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What is Kangaroo Island Known For?

Kangaroo Island is located on the coast of South Australia, with inclusions of Natural beauty and prosperous wildlife abundance. It attracts millions of tourists every year with its picturesque landscapes, diverse range of flora and fauna, unique ecosystems and geologies. I promise you that, definitely Kangaroo Island will definitely leave you in an awe-inspiring state of mind while exploring from sandy beaches to lush green forests and wildlife.

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You will believe that such a small area of land offers some breathtaking activities to visitors. Activities such as Fishing, swimming, sandboarding, exploring different parks and Remarkable rocks.  It is a place where you will get an opportunity to explore Australian natural habitats and Kangaroos including kalos, possums and colorful birds. Its beaches, cliffs, and crystal-clear water offer mind-feel environments to a traveler through a stroll or relax on a golden sand beach.

Kangaroo Island provides numerous places to visitors along with multiple things to do there. Like Flinders Chase National Park, Remarkable Park and even more places will give stunning travel feelings. So, let’s discuss them one by one deeper in that;

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Things to Do and Places to Visit in Kangaroo Island, Australia;


1. Visit Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park (Official GANP Park Page)

Australia has many islands and beaches and showcases its natural beauty to the world over a period of time. Out of that, Flinders Chase National Park is one. Flinders Chase National Park is located on the western end of Kangaroo Island and popularly known for its stunning natural attractions, including Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch.

In 1919, this incredible park was considered a National Park in Australia. Naturally, rock was made by the force of dust and rain 500 million years ago. Cape du Couedic and Weirs Cove are the most iconic sites here. As travelers, you can explore Flinders Park through walking trails, spot wildlife, and enjoy breathtaking coastal views.

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2. Experience Seal Bay Conservation Park

Seal Bay • Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Your journey will never finish until you explore the beauty of Seal Bay Conservation Park. Such a great place contains a good number of Australian sea lions. Just a 45-minute journey from Kangaroo Island, one of the top visited places in Kangaroo Island. A guided tour will guide you more about seals and park beauty.

As we said earlier, colonies of Australian sea lions are in good numbers here (Snorkeling is a good option to see Sea Lion). If you want to know more about local things and places, guided tours will show amazing creatures in a very close-up manner. Never forget to learn behavior, and conservation efforts, and explore iconic beautiful beaches.


3. Explore the Remarkable Rocks

Free Abstract Rock Formations on Brown Sand Stock Photo

You will see numerous unique rocks, which come from around 500 million years ago. Flinders Chase National Park contains a good number of granite rocks including pinkish feldspar, bluish quartz, and black mica are common sorts of rocks. These rocks are so friendly to walk and are 200 ft above sea level.

Sculpted by continuous weathering (air, water and mud) erosion over 500 million years, these Remarkable Rocks make your journey more fruitful. It will never disappoint a photographer with its panoramic views of the surrounding coastline.  Early morning and early sunset are the most recommended times to see the beauty of Remarkable Rock located in Flinders Chase National Park.

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4. Meet Kelly Hill Conservation Park

Kelly Hill Caves . Kangaroo Island | :: Blende 11 :: | Flickr

Underground limestone caves are more common here to discover. If you want to explore entire caves and parks it is only possible through guided tours. Take a guided tour to explore the impressive stalactites and stalagmites of Kelly Hill Conservation Park and learn about the unique geology of unique rock formations and wildlife of the area. You can also explore different bushwalking and nature trails near Kelly Hill Park.

During the 2020 bushfire, the majority of the park was burnt and they tried hard to rebuild it to its original shape. Above the ground level, tiny caves and tunnels are more supportive of bushwalks, and trails. Passing lagoons, round-trip trails, and sand dunes are more common than longer trekking activities here. Unfortunately, this park is closed right now and it will open next year in 2024.


5. Beach Day at Vivonne Bay

Aerial View Of Vivonne Bay Pier And Vivid Turquoise Ocean Water Kangaroo Island South Australia Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock

6 km Vivonne Bay will never compromise when it comes to top beaches in Australia. Known for crystal clear water and cleanliness, Vivonne Bay Beach also penetrates the visitor’s attention through privacy, pristine white sand, and a serene atmosphere. Most recommended beach for swimming, relaxing, sunbathing, surfing and fishing. Labelled as one of the safest spots for swimming, especially on the western jetty beach.

The beach was named Vivonne Bay after Catherine de Vivonne while exploring Australia in 1803. You will see a good number of picnic spots and barbeque areas near the beach. This U-shaped beach is also known for Cray fishing boat sailing, humpback whales, southern right whales and Dolphin views are most enjoyed here.

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6. Discover the Little Sahara

Little Sahara - What To Know BEFORE You Go | Viator

The vast area of sand dunes in Kangaroo Island is known as Little Sahara. Located in the middle of Kangaroo Island, the place is perfectly dedicated to sliding down the dunes or taking guided tours to learn about the island’s species flora and fauna of the area.

70m above the boarding and thrilling adventure seekers. Little Sahara covers approximately 2 sq. km of area and is a remarkable way to enjoy located above sea level. It is so supportive for travel lovers with activities like fast bike tours, buggy tours, walking tours and tobogganing. A total of 1 hour and 50 minutes of total duration and a guided tour is required to explore all these travel things easily.


7. Taste Local delicious items

Five Must-Try Kangaroo Island Delicacies - Stowaway Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is not only known as a perfect destination, but also a food destination too. You will see a good number of its high-quality gourmet produce. Visit local farms, wineries, and cafes to sample fresh seafood, honey, olive oil, cheese, wine, and other delicious treats that are next-level tasty dishes. Never forget to taste famous Kangaroo Island Spirits for some unique tasting.

Different Wine categories include Lake Breeze, False Cape and Islander Estate Vineyard. Kangaroo Island Range Eggs, Islander Estate Vineyards, Kangaroo Island olives, Seafood and Alexandrina cheese are the most common local products available in Kangaroo Island.

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8. Do Wildlife Spotting at Hanson Bay

Discover Southern Australia's Kangaroo Island

A Wildlife Sanctuary was famous for its diverse range of flora and fauna, especially native Australian Birds and Animals. This includes Koalas, Kangaroos, Possums, Echidnas, Bush stone Curlew and Wallabies.  This sanctuary provides valuable guided nocturnal tours to observe a range of natural wildfires.

Wildlife witnessing is a great hub for even birds too, such as Blue Wrens, Scarlet Robins, Lorikeets, Black Cockatoos, Scrub wrens, Banded Plovers and Honey eaters.  It’s the right place to explore fascinating animals and birds in their natural habitat within an Island.


9. Take a long Coastal Walk

Admirals Arch Walk - Hiking Trail in Kangaroo Island

I Insist you take a long walk in the Coastal line of Kangaroo Island. A better point is to remove all your bad moods and relax while travelling. Kangaroo Island enriches your scenic coastal walking trails where you can explore spectacular coastal views with epic rocks and sea lions.  Additionally, Wildlife spotting and diverse ecosystems make your journey more fruitful.

Rugged cliffs and sandy beaches shift your attention to the next level. Never miss the Cape du Couedic coastal walk and the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail which are world famous here. Remarkable Rock, Seal Bay Conservation Park, and Flinders Chase National Park are more walkable places on Kangaroo Island.

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10. Get a close touch with Marine World

Kangaroo Island North Coast Hope Spot Highlights Need for Greater Protection - Mission Blue

I think it is a better place to study and learn the basics of marine life. Here, Snorkeling will especially help you get deeper into the ocean’s marine life. As a traveler, I recommend diving underwater to see and learn what it is all about. Contains vibrant reefs such as colorful fish, seals, dolphins, and even leafy sea dragons. Kangaroo Island is covered by crystal clear water making it an excellent place for scuba diving too.

Explore unique marine life such as little penguins, Harlequin fish, Hooded plovers, White-bellied sea eagles, southern right whales, and Australian fur seals are the more common species beneath Kangaroo Island.

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10 Quick Facts About Kangaroo Island;

12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do on Kangaroo Island | PlanetWare

  1. In 1884, Kangaroo Island was declared a Bee Sanctuary. Witnessing the world’s largest and purest Ligurian bees by the 51 registered beekeepers.
  2. Remarkable rocks are considered the most photographic sites. Which is easy to capture with its abstract shapes.
  3. Peculiar Size, 3rd largest island in Australia, just 110 km south of Adelaide, contains every 4400 sq. area of 4700 residents’ houses.
  4. Home to a number of Endangered Australian Sea Lions.
  5. In Flinders Chase National Park, you can stay overnight in a Lighthouse keeper’s cottage with a wood-fired stove.
  6. In Little Sahara, a dune system helps you to make a board by zooming down the slopes.
  7. Kangaroo Island itself is a hub of more than 65,000 Kangaroo population. 0.13% of Australia’s total Kangaroo population.
  8. Most relaxing beach in Australia, which urges you to spend a day at the beach with a locally made dinner.
  9. A good number of bird collections in Kangaroo Island, contains approximately 260 unique sorts of bird species.
  10. Home to bottlenose Dolphin Ponds. Take a snorkeling and get a close-up feeling with Dolphins.


How to Get to Kangaroo Island;

There are 2 ways to get to Kangaroo Island, either by Air route or Ferry.


                        By Air Route                      By Ferry
  • QantasLink is a commercial Airline, presently operating between Adelaide to Kangaroo Island.
  • Due to some travel restrictions, the weekly flight schedule will be inconsistent.
  • You should arrive at the airport 60 minutes prior to departure.
  • Most popular and used transportation service.
  • Travel between Cape Jervis (Main Land of Australia) to Kangaroo Island Penne Shaw.
  • Operating twice a day.
  • You should arrive at Cape Jervis 30 minutes prior to departure.

Most people will prefer the Ferry travel service, according to their convenience and suitability. Keep in mind that both ferry and airplane need 3 days advance booking.

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