Uluru, Australia- Things to Do, Facts and Travel Guides

How was Uluru, Australia Formed?

Uluru is a monolith Red massive sandstone located in the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory of Central Australia. Uluru is also called “Ayers Rock”, very close to Alice Springs just 355 Km away from Uluru.

Annotated Map of Ayers Rock (Uluru), Northern Territory, Australia - Nations Online Project

According to history, Uluru formed around 550 million years ago through the process of erosion and depletion of the earth. As per research, they believed that this red sandstone was made up of red rock over a period of time, along with feldspar and quartz contents.

You will never believe that today what you see seeing Uluru once was a shallow sea. Consistent filling of mud, sediments, sand and plant wastes is converting the sea into Redstone today. The pressure of Sediments is the core reason for to change in its physical appearance.

Around 500 million years ago, tectonic forces caused the land to uplift, bringing the sandstone layers above the surface. As the uplift occurred, the layers were tilted, resulting in the nearly vertical angle at which Uluru stands today.

Visit Uluru/Ayers Rock | Northern Territory, Australia

Erosion plays a crucial role in changes in the physical and outer shape of Uluru rock, including consistent wind, environmental fluctuations, rain and other environmental factors that are adversely affected over a period of time. Not only Uluru but even Mutitjulu Waterhole is also affected too. It majorly affects rocks’ surfaces and crevices in the world.

The most interesting element of this massive rock is its color, which attracts millions of tourists every year. As per the study, sandstone contains iron minerals within, which are exposed when the movement of air and sunlight starts. That’s why its color is always red throughout the day time, during sunrise and sunset its color changes slightly.

Still today Anangu people (Indigenous tribal people) believe that this red rock is a more sacred place to them. Along with that Uluru has cultural and spiritual importance, which correlates to their daily life. Some believe that they are the real owners of that land.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Uluru, Australia;


Some of the things that are really interesting to do in Ayers are;


1. Sunrise and Sunset Viewing:

Top 10 Things to Do at Uluru and Kata Tjuta, 2023 - Top Oz Tours

Never miss exploring the beauty of Uluru rock, especially during sunrise and sunset. During sunlight passes in a rock, its color changes before your eyes. The reason is to change the color of light which reflects the rock’s outer surface. Normally red to orange, but sometimes it changes to brown also, depending upon the variations in iron oxide. We are truly happy to say changing the colors of the rock, during sunrise and sunset is a memorable one.

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2. Uluru Base Walk:

Walking & Hiking Around Uluru | Uluru Australia

If you are an adventure seeker and wish to take a tricky challenge, then Uluru Base Walk gives you some hiking tasks. Yes, the 6.2-mile Uluru loop trail is known to be quite a challenging task for visitors. It takes more than 2 hours duration, starting from Mala Carpark can easily take leisurely walks around the base of Uluru. During your base walk, you are fortunate to explore ancient rock art, waterholes, and unique geological formations.

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3. Sounds of Silence Dinner:

Sounds of Silence Dinner, Uluru: Outback dinner under the stars

Sounds of Silence Dinner normally happens in Uluru during sunset, exploring the beauty of the natural surroundings of Tjuta National Park with wine and canvas (A sort of bread topped with savoury). You can also choose vegetarian dishes here with prior notice. Finally, your dinner can wind up with enjoying tea or coffee or a glass of port at Ayers Rock. Indulge in a gourmet buffet while your residue in astronomy guides you to explore the southern night sky.

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4. Explore Maruku and Walkatjara Art:

Painting from the Dreamtime, Aboriginal art, Australia

Maruku art contains paintings, wood carving, walka boards, crafts, tools and beautiful wooden accessories. Marku Gallery gives you a glimpse of Anangu Culture. Maruku galleries represent the lives of indigenous communities including, the Mutitjulu community and Western desert communities too. These products are available in online stores also.

Walkatjara Art Centre is completely owned and managed by the Mutitjulu community of people. It produces a good number of local Tjukurpa stories and paintings. Interestingly, they receive only 50% of the total profit of sales, the rest they spend to empower the Anangu culture and development of the Mutitjulu community.

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5. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Cultural Centre:

Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre, Northern Territory

A perfect place to know the real history of Uluru and the culture of the Anangu people. Both Maruku Gallery and Walkatjara Art Centers try to present a real picture of the indigenous communities of Uluru and their cultures. Maruku Gallery exhibits ancient tools including crafts, scripts and paintings, showing Anangu people are the traditional owners of Uluru.


6. Camel Ride:

Camel Ride near Uluru/Ayers Rock | To learn more, visit cisa… | Flickr

Somewhere you experienced a Camel ride, especially places like the desert. But Uluru provides quite a unique camel ride, where you can express changes in the color of the red landscape when sunlight hits the desert. Camel rides during sunset and sunrise will give a panoramic view of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Magical changes in the Uluru desert are a totally unique experience that provides a different perspective on the region’s beauty while riding on Camel.


7. Segway Tours:

Uluru Segway Tour Self-Drive Option - Book Now | Experience Oz + NZ

UNESCO World Heritage site, Uluru is also experienced by the Segway tour.  Doing a Segway with a well-trained guide, the tour will be a better perspective to enjoy the natural beauty within just 2.5 hours. Try to Join a guided Segway tour nearby Uluru and get involved in the rock in a fun and exhilarating way. During Segway tours, your trained guide will explain some of the unknown facts of Uluru and  Kata Tjuta National Park, including the culture of the Anangu people, the history of Uluru and its landscapes, Flora and Faunas and the Geographical condition. Definitely, this could be a great option to learn the full perspective of Uluru, instead of walking or cycling.


8. Field of Light:

Lighting up Uluru | Ayers Rock | CN Traveller

Out of the total 10 things in Uluru, the Field of Light is a crucial thing to enjoy. As the name represents a place witnessing more than 50,000 lights is on, when dusk falls. The idea was first introduced by the Internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Munro when he first time visited Uluru. As dark on, thousands of illuminated glass spheres light up the desert, witnessing a beautiful era of a tranquilized atmosphere of these natural landscapes. It is a dream of many travelers to watch the beauty while fields of lights are on.


9. Helicopter Ride:

Uluru 15-Minute Helicopter Experience | GetYourGuide

Since the geographical area is too vast in Uluru and try to navigate the entire area within an hour, you might prefer a Helicopter tour. Explore gorgeous surrounding landscapes including aerial views of Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park from different viewpoints. Here you can take a capture of Red Rock and National Park on camera. The cost of a Helicopter ride varies on the duration of travel.


For 15 Minutes- $180

For 25 Minutes- $295

For 36 Minutes-$360


10. Aboriginal Cultural Experiences:

Tool demonstration - Maruku Arts

Engage in different Aboriginal cultures, which existed for the last 60,000 years. One of the world’s oldest and still continuous cultures that never changed its original practices. Aboriginal cultures such as bush tucker walks, dot painting workshops or traditional dance performances. Their traditional beliefs, faith and the law of life of their ancestors are passed from generation to generation even today. These cultural experiences will help us to learn about the value of process and appreciate Indigenous traditions.


How to Get to Uluru, Australia?

  • By Air;

🌏Ayers Rock (Uluru) Airport Landed - Northern Territory Australia 2021 [4K] - YouTube

The most convenient and fastest mode of transportation to Uluru, Australia for cross-border travelers. “Ayers Rock Airport” nearest Airport to Yulara, just a 20 to 25-minute drive to Uluru. There are many flights available to Uluru from Melbourne (Just 2 hours and 50 minutes of Journey to Yulara), Sydney (Just 3 hours Journey to Yulara) and Cairns (Just 3 hours of Journey to Yulara). Even flights from Brisbane, Adelaide, and Darwin are also available to Yulara.


  • By Bus;

Caravan Holiday Australia Stock Photos and Images - 123RF

The cheapest option for a traveler to reach the main entrance of Uluru is Public transportation or Bus. Keep in mind that you will not get a direct bus facility from major Australian cities, you can opt for a bus from Alice Springs or Ayers Rock Airport.


  • Take a Car Tour;

All your Uluru camping questions answered - Australian Traveller

Most fascinating backpackers are willing to reach by their own car, especially nearby adventure seekers. If you are in Australia or Nearby, then you prefer Car. From Alice Springs, it is just a 5-hour car journey. Whether you are from Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide you have to wait a full 2 days to reach Uluru. The craziest transport option.

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How Old is Uluru?

Ayers Rock available as Framed Prints, Photos, Wall Art and Photo Gifts

After previous discussions, we came to know that Uluru has a long History background. It will be around “550 million years ago” through the process of erosion and depletion of the earth.

As you know Uluru was once a shallow sea, after continuous coverage of sand and mud the whole sea turned into Uluru landscapes and National Park. Today, it has become one of the most iconic tourist destinations for many visitors, not only in Australia but also in Europe and America. Every year more than 3 million people visit to explore the natural beauty of Red Rock, culture, history and multiple things to enjoy here.


Size of Uluru;

Over the top of Uluru | Ayers Rock from QF9 at sunset on Jan… | Flickr

Known as one of the world’s biggest single rock, Uluru stand as,


The height of 1,142 feet (348 meters).

Total Length of 2.2 miles (3.6 kilometers).

Total width of 5.8 miles (9.4 kilometers).

The biggest monolithic rock covers a total of 9.5 km to discover the overall area coverage.


Quick facts about Uluru, Australia;

Top of Ayers Rock. Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia. | Flickr

  • Uluru has been recognized twice as a UNESCO World Heritage site. One for its unique geological significance in 1987 and another one in 1997, for the cultural importance of Aboriginal Peoples.
  • You cannot climb to the top of Uluru. Because climbing is strictly prohibited to respect the values and customs of ancient Anangu culture. From 2019 onwards they decided to remove chain guide systems.
  • Uluru receives more than 300 mm of rainfall every year. Therefore, nearby surrounding landscapes look lush green and prosperous including waterfalls and mountains.
  • Taller than the Paris Eiffel Tower. Yes, the Eiffel Tower’s total height is 330 meters. But Uluru’s total height is more than that, 348 meters. Even taller than the Statue of Unity and skyscraper buildings.
  • It requires a total of more than 3 hours to walk around the base. The hot dry desert and wind effect may push you back to spend more time exploring the base of Uluru landscapes. Along with its total area coverage of 3.4 km long, 1.9 km wide will also be a reason.
  • Home to diverse range of species of Flora and Faunas. 400 unique sorts of plants, which are used by the Anangu people for medical and food purposes. 21 sorts of mammals including Kangaroos, Spinifex mice and dingoes.
  • The total weight of the Uluru rock will be around 1,425,000,000 tons. Survey done by the Northern Territory Geology, Australia.
  • You can also pronounce Uluru as Ayers Rock. During 1873, English explorers saw Uluru as apart from the Aboriginal community. He gave Ayers a rock. (Ayers means Sir Henry Ayers, Ex-Chief Secretary of South America).
  • Uluru was once a Shallow Sea. Yes, due to the continuous filling of mud and sand the whole sea turns into present landscapes.
  • If you are an adult (18+) you have to pay $38 for a 3-day trip or you can purchase an annual pass of $50.  Below 18 years of age are free of cost.


As a traveler, never miss exploring such a great place, will never get a great travel feeling like in Uluru. Totally unique destination that offers learning indigenous cultures along with adventures hiking, and thrilling things to enjoy. I hope the above article gives all the essential travel information regarding Uluru and its surrounding landscapes. Never miss this time to visit Uluru with your family.

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