La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Família is located in the basilica in Barcelona, Spain. La Sagrada Familia is a large unfinished Roman Catholic Church, which started construction in 1882. Famous historical building designed and planned by the legendary architect Antoni Gaudí. Here we are talking about the history and natural significance of this iconic landmark, as well as it’s unique and mind blowing architecture.

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Considering ongoing construction, La Sagrada Familia is still an ongoing tourist site for over a century. Highlighting the intricate details and symbolism within and outside of the buildings makes the structure will also captivate viewers’ attention.

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History of La Sagrada Familia

The Basílica de La Sagrada Família is one of the iconic landmarks in Barcelona, Spain. La Sagrada Familia is a large unfinished Roman Catholic Church, which started construction in 1882. In simple language Basilica means of the “The Holy family”.  Chuck designing and planning was done by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí, and he started construction of the church beginning in 1882 and continues to this day.

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But initially until 1883 he did not involve himself in these projects. In 1884 Gaudi was appointed as a director, but unfortunately in the midst of construction architect Antoni Gaudi died in 1926.  Gaudí devoted the last 15 years of his life entirely to the project, and at the time of his death in 1926, less than a quarter of the project was completed. Today it represents only 70% of the construction and the rest are unfinished.

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If you visit this Roman Catholic Church, you will find intrinsic design in a unique blend of both Gothic and Art Nouveau styles. Due to its delay in reliance on private donations and interruptions during the Civil War, the construction of the Sagrada Familia is very slow or delayed in construction. Renowned for its ornate façade and detailed sculptures, La Sagrada Familia church is even today considered as one of the iconic symbols of Barcelona and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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After the 21 century La Sagrada Familia underwent several modifications and construction.  Added some of the modern technology and a dedicated team of architects, builders, and artisans. The latest estimates suggest that the project finally opened on 7 November 2010 the centennial of Gaudí’s death.

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Architecture of La Sagrada Familia

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When we realize the architecture of La Sagrada Familia, it is a remarkable symbol for both traditional and modern architectures. Totally a unique blend of various styles, primarily influenced by Gothic and Art Nouveau, along with its innovative and organic design elements. Antoni Gaudí, started work in 1884 with conventional architectural norms. Antoni Gaudi, a renowned Catalan architect, was the creative force behind the church’s design.

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La Sagrada Familia is a combination of religious and historical inspirations. Under this church façade is adorned with sculptures depicting biblical scenes, religious motifs, saints and matters relating to Jesus ‘faith and spiritualties. However, the basilica’s design includes three grand facades, representing Christian’s beliefs and faiths. Like the Nativity Façade, the Passion Façade, and the Glory Façade.

Most striking feature under La Sagrada Familia is ‘Forest of towering spires’. Total having 18 spires, each represents the different figures from the Bible. Out of that Central spire representing Jesus Christ, standing height of 170 meters. Statue considered as the tallest religious structures in the world.

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The columns within the church resemble tree branches, which offer a feeling like a forest atmosphere, and the ceiling is decorated with colorful stained glass windows that bathe the interior in a kaleidoscope of light and color. Gaudi used vibrant stained glass windows, interplay color and lights and brow color paints considered all are next level creative artworks.

Architect Antoni Gaudí embodies a good number of natural and organic forms into his architecture in La Sagrada Familia. Including hyperboloid structures, parabolic arches, and intricate geometric patterns. These elements are well known Christians and Gaudí’s belief in the harmony between nature and religion.

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In Today’s scenario, La Sagrada Familia goes through most of modern engineering and construction techniques, in order to keep realization of Gaudí’s intricate and visionary designs in mind. Despite the church’s unfinished state, its architecture continues to captivate and inspire visitors from around the world.


Facts about La Sagrada Familia

There are numerous facts which represent that La Sagrada Familia has unique landmarks compared to others. Those are;


  1. La Sagrada Familia has been under construction for over a century and till now it is unfinished. One of the oldest buildings in the world still today is under construction started during 1882.


  1. Mastermind behind this Church or ionic project Mr. Antoni Gaudi was buried here. His body was buried on the underground level in the tomb to see visitors.


  1. Inspired by Nature. Antoni Gaudi was inspired by nature when constructing it and it looks like a structure from what he saw in nature.


  1. Initially Gaudi built a school called Sagrada Familia school buildings. School primarily dedicated to children’s of workers who are in the part of church constructions.


  1. Recognized by the UNESCO World heritage site. Despite his unfinished work La Sagrada Familia got recognition in 1984 for its unique architecture, innovation and artistic marvel.


  1. Height matters. Considered the tallest religious building in entire Europe. Central tower is approximately 170 meters tall.


  1. The intricate symbolism. Each part of the building is the symbol of something, interior pillars resemble trees and change constantly like a real tree.


  1. Here 3 major facades which all are disputed. Due to its time and delay of construction many people argued that they were too abstract and took away from Gaudi’s style.


  1. You will find Elevators inside this ancient building. Yes, which helps you to discover the lower and higher parts of the structures and even for a panoramic view of Barcelona city.


  1. During the 1936 Spanish Civil War, a group of anarchists fired and broke down part of La Sagarada Familia buildings. That’s why most precious materials are lost and stolen during this period.

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La Sagrada Familia Inside overview


Its exterior design is marvelous which could be better than the exterior which includes facades, windows and crypts.


1. Main Nave and Arboriform Columns

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La Sagrada Familia has a main nave where you will feel like entering a forest area that looks like towering arboriform columns. These look like forming a canopy, upward and look like a tree structure in order to create a spiritual and natural atmosphere.

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2. Dazzling Stained Glass Windows

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Well-furnished glass windows devoted to La Sagrada Familia provide sunlight streaming through these windows which are colorful, reflection oriented and create a unique and magical ambiance.


3. Antony Gaudi’s Crypt

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As we know, the building mastermind is Antony Gaudi. Therefore visitors can explore the resting place of Mr. Gaudi and his mortals. It includes exhibitions about his life and architect works.

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4. The Apse and Symbolism

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Apse which is located at the end of the main cave, which includes collections of reliefs and sculptures belongs to the church. Artistic Apse covers narrations of biblical passages and the life of Jesus Christ. Symbolism means interior pillars resemble trees and change constantly like a real tree.


5. The Nativity Façade

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La Sagrada Familia has 3 major facades under which the Nativity façade was completed by Antoni Gaudi’s period. Nativity façades are narrating the life story of the birth of Jesus. The Rest Passion and Glory façade were built much later.


6. The Sagrada Familia Museum

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Museum provides in depth information about the history of construction of this building. As a backpacker you can indulge in expressing the building pieces, models, blueprints and artefacts that exhibits the evolutions of this project.


7. The Passion Façade

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It is a complicated carved stone representing emotional values of the deep reflections of religious narratives. It is primarily focused on Jesus’ crucifixion. Crucifixion was added to the passion façade by the Joseph Maria Subirachs and it has become more controversial today.

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Ticket Price to La Sagrada Familia


                           Sort of Traveler’sTicket Price in €
Traveler’s between 0-10 years of ageFree
Traveler’s between 11-30 years of age€ 31.20
Above the age of 65€ 27.30
Fast track tickets€ 33.80
Tour includes tower of La Sagrada Familia€ 46.80
Guided Tour starts from / for more availability click here€ 48
More than 12 personsClick here


Finishing date of La Sagrada Familia

It is the biggest question to all the visitors and even to the world too, when will the construction of La Sagrada Familia be complete? As we know, its construction was started during 1882 and it has lasted almost 140 years till unfinished.

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Even today if you visit this building you will observe some giant red cranes and machines are still working towards the completion of the project. “So, as per the latest news, La Sagrada Familia is expected to be completed in the year of 2026”. If it is done it means, it will be the tallest cathedral in the world.

It is important to inform you that the La Sagrada Familia is not only a place of worship but also a major tourist attraction in Barcelona and even Europe too. Over a period of time it draws millions of visitors’ attention each year who come to marvel at its unique architecture and rich history.


Q: What is La Sagrada Familia meaning?

A: La Sagrada Familia means “The Holy family” in common English Language. Most of the Churches designs, paintings, roofs and towers representing the life of Jesus Christ and his family includes his mother, 4 evangelists and 12 apostles.

Q: When was the La Sagrada Familia starting date?

A: The exact starting date of the La Sagrada Familia construction is 19 March 1882.

Q: Why is the La Sagrada Familia unfinished?

A: La Sagrada Familia was still unfinished and ongoing process due to Spanish Civil War and majority of donations are depends on the public. So, it is very difficult to make on exact time and likely to be finish in 2026.

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