Queen Emma Summer Palace, Hawaii- From the Travelers Point of View

 Let’s see the “Queen Emma Summer Palace” from the Traveler’s Point of View:


Queen Emma Summer Palace, also called Hanaiakamalama, is a historic mansion located in the Nuuanu Valley. It was the summer palace, which was used by Queen Emma during the 19th century. “Queen Emma Na’ea” was born in 1836, the daughter of famous Hawaiian chieftains.

An intimate glimpse inside the Queen Emma Summer Palace - Hawaii Magazine


Later she married King Kamehameha IV, The Palace was used as a summer retreat for Queen Emma from 1857 to 1885.  Later Queen Emma and her family (including her son Price Albert Edward) decided to move from Honolulu to Nuuanu Valley, to escape from heat weather conditions to a cooler climate with the Suggestions of John Young II (her uncle).

Today, Queen Emma’s summer palace is represented as a museum and garden, welcoming visitors to explore the queen’s legacy and life.  As We said earlier, the summer palace of Queen Emma is surrounded by lush green surroundings and picture square beauties. Within this park and garden, you can explore native Hawaiian plants and flowers along with travel-friendly atmospheres.

Queen Emma Summer Palace - Hawaii State Parks


When you enter the palace, you’ll notice someone will heartedly welcome you with knowledgeable and friendly staff. They will help you to provide accurate pieces of information about Queen Emma’s life story and the importance of the palaces, including nearby parks, gardens, and surroundings with accurate answers to our questions.

Inside the palace, you’ll find some preserved rooms, showcasing the wealth and beauty of the queen’s era. The original furnishings, mind-blowing artwork, and empowers personal belongings including Queen Emma. The palace inside gives some sort of glimpse of an idea about how royal lifestyle at that time. Inside the palace, you will notice unique rooms, where each room represents insights into the cultural, political, and social importance of Hawaiian history.

Queen's Bedroom – Iolani Palace


Out of that, the major impression inside this palace is the “Queen’s bedroom”, where you can see the intricately carved koa wood bed and other subjective items and essentials. You will notice the King’s Study, the Music Room,  and the Dining Room, within this palace include attractive furnishings and decorations.

Additionally, the palace is full of jewelry, artifacts, portraits, and other ancient items. It shows a deeper understanding of Hawaiian customs and legacy of the Queen Emma. It shows us narrative information and beautiful visual views too.

Division of State Parks | Queen Emma Summer Palace


When we talk about outside of the Palace, you will see well-furnished gardens, parks, beautiful surroundings, and friendly travel atmospheres. Witnessing lush green tropical plants, and plumeria with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Last but not least, after exploring the entire palace, you never forget to buy souvenirs for your friends and family. A good number of gift shops, locally crafted products, and books about local culture make you purchase-oriented.

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Things to Remember Before Visiting Queen Emma Summer Palace;


1. Location

Queen Emma Summer Palace - Hawaii on a Map


Queen Emma Summer Palace is a historical cultural site located in Honolulu, Hawaii, specifically in the Nuuanu Valley. It is just 10 minutes away from Honolulu, Hawaii. Known for historical landmarks, museums, and gardens. The palace opens daily from 9: 00 am to 4: 00 pm.

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The address is 2913 Pali Highway, Honolulu, HI 96817.


2. History

Victorian Charm at Queen Emma's Summer Palace in Honolulu | Hawaii Aloha Travel


Queen Emma’s summer palace also called Hanaiakamalama, is a mansion built in 1847 as a summer retreat for Queen Emma. Queen Emma is the wife of King Kamehameha IV, he is also known as Hanaiakamalama, which means, “Forest Child of the Light.”  Later Queen Emma and her family decided to move from Honolulu to Nuuanu Valley, due to escape from heat weather conditions to a cooler climate (Suggested by John Young II). After the death of Queen Emma, the whole summer palace was turned into a museum in 1916. Before that, the palace continued to be used by her successor.

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3. Gardens

Queen Emma Summer Palace Garden


The beautiful summer palace is surrounded by well-furnished gardens, popularized by its serene and picturesque ambiance. You will get a good number of native Hawaiian plants and flowers along with palm trees, plumeria, and hibiscus. As a traveler, it is important to mingle with nature along with vibrant colors and nature sounds. This garden was designed by H Augustus Holstein a famous Danish Garden designer.

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4. Park

Queen Emma Summer Palace (10) | Karl Gercens | Flickr


Queen Emma Summer Palace is witnessing beautiful views of the Nuuanu valley and surrounding environments. “Mama Bed” is a unique thing where sit on a rocky chair and see Mama. It is a place, where you can leave your children. Picnic tables and park surroundings provide a tranquil feeling in order to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


5. Ticket Prices

An intimate glimpse inside the Queen Emma Summer Palace - Hawaii Magazine


As per the recent update, ticket prices, and the admission fees for Queen Emma Summer Palace are as follows.

– General Admission, normal citizens aged between 18+ and below 64: $10.


– Senior Citizens, who are aged above 65+: $8.


– Kama’aina (Citizen of Hawaii), who had proper Hawaii residence with ID: $6.


– Military, who have valid ID cards: $6.


– Students, who have valid ID cards: $4.


– Children who are aged 17 and below are Completely Free.


– Reservation is available.


This is not the ultimate ticket rate in Queen Emma Summer Palace, note that ticket prices may be subject to vary, so, it is better to check with official Queen Emma Summer Palace official website or you can directly contact them. You will get an up-to-date information.

Official Website; Daughter of Hawaii – Queen Emma Summer Palace.

Call – (808) 595-3167


6. Visiting Hours

Members – Daughters of Hawai'i


When we talk about visiting hours, Queen Emma Summer Palace is easily accessible at an affordable price. It opens from Morning 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is closed on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and major national holidays. It is the best choice to check the exact operating hours before your visit and the availability of tickets too.


In conclusion, Queen Emma Summer Palace is one of the perfect travel destinations in Hawaii. Who is seeking information about Hawaiian history, culture, palace, and the legacy of the royal kingdom? Summer Palace showcases a glimpse of the idea of Queen Emma and the Kamehameha dynasty with local surrounding natural beauties.


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