Do I Really Need a Travel Insurance?

 Travel insurance is a tool for every traveler who is seeking to travel Nationally or Internationally. Travel insurance gives some kind of assurance or coverage to those damage/losses that occurred while traveling. It includes Trip cancellation, medical emergencies, etc., Quality of Travel insurance can enhance our journey safely and more conveniently.




What is Travel Insurance/ Travelers Insurance?

   Travel Insurance is a one type of Insurance, which focusing on covering different travel risks such as delay/cancelation of transportation, illness, minor injuries, accidents and other related travel risks, within the travel period, nationally or internationally.

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How to Get Travel Insurance:

 There are certain platform where traveler can get travel insurance:

    1. Through Online:

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              In today’s scenario, most travelers would prefer to buy travel insurance through online from various websites. It is very easy and more convenient than other way of insurance providers.  Here you have an option to compare different policies and select the most fit to your journey and requirements. 


    2. From Insurance Companies:

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                 There are several Travel Insurance companies available in the market.  Once you do research on an Insurance company you can directly approach them and buy Travel insurance for your Travel Requirements. Ex: Allianz Travel Insurance, AIG Travel Insurance, World Nomads  Insurance. 


    3. Via Travel Agency:

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       Normally, People who are booking packages from Agencies sometimes will also eligible to get an insurance as a part of it. They will help you to find a perfect plan for your Travel needs.

    Ex:, Agoda, Hotwire etc.

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     What is not covered by Travel insurance?

     It is a primary duty of every Traveler to read and understand the Terms and Conditions of a particular policy. Along with, he must read;


      1. Poor Weather Conditions:       

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           Due to heavy rain, floods, earthquakes or some other natural consequences will not cover or cancel under the travel insurance policy. Suppose you cancel the flight, only it would be covered. Not your holidays. 


      2. For Illegal Activities:

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                   Damages or Injuries that occurred from any illegal Activities like Drug supply, Felony offences will not be covered under Insurances of  a Travel.  Travel Agencies exclude coverage for those losses which occurred from Terrorism related activities.


      3. Pre-existing disabilities:

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                Pre-existing circumstances/ Medical conditions will not be covered under Travel insurance unless they are disclosed or granted by an insurance company. But some Insurance companies will pay for it. But you have to pay more/extra premium for that and also follow some conditions too.


      4. Travel to hazardous places/countries:

                                                                                                                        Warning Hazardous Area Sign | UK Safety Store


      The majority of  companies eliminate insurance range for those people who are trying to travel places where the Civil War is high, too much internal conflict, extreme terrorism activities, Political uncertainty etc. like, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Jordon are countries that come under these activities.


      5. Pregnancy and Childbirth are excluded:

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                Those who are traveling abroad or to other states for the purpose of Pregnancy-related treatments will not come under this insurance policy. For that, you have to apply for a separate Medical insurance policy for Childbirth and Pregnancy treatments.


      6. Committing Suicide:

            Committing suicide while traveling will not be responsible by the Insurer. Act of committing or committed is criminal activities and medical treatment coverage will not be reimbursed by any Insurer or companies. Including Depression, Mental disorders problems too.


      7. Too many risky activities in Travel:

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                 Trekking in risky areas, rock climbing, skydiving, scuba diving, and jumping from high points are those activities that will not be covered by any normal insurance companies. If you see the Terms and conditions then you will get a clear picture about it. 


      8. Submitting Insufficient necessary documents:

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               If you are not submitting improper or insufficient documents to your insurer, then the probability of getting an insurance claim is low. Submitting a document as per requirement is very essential to claim travel insurance. 


      Importance of Travel Insurance:

         It is so crucial for every Traveler to know the value and importance of Travel Insurance before packing their backpacks. Here are;


        1. Provide an Assurance:

                  Travel insurance gives some financial and risk-free guarantees to travelers. With the help of insurance, he may claim or cover certain facilities which normally occur while traveling. 

        2. It covers losses from Travel:

                  Covering losses means providing some additional protection done by financial loss includes passport loss or loss of belongings etc. Suppose your flight is cancelled in between due to various reasons then the Travel insurer will cover your insurance up to a certain limit.  Without Travel insurance, you won’t be able to get these options.

        3. Flights delay/Cancellations:

              Suppose your flights are delayed or canceled due to various reasons, then Travel insurance will reimburse Hotel accommodations, cost of meals, and transportation expenses. Keep in mind that Insurance will get only a certain limit.

        4. Reduce Travel disturbance:

                Sometimes you wish to cancel or curtail your journey for various reasons, then the insurer will cover your booking that you canceled along with the entire trip cancellation.

        5. Constant Assistants:

              At the time of medical emergencies, travel emergencies, etc.. These emergencies will occur at any point of time while traveling. Without  Standard Travel Insurance, you won’t be able to get these benefits.

        6. Medical Emergencies:

                One of the major advantages of Travel insurance is to cover medical emergencies. Normally medical crises like injury, minor accidents, illness, etc. will occur in the middle of your journey. Insurance played a crucial role in that.

                     Insurance companies have a list of network hospitals around the world, where you can avail treatment. Up to a certain limit amount, you can enjoy these medical benefits. 

        Types of Travel Insurances:

          1. Domestic Travel Insurance
          2. International Travel Insurance
          3. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
          4. Medical Travel Insurance


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          Best Travel Insurances:

             You will see a lot of Travel Insurance companies are available in the Market. But not all insurers will provide Standard plans. They offer some basic plans only. Here are some top 4 popular and most searched Travel Insurance companies around the world.


            1. Allianz Travel Insurance:


                •   Allianz Travel Insurance was founded in 1890 in Berlin, Germany.  

                • Later it expanded Internationally and made an office in London

                • Allianz is owned and managed by Allianz SE (Headquarters in Berlin, Germany). 

                • Presently ‘Oliver Bate’ is the CEO of Allianz.   

                • Presently they having more than 20 offices around the world.

                • Allianz Travel Insurance has 30 years of experience in insurance field. And has an A+(Superior) rating from AM as well as Better Business Bureau.  

                • Allianz Ranked 30th in the list of most valuable brands. That reflects the stability, liquidity, strength and integrity.   

                • Providing excellent customer satisfaction and quick and efficient responses is the main goal.

                        All types of travelers are eligible to apply, irrespective of Professions such as business, adventure, Solo, and family. Offering from single-trip plans to annual plans for consistent visitors. 

                       The maximum length of travel is 45 days to 90 days. Allianz global assistance will protect trips for up to 180 days.  Allianz Travel Insurance Company offers plans for individuals, families, and groups.

                   Allianz Travel Insurance is a major provider of travel insurance and assistance services for both domestic and international travelers. They provide a vast range of travel insurance services, like 


                  •  Trip cancellation and interference coverage in travel, 

                  • Medical emergency and Dental coverage too,

                  • Emergency transportation, 

                  • Belongings protection, 

                  •  24/7 travel assistance services.

                  • Rental Car protections.

                        Overall, Allianz Travel insurance is a prestigious and timely service provider for those who need travel insurance and guarantees services for travelers irrespective of background.


                2. AAA (American Automobile Association) Travel Insurance:


                    • The “Automobile Association of America” simply called it AAA. It is running as a non-profit federation. Managed and running by their Shareholders. 

                    • It was founded on March 04, 1902, in Chicago, 

                    • Mobile Version AAA Trip Trick Travel Planner.

                    • AAA Spread to Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and many more Countries.

                    • Present CEO of AAA is Marshall L. Doney

                    • Mission Statement: “Creating Members for life by exceeding our member’s expectations through valuable products and legendary service”.

                    • AAA membership cost is $ 65 per year or $6.16 per month.


                      AAA offers a variety of travel insurance options for its members including,


                      •  Trip cancellation/ intervention in insurance, 

                      • Baggage coverage, 

                      • Medical Emergencies including dental coverage,

                      • Medical transportation Emergency coverage, 

                      • Accidental deaths, 

                      • Delay or loss Package.

                         These insurance policies are created to protect the interest of travelers from unexpected events that occur and interrupt or negatively result in their trips, such as medical emergencies, flight cancellations, lost baggage, and more. AAA travel insurance can be used for both domestic and cross-border travelers. 

                           Members should select coverage as per their requirements and to fit their specific travel needs. AAA also offers a 24-hour travel service for members to call if they need assistance while traveling. 

                         Overall, AAA travel insurance can provide peace of mind for travelers so they can enjoy their trips without worrying about unexpected expenses or emergencies.


                    3. AIG Travel Insurance:

                    “American International Group” in  simple AIG insurance company located in New York City. Started on June 30, 2008. AIG has 25 years of experience and also holds network assistance center’s around the world including Asia, America, and Europe. They provide 24-hour service and weekly assistance services. ‘Peter Saffino’ is the present CEO of AIG. 

                     Some of the popular Plans offered by AIG are:

                    3.1. Travel Guard Essential Plan:

                        •  Trip Withdrawal, 

                        • Trip intervention,

                        •  Delay in travel, 

                        • Luggage delay, and

                        •  Medical emergency which includes dental expenses.

                        •  It also includes 24/7 emergency assistance services.


                      3.2. Travel Guard Preferred Plan: 

                          • Trip Withdrawal, 

                          • Trip intervention,

                          • Delay in travel, 

                          • Luggage delay, and

                          •  Medical emergency which includes dental expenses,

                          •  It also includes 24/7 emergency assistance services,

                          •  One more service added in this section of the plan is to cover trip interruption due to a job loss or change. Including pre-existing medical conditions.


                        3.3. Travel Guard Deluxe Plan: 

                            • Trip Withdrawal, 

                            • Trip intervention

                            • Delay in travel, 

                            • Luggage delay, and

                            •  Medical emergency which includes dental expenses.

                            • It also includes 24/7 emergency assistance services

                            • One more service added in this section of the plan is to cover trip interruption due to a job loss or change. Including with pre-existing medical conditions.


                             3.4. Business Travel Accident Plan:

                              • Coverage for accidental death and dismemberment benefits for employees for those who are travelling for the purpose of Business. 

                              • Medical expenses, emergency medical removal, and travel support services.


                               3. 5. Other Plans:

                                • Adventure sports coverage and 

                                • Rental car damage coverage. 

                                • Customers can purchase AIG Travel Insurance online or through a travel agent.  


                              4. World Nomads Travel Insurance:


                                  •  World Nomads is an Australian-based travel insurance company. 

                                  • It covers insurance under travel to a wide area of sections like adventure, backpacking, and family trips, solo travelling. 

                                  • It operates in over 140 countries and is available 24/7 for travel emergencies.

                                  • Travel Philanthropy footprint program” done by this insurer.

                                  • Simon Monk’ is the Founder of World Nomads. 


                                4.1. Coverage for various activities: 

                                      World Nomads insurer covers a wide spectrum of tourism and adventure activities such as ‘hiking, skimming, and scuba diving which is not covered under any other standard insurance company.’


                                4.2. 24/7 emergency assistance: 

                                 One of the major benefits of World Nomads is, 24/7 emergency assistance is an easy way to reach a  global medical network for professionals to serve travelers in case of a medical emergency occurring out of their border. 


                                4.3. Affordable coverage:

                                     World Nomads provides an option to travelers to boost their policy if they wish to change travel plans or customize their plan as per their needs.


                                4.4. Easy to purchase and manage: 

                                    Through online you can easily manage and operate your plan and customize according to your convenience. Such a great feature provided by the Nomads Travel agency.


                                4.5. Sustainable and socially responsible:

                                       Sustainability and social responsibility are the main objectives of Nomads insurance company. Footprints program is done by them to support community development projects around the world.

                                     World Nomads is a great choice for travelers who are seeking adventure and want to make sure that protected in case of unforeseen circumstances.



                                    Finally, Travel insurance plays a significant role in every Traveler’s journey. A lot of travelers hesitate to losses or damages while traveling. In order to provide strong and quality of Travel assurance and guarantees from Insurer, surely, every traveler is ready to explore this world.

                                Q : What is Travel Insurance?

                                A : Travel Insurance is a type of Insurance, which focuses on covering different travel risks such as Delay/Cancelation of Transportation, Illness, Minor injuries, accidents and other related travel risks, within the Travel period, Nationally or Internationally.

                                Q : Is Travel Insurance worth it?

                                A : Definitely Travel Insurance is worth one.
                                1. Provide an a Assurance
                                2. It Covers loss from Travel
                                3. Flight delay/Cancellations
                                4. Reduce travel disturbances
                                5. Constant Assistance
                                6. Medical Emergencies

                                Q : What is not covered by Travel Insurance?

                                A : 1. Poor weather condition
                                2. For illegal activities
                                3. Pre-existing disabilities
                                4. Travel to hazardous places/countries
                                5. Pregnancy’s/ childbirth
                                6. Committing Sucide
                                7. Too many risky activities in Travel

                                Q: What does a travel insurance do?

                                A:  Travel Insurance is a type of Insurance, which focuses on covering different travel risks such as Delay/Cancelation of Transportation, Illness, Minor injuries, accidents and other related travel risks, within the Travel period, Nationally or Internationally.

                                Q: Is Travel insurance mandatory for travel?

                                A: No, It depends on Travel place and time.


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