Cappadocia, Turkey- A Land of Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia is a tourist destination located in the historical region in Central Anatolia, Turkey Turkey well known for its distinctive Fairy Chimneys, tall or cone shaped rock formations assembled in Monkey valley and Goreme and other places. Picture square travel destination attracts millions of tourists by its unique rock formations, ancient cave dwellings, and mesmerizing hot air balloon rides Cappadocia offers visitors a truly magical experience.

If you are a global explorer or backpacker just wish to know the rich history and cultural significance, Cappadocia will be a perfect reaching point for you. Offering from the early civilizations that once called these caves their homes of many farmers and civilians to the thriving tourist destination it has become today, Cappadocia’s story passing from is as fascinating as its landscape.

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When it comes to things and activities and attractions Cappadocia will never disappoint you in order to offer exploring underground cities, hiking through stunning valleys, or taking an once-in-a-lifetime hot air balloon ride during sunrise. Cappadocia is a truly impressive travel destination mixed with both historical significance and outdoor recreational activities that has something to offer everyone.

Under this article we are going to present some of the famous things to a visitor can do: its surreal landscapes, rich cultural heritages and hospitality under cave hotels. Which makes your Cappadocia travel more fruitful and a lifetime memorable experience.

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Top 10 Things to in Cappadocia, Turkey

There are a number of fantastic things which every traveler can do. Starting from hot air balloon to horse riding, Cappadocia makes thrilling and mesmerizing impressions to travelers. Those are;


1. Hot Air Balloon at sunrise

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Cappadocia, Turkey is undoubtedly one of the most popular travel destinations in the world to see hot air balloon rides, especially during sunset. Such a magnificent ancient creation, Cappadocia, well known for its hot air balloon ride, its geographical conditions and unique landscapes with volcanic rock formations. Perfect way to experience these phenomenal landscapes, tour groups are at 100 hot air balloons in the air at a time. Hot air balloon ride provides stunning sunset views over the Cappadocia landscapes in order to become a most elegant and picture square destination for photographers.

It is vital to book your ticket well in advance or else often be sold out. One of the major reasons is bad weather conditions. Keep your plan should be 2 to 5 days in order to fly as high as 3,000 feet above the ground level. Remember the take-off site will change according to daily wind directions. Amenities include pick up and drop services, meals before flight departure and offers commemorative flight certificates.

Ticket price of Hot Air Balloon at sunrise in Cappadocia

Usually ticket price is vary from durations of your tours like, if they are in last one hour your tour cost will be $163, for 3 hours cost will be between $272 to 326 and over they have to pay $326 includes extra charges.

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2. Red and Rose Valley hikes

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Very close to Gerome, Cappadocia offers the craziest and spectacular hiking trails known as Red and Rose valley hiking trails. As we discussed earlier that place is well known for sunset views, such a unique area with trail winds flowing through pink and sharp colors especially during sunset. Just 2 to 3 hours of trail journey you can expect to start from your trail in the evening time of 3 or 4 pm, and you can expect to reach 6 or 7 pm. Remember hikes are not so tough but moderate ones and with multiple ways you can take.

When it comes to color, valleys get their names from pinkish colored rockets that vary in tones throughout the different times of the day. Rocks in various shades of rose are covered in wide areas. While travelling amidst the valley you are fortunate to explore beautiful flowers and well painted and decorated churches built by the local farmers. You can take a cab, rented scooter or ATV to reach the top, if you are not a big fan of hiking in order to see the top.

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3. Open Air museum at Goreme

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One of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, Goreme is a complex of monasteries that house complete historic church ruins. Interestingly these churches are carved and made by the Cappadocia stones and walls were decorated with incredible paintings. Situated in the Dark Church, known for its signature landmarks and nevsehir region too. There are a good number of ancient churches available, especially ones belonging to the 9th century period and presenting the life of Jesus through depicted paintings in the walls of churches. Tokali, Elmali, Chapel of St. Barbara, Yilanli and Carikli are the major churches which we can see under the museum at Goreme.

Under the St. Barbara and St. Basil are led by the cobbled pathway along with its ceilings are made with religious motifs. This is a perfect example of phenomenal architecture at the open air museum at Goreme, where we can spot countless chapels and beautiful churches very close to quarters. If you are a photographer it is important to keep your camera inside your bag while entering the museum, cameras are strictly not allowed inside the churches. Due to its historical significance and phenomenal architecture, the museum of Goreme welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Daily between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm visitors can come and explore this museum.

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4. Stay at a Cave Hotel

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Usually travelers are staying or accommodating some of the luxurious hotels or restaurants and making their dinners or breakfast there. But here is one of the craziest hotels available near Cappadocia which provides an out of the box experience of living in an authentic cave.  Well designed with Turkish design and textiles on the floors and small windows to the outdoors with panoramic view of Cappadocian in order to accommodate in a cave hotel is next level travel experience. Caves have been used as homes, monasteries, and churches and then now transformed as a hotel. Today, around 30 hotels are offering everything from 1 star to 5 star accommodations.

These suites are comfortable, lavish and well designed with all basic amenities like mini fridge, TV and Pair of chair sets. They will charge per night 80 Euros including the breakfast dishes like jams galore, cheeses, olives, meats, junks of honeycomb, bread, yoghurt and fruits and total 50 food options are available.  Well-furnished cave rooms offering natural environments of this ancient city keep away from modern hotels and resorts.

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5. Visit Fair Chimneys at Pasabag valley

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It is a place combined with numerous unique rock formations created due to the erosion of the soft rock volcanic tuff. Volcanic eruptions created such big moonscapes and home to the soft rockets, cave dwelling hippies and fairy chimney boutique hotels. One of the UNESCO World Heritage sites well known for famous valleys under Goreme national park like red valley, devrent valley, pigeon valley and zelve valley. During the 11th century period Fair Chimneys are considered as the place of chapels and living quarters to the Christians immigrants.

During the 11 and 12th century period when Arabs are starting invading the Turkey Christian peoples are starting to create these Fair Chimneys as a shelter like mushroom shaped, pointed and columned. It belongs to millions of years old ancient landmarks and today resembled a conic steam and as tall as 130 feet high. Today you will spot chimneys as hotel room’s fireplaces with perfect panoramic views of this Cappadocia region. Overnight hotel experience will unleash all your existing experience with its number of sunset points and impressive views of the Fairy Chimneys. Never forget to see Fairy Chimneys even through Balloons ride.

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6. Mount the Uchisar Castle

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Overview from the Uchisar Castle has been standing for centuries with its excellent views from the nearby landscapes. Standing at the highest point of the regions in Cappadocia, Turkey. To climb to this ancient site required a short hiking trail from the Uchisar or Geome towns around 120 steps to mount to the Uchisar Castles. It is not just a popular spot for sunset along with it is a place overlooking the fairy chimneys, pigeon valley, Goreme and other famous sites. However it is not just a place for perfect views and also symbolizes Turkish culture and photographic destinations. Due to its panoramic views and ideal destination it receives thousands of visitors every year.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Uchisar Castle has historical importance’s especially during the Ottoman Empire and Byzantine times of defense. Castle features some of the underground tunnels used to store the weapons and supplies during the time of siege. It looks like cylindrical towers and is full of rooms, tunnels and passages inside (some of them impossible to enter) and welcomes visitors between 7:00 am to 8:00 pm every day. Undoubtedly it’s crazy 360 degree panoramic views approach every photographer and backpacker to take its top level captures and hiking experiences.


7. Underground city tour in Derinkuyu

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There are also good things to see in Cappadocia, Underground city tour in Derinkuyu contains an impressive depth of 85 meters, known as the deepest underground city in Cappadocia. Walking through more than 5 levels of cave systems with the giant labyrinth cave shaped rooms, separated entrances, unique ventilation systems and passageways. During ancient times this underground can accommodate around 20,000 peoples and their livestock’s. It’s well managed passageways will connect every corner of the Cappadocia city like school, churches, wine cellars, food storage rooms, livestock’s, and communal places.

Under this Derinkuyu underwater tour you should understand ancient irrigation systems that serve water sources to each corner of the underground made by the people 1000 years ago. Surprisingly the tunnel becomes smaller and smaller if you go deeper and deeper. The deepest of the 36 cities, Derinkuyu city was primarily built for the purpose to hide Christians during the time of Islamic invasions. Perfect and marvelous place to those travelers who want see insane places, dark architectures and canal systems, and dark underground, Derinkuyu is a must visit place in Cappadocia, Turkey.

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8. Hike in Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley Cappadocia (Where? What to See? 2023 Tickets)

Ihlara valley is created by the Melendiz River as a picture square gorge over a 1000 of years. Most of the visitors are willing to hike for high cliffs that hide rock-cut churches. Stretched around a 14 km long valley situated in the most elegant and scenic location in Cappadocia. Moderate hiking trails are relatively easy to walk amidst the beautiful, peaceful and naturist landmarks like cave churches and monks for recreation. It starts from Ihlara village and ends with Selime monasteries.

Most of the carved churches under Ihlara valley belong to the 7th to 11th centuries and along with Pigeon valley are filled with pigeon houses and devotees panoramic views of the whole city. Agac Alti Kilise, a famous coach labelled for well-furnished architecture style and color and decorative features. Along with other churches in valleys are Purely Seki Kilise, Egritas Kilise, Yilanli Kilise and Kirk dam Arti Kilise. This valley has 4 main entry points which you can access through car or by walk.


9. Walk in Zelve Valley

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Located amidst the Urgup and Avanos in Cappadocia is one of the most leisure walking pathways accessible by the famous churches. Total 2 km hiking or walking trails passing through Y shaped valleys in order to show the several cave rooms even well known for religions’ last abonded monastic valley.  Its prominent feature belongs to pre iconoclastic times spread across 3 valleys and later valleys were turned into an open air museum in 1960(dated back to the Byzantine periods). 2 ravines are parallel with incredible cones and caverns look like cross sections from the fallen stones.

One of ancient sites recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage site, Zelve valley complex features churches like Geyikli Kilise, Uzumlu Kilise, Direkli, Balikli Kilise and Geyikli Kilise. Under that some homes, caves, chimneys, mill, passages and some of them rooms, churches which unlike other Cappadocia churches not having any frescoes. There are a good number of trails available which makes your walking more easily and the tunnel connects 2 out of 3 valleys. Zelve valley is known for coffee shops, gift shops and even for perfect landmarks for photographers too.


10. Horse ride during sunset

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Cappadocia is also called the “land of beautiful horses”, just because horses are available to tourists to explore the amazing valleys of Cappadocia through horse, especially during sunset. It is more exciting and thrilling to travel. The landmark that is so friendly with its rock formations and is ideal destination for horse riding. Not only that it boasts places like canyons or moonscapes which are more visible and fun through only the horse ride. Horse ride during sunset is truly an amazing experience which you can take hourly basis booking either through online or local agents.

While horse riding you are fortunate to see capitative rock formations, rock carved churches and traditional vineyard and apricot orchards. A professional guide will explain the above places and its importance’s. Amenities include pick up and drop, horse riding equipment and 1 instructor. Keep in mind that people who are above the weight of 91 kg will not be eligible to ride horses in order to keep the welfare of horses. Rest are high heel shoes, alcohol and drugs, pregnant women’s, children’s under 6 years are not allowed to ride a horse.


Best time to Visit to Cappadocia, Turkey

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We highly recommend that you should visit Cappadocia during Late Spring and Early Autumn. Usually these months will be April, May, June, Sept and Oct months in Turkey. Due to cool weather conditions and less tourist traffic these months are the perfect time to explore Cappadocia.

Especially during summer months Hot air balloons reach 300 to sky per day every morning. As we know, Cappadocia is extremely hot in summer and extremely cold in winter. If you visit during summer it is very important to keep your body hydrated.


Q: How far Cappadocia from Istanbul?

A: Cappadocia is total 735 km long from Istanbul, Capital city of Turkey. Requires 1 hour and 10 minutes of time is required to reach by airplane.

Q: Why is Cappadocia is so famous?

A: Cappadocia is a tourist destination located in the historical region in Central Anatolia, Turkey Turkey well known for its distinctive Fairy Chimneys, tall or cone shaped rock formations assembled in Monkey valley and Goreme. Unique rock formations, ancient cave dwellings, and mesmerizing hot air balloon rides Cappadocia offers visitors a truly magical experience.

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