern:


     Located in the Bankside area of the London Borough of Southwark. Famous for its special pieces of modern and contemporary artwork. You can also walk near the Southbank and you will feel enjoyment and greatness while walking along with delicious food stalls.

4.    Hyde Park:


     Popularly budget-friendly famous park in London,  When you plan to visit London, Won’t miss Hydra Park. Located in Westminster and close to all main attractions. Kensington Palace Garden is also located within the park. Lush greeneries, friendly atmosphere will calm your mood.

5.    Covent Garden:


     Another perfect budget-friendly place to visit in Covent Garden. Which includes a number of restaurants and shopping centers. You may also find an apple market inside this Garden and there you will find traditional vendor stalls that offer a selection of goods.

         Here you will find people buzzing, often street performers, musicians an outdoor space, and the best place for hit up with family.

6.    Natural History Museum:


     Out of several free museums in London, definitely, the National History Museum is one where you experience ancient feelings.  Explore a lot of aspects like Wildlife, space, earth, dinosaurs, and others within this museum. One of the Kid friendly places in London along with museum is filled with history, science, and life-sized exhibit.

7.     Hampstead Heath:


 Hampstead Health is also a Budget-friendly place like Hyde Park and Greenwich Park. Located in North London is close to famous pubs, restaurants, and hotels. Provide the Greatest and best views over London.

Foods in London with Budget:

              With a proper plan and strategy, you can get delicious food in London with your price limit. So, here are some of the best foods on your budget in London.

1.     Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza:


  Ordering Pizza is crazy for everyone and it got global recognition. You can visit Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza, Where you will find 6 diffrent types of Pizza for the price of just $20.  

2.    Dumpling Shack:


     Travelers who stayed near Spitalfields and South Quay, there you will find Dumpling Shack, a delicious street food with a price range between $4-12 per item. Along with  Asian street foods like noodles, smacked cucumber, and delicious dumplings.

3.    Pdella:


      A type of pasta that originated from Italian cuisine will get to customers at a very limited price. Each dish has a packed flavor and you can watch while it is made and shipped on Aperol spritz.

           In London Bridge and Shoreditch, you can find pdella store.  Rest of the places in London, this past not getting too much of popularity in London.

4.    Lina Stores:


     It mainly deals with traditional Italian Delicatessen and serves simple, yet homely Italian Dishes. This is also a type of Pasta with bread and butter combinations. These stores offer delicious flavors from truffle to pumpkin.

Where I Should stay In London on my Budget:

       Everyone has a dream to visit London. But with a budget and proper strategy about accommodation that won’t proceed. Here we are going to discuss top Hotels and Accommodations for people who dream to visit London with a Budget.

1.  Richmond:


     Richmond is impressed with 2 incredible parks, Richmond Park and Kew Gardens. Richmond Park is famous for Wildlife lovers. In Richmond, you have a bustling street and glistening waterfront and a generous array of shops, restaurants and London Bars. Here you will find wildlife and magical parks.

2. Islington:


  Very close to Buzzing areas like Kings Cross, Coal Drops Yard, and Shoreditch. Here you have to be very careful while staying. Because if you are centrally located Islington has more accommodation.

             Upper Islington provides a number of offers such as boutique shops and restaurants like Ottolenghi, Chinese Laundry and others. Upper Street Islington is most suitable for Budget lovers.

3. Camden:


  Famous not just because of travelers but also with students’ houses near the University of London. In this area, you can see affordable accommodation options. In Caden Town, you will feel the famous Camden Locke, different types of shops, restaurants, Camden market and great jazz. Camden is all about nightlife, food, and drink.

4. Fulham:


        In Fulham you will enjoy lovely cafes, pubs and one of the famous sports stadiums is located near Fulham. Not only that, Fulham also keeps Fulham Football Clubs Craven Cottage and Chelsea Football Club.

             Fulham is closer to Chelsea and Hammersmith in West London. Here you will watch football matches whenever they played. Tickets are sold by eager fans, so if you are a sports lover or football lover this place is most suitable for you. In order to enjoy the football match you can also cheer up.


       ‘Dream comes to an End’, Using Public transportation, Budget accommodation, Free entry or low-entry places is the best way to reduce your plan budget. So, therefore you can travel to London without having a huge budget. So Pack your bags for London

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