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      Everyone has a dream to be a Traveler, But due to proper Knowledge and ideas, they can’t proceed. If you want to travel to any corner of the world you should understand some facts and tips. Without proper planning and strategy, chances failing your tour plan is more. Save money, avoiding common tourist scams, and discover new places etc,. are basic tips.  Following travel tips can ensure that you have a memorable and enjoyable experience.







Here are the top 10 basic travel tips for both Experienced and Freshers:


           Travel tips are an essential part of your Travel journey. I just to know the entire status of your travel plan. Once you decide on the plan, take perfect tips on that. Here we are providing some basic Tips;



1. Hire a Local guide:








  Just to understand the Local culture and Local economy you should hire a local Guide. The first time you are visiting a particular place you don’t know the laws and culture of that land. So, therefore, you need to hire a local guide to better understand the place where you are visiting.



2. Keep Debit and Credit Cards:








 If you travel for a long period of time or long distance you don’t know whether your budget plan will be correct or not for a particular place. Sometimes your money will pass your budget line. So, at that time you should keep a Debit card or Credit card for financial assurance. If you have 2 more cards that’s well and good.



3. Keep in Touch with Friends and Family:








             Give a copy of the itinerary before you leave your home country. It will help to know where you are. Keep a hardcopy list of Mobile numbers in case of emergencies. Always make a call to your family members or friends. Suppose, if you are not untraceable or any misunderstanding happened then your relatives can trace you.



4. Obey the Rules and Regulations, Custom/Culture and Tradition of the country you’re  visiting:








                  It is very important for a traveler to understand and give respect to the Culture and Laws of the particular nation/land where you are travelling. Suppose if you are in Australia, if you do not follow the basic rules, then law will apply for both locals and outsiders. If you are travelling to Dubai or any other Middle East country, you should not drink or Keep your God’s photo in your pocket. It is an unlawful activity.



5. Get Comprehensive Travel Insurance:








               If you travel to a cross-border nation, you should keep Travel insurance along with your Passport. Travel insurance will cover some kind of medical assurance if you are facing any medical emergencies in your travel journey. You will get some kind of monetary benefits or facility to you irrespective of nation. Travel insurance also needs those who are travelling within domestic places. Any travelers are eligible to apply Travel insurance.



6. Research your destination: 








              This is first and foremost tips and advice for every traveler. Before you travel to any Nation or Places within the country you have to make some small research on a particular place and nation. You have to do research on local customs, laws, currency and weather of your destination and present condition when you are visiting. This will help you avoid any cultural faux pas and be prepared for any weather uncertainty and legal issues. 



7. Pack a first aid kit: 








               It’s quite a good idea to pack a first aid kit along with our Travel essentials. Normally first aid kids includes pain relievers, motion sickness medicine, band-aids, energy powders and another important medications depend on place and condition.



8. Pack light:








               Always remember that you should keep your luggage or Pack as light as possible. No matter how long your trip is, try to pack light. If you are keeping a heavy pack you will get tired and automatically your trip will be boring. It also helps to save time and money by not carrying excess baggage.



9. Keep important documents safe:








                  If you want to enter a particular place or nation, you need to keep some kind of document. Therefore you should keep documents like passports, travel insurance, and any important documents. Along with the original document you should take a duplicate copy of your original documents. Keep a digital copy on your phone or drive as well, in case anything gets lost or stolen.



10. Stay hydrated: 








               While travelling, it’s easy to become dehydrated, so make sure to drink plenty of water, especially if you’re flying or in a hot climate conditions and use limited/lite food, because it will keep your body healthy.  You can also take some nutritional foods or energy drinks.



Family Travel Tips:



            There is always a difference between family travel and other travel. Here you should have some responsibility like you have to take care of your children and partners also. To take perfect tips and guidelines for family travel is very important.







1. Plan your itinerary:








                First, you plan your itinerary, but leave room for flexibility and spontaneity. Bring only light items and only essentials. Because this time you are carrying your children’s items too. So try to manage items systematically and perfectly.  Better to to avoid rental equipment or buying items at your travel destination  overpacking.



2. Keep snacks to children:








                 When travelling with your family you should remember to carry snacks, water bottles, and activities for kids. In the middle of your journey, children will get tired quickly. That’s why you should keep children’s favorite items and stay entertained during travel.



3. Stay in Family-friendly Accommodation:










             Book family-friendly accommodations with essential amenities such as pools, playgrounds, and kids’ clubs. Research family-friendly activities and supplies upon arrival to save space in your bags. Research family-friendly accommodations and amenities prior to booking.



4. Carry your family members’ documents along with family :








             This time you should carry your family members’ documents along with children’s documents like Insurance, ID, Age proof documents etc. Along with important documents, such as passports, visas, and medical records, organize well and easy accessible.



5. Teach children and Partner:










             Once you decide on your destination you should give some lectures to your children and partner about the rules and customs of the destination. Keep safety guidelines whenever rush or traffic places.



5. Enjoy the place:








                The most important thing is that you should enjoy the places. Take breaks and priorities relaxation time to ensure the trip is enjoyable for everyone. Meeting new people, new places and new cultures will inspire and fulfil your soul.



6. Take care of women:










                  Women who seek to travel along with their families, they should understand the place first. Some destinations are only suitable for Solo travelers or Boys, not for girls/Women. Places like Nature or Wildlife are best suitable for families. And you should be aware of the dress sense of the place where you are going. Ex: Countries like Dubai or Arab countries should know about his dress code. Otherwise, you will break the law. 



Travel tips for Travelers in 2023-24:








                 After the pandemic Travel industry made some strong restrictions and conditions for travelers who are outsiders, even insiders too. Travelers who are travelling in the year 2023-24 have follow some tips here,



1.  Health check-up Document:










                Wherever we go, health is our first priority. After the Covid 19, some countries strongly decided that vaccination and compulsory health check-up for people who are coming from outside the nation. So for travelers, it is mandatory to be healthy and make compulsory health checkups and keep a health checkup document before going to your travel destination.



2.  Seek rich experience:










                Some places provide a rich history and rich experience. So, in today’s scenario, travelers want a place which provides a good travel experience.

Volunteering; is the best way to get a travel experience. It provides how people live, their own everyday existence etc.

Slow travel is another way: People who want nightlife probably choose New York or London for a better experience.



3.  Save Money:








               Budget travel is essential, especially for people who are traveling with Family or Long trips. Some kind people will not be ready to spend a huge amount of money on their travel. So before planning a trip they will make a budget plan and follow it. Research is the best way to save money. With the help of research, you can decide on a place for your convenience and budget. Ex: places like Hampi or Bali are not too costly.

               An affordable way to explore the travel London city.



4.  Be Careful yourself:










                  In recent years most travelers would like to be more responsible and creative. You should be aware of your tour and prefer to eat in eco-friendly restaurants and visit culture friendly places and make nature tours are good options.



5.  Prepare an Easy and convenient tour plan:








             This will help save money and time too. Itineraries will help to make a more flexible plan for your journey and list of places, also travel plans. Itineraries will also help the route of the destination.



            Travel insurance will make your journey easier. Once you decide your trip, it is mandatory to get insurance,  it will save you from some emergencies out of your country or state.



Travel tips for packing:










            Packing is a part of Travelling. If you pack well your journey will be good. You can’t carry a large volume of items.  Travelers should know ‘what to pack and what not to pack’. So, here are the basic tips for packing.



1. Make a packing checklist: 










             Once you are going to start packing, make a list of items you need to bring with your trip. This can include clothes, toiletries, travel documents, gadgets, medicine/first aid box etc. and any other items that you need.



2. Pack what is necessary: 








                 Always remember that you should keep your luggage or Pack as light as possible. No matter how long your trip is, try to pack light. If you are keeping a heavy pack you will get tired and automatically your trip will be boring. It also helps to save time and money by not carrying excess baggage.






3. Use packing cubes: 










              Roll your clothes and put them tightly together in Packing cubes. This will help you stay organized and save space in your luggage. Try to pack similar items in each cube. There are a number of packing cubes available. Jeans and jackets and hoodies are extra large packing cubes. For a T-shirt, a medium-pack tube is required. 



4. Roll your clothes:








                    Before going to pack you should roll your clothes. It will help to fill clothes easily and for save the space too.  



5. Pack travel-sized toiletries:










                 Bring travel-size clothes to save time and avoid rush to fill in luggage. You can also fill reusable items with your own products.



6. Wear your bulkiest items:








                        If you need to bring a bulky coat or sweater, first you have to use large packing cubes to reduce space.  Otherwise, you can wear a coat or sweater on the plane to save space in your luggage.



7. Keep Electronic separately:








                Always keep our Electronic items like power banks, WIFI dongles, Chargers, headphones ,laptops, cameras etc. separated from the rest of the stuff. Better to  buy a separate pouch to keep electronics separate. Then you can easily fill in your luggage.



8. Take a Packable duffel bag :









          A backpack or duffel bag is best used by people who want to bring gifts or souvenirs, then this bag will help you.



9. Digital luggage scale:



            Using a  digital luggage scale to check your baggage doesn’t pass the limit.  You can get a digital luggage scale with a tape measure. In order to measure your bag once it was filled.



10. Instead of Bringing Books, download e-books:



          If you are a person like a reader, you can’t carry a huge volume of books, it is also a problem to packing and carrying. Therefore you can download the e-book from the Internet and read it whenever it is free.



Tips for easy air Travel:








               Those who are Travelling across border nations, definitely prefer Flight. They know how to book a flight but they don’t know what procedure they should follow while travelling on Flight,



1.  Stay Hydrated:



            The effect of flying and being at a high altitude is dehydration. Once you enter the airport, empty it before you head inside the airport. Once you enter the airport, fill the water bottle. Cabin air may be dry, therefore drink plenty of water. Thus, you can stay hydrated.



2.  Exchange your currency well in Advance:










                  Normally people who are travelling from one country to another should exchange their currency. Before 1 week you should exchange your currency. Apart from keeping travel credit cards, carry a little bit of cash on you in case of emergencies. In developing countries like Indonesia and India or Bangkok, majority of  vendors and auto or taxi drivers accept cash only.



3.  Bring portable Luggage scale:



           Present-day travelers love to keep portable luggage scales for bring  too many travel souvenirs for home. It is very easy to carry and use. This portable luggage scale will help you to reduce the luggage weight and space too.



4.  Stay Hygienic:










                   After the pandemic of covid 19, wherever you go especially out of the country, you should bring a small travel-sized bottle of sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. Hand sanitizer will help you clean up the window seat and don’t want to disturb your seatmates to get to the bathroom.



5.  Check-in Online in Advance:



24 hours before your flight takes off is when most airlines allow you to check in. You will receive a favorable boarding time. Travelers are assigned boarding groups on the basis of check-in time.



6.  Pack a Portable battery:



       It is the best idea for an alternative charging solution to your battery. Sometimes charging will fail at the airport. Some airplanes don’t provide any outlets for you. Therefore it is better to keep an alternative battery charger for your battery tension.



7.  Use Headphones:








                Bring quality noise-cancelling headphones for a better travel experience. You will face some noise inside Airport or Flight like Children screaming and talking. These disturbances will attack your sleep and peace. If you face these problems you can fix headphones and sleep well.



8.  Personal Entertainment:



        The best idea for escaping from boredom and discomfort is to make some entertainment like watching movies, reading books. Sometimes you can download movies from Amazon or Netflix, then whenever you get bored in Airport you can pass your time.



9.  Check Luggage Restrictions:








                   Being aware of restrictions and ensuring your luggage in terms of size dimension and weight limit to avoid your fees. This one you can do in your home before you leave the home.  Instead of paying extra fees, better to make a luggage restriction.






      Becoming a good traveler doesn’t mean that you are good at knowing the places. If you want a perfect traveler you should understand basic tips for Travelling, including solo, family travel, packing and flying tips while travelling. So, therefore who want to start their journey better to know some tips, in order to enjoy their entire travel journey.


Q: What are the top 10 Travel tips?

A: 1. Hire a local guide
2. Keep debit and credit cards
3. Keep in touch with friends and families
4. Obey the rules and regulations of country you are visiting
5. Get comprehensive travel insurance
6. Research your destinations
7. Pack a first aid kit
8. Pack light
9. Keep important document safe
10. Stay hydrated.

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