Santorini- Tips For Your Trip

What is Santorini Known For?

Santorini, is a tiny island located in the Greece, Cyclades archipelago. World famous travel spot known for its ancient ruins, geographical conditions, natural beauty and travel oriented benefits. Its volcanic red colour landscapes, crazy beaches (Red and White sand beaches), ancient archaeological sites, winemaking traditions and cuisines as well as perfect travel views make you freeze.

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There is no doubt that Santorin’s one of the iconic aspects, when it is comes to views, especially sunset views. Witnessing “island’s picturesque Cliffside villages”, such a great place to see blue-domed churches and white Cycladic houses. Take a leisure walk in narrow cobblestone streets, and you will be fortunate to see phenomenal views of the blue Aegean Sea as well as evening sunsets that feel like you are painting the sky.

There are a lot of things which you will learn later in this article. Santorini contains not only great views and landscapes, but also witnessing great historical background too. Ruins of “Akrotiri”, an ancient city, and Ancient Thera are such a great place to learn the history of Santorini. “Greek Pompeii ” is a Bronze age settlement, representing the island’s olden histories.

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Your journey will not be complete without visiting the island’s volcanic landscape. It happened 1000 years ago, due to volcanic eruptions. Due to distinctive eruptions many geological formations have occurred like Looming caldera, volcanic cliffs, red sand beach and white sand beach. Apart from that, there are many things to explore like Wine, cuisines, weather conditions, aerial views of Profitis Ilias and even more things you can enjoy here. So, let’s discuss one by one below;


Top 10 Things to Do in Santorini


1. Visit Oia

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As a traveller, never miss to see such a great place. Oia includes famous hotels, whitewashed houses (mindblowingone), alleys like labyrinths and most importantly known for its outstanding beauty. Especially its “picturesque village of Oia”, known and looked like iconic blue-domed churches, white-washed houses. Watching Oia in breath-taking stunning sunset views can be a next level travel feeling to adventure seekers.

Ideally situated in the north-western part of the Santorini, normally mild during winter and dry during summer. Every evening, thousands of people gather to explore the iconic sunset here in Oia. Never miss to take a short leisurely walk through the narrow streets, browse local shops, and taste delicious food in Cliffside restaurants.


Top Attractions in Oia;

  • Domaine Sigalas
  • The Castle of St. Nicholas
  • Sunset Views in Oia
  • Amoudi Bay
  • Church of Panagia


2. Visit Fira City

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Capital city of Santorini, Fira, is a place where you can see good collections of museums, showcasing the island’s history of Santorini. Archaeological museum of Thera, presenting Minoan civilization and volcanic eruptions too. Situated in the cliff side of the city, always indulge travellers to visit shopping malls, restaurants, museums with a good number of ancient collections and panoramic views of sunset.

Fira is a city that is the combination of both Venetian and Cycladic styles. Fira city is so close to see and get a real feeling of Volcano Nea Kameni. City impresses visitor’s not just museums and volcanoes, but also its shopping, nightlife’s, Nomikos cave, Santorini wine and Volcano beer. Never miss to participate in the breath-taking views of the caldera from the Cliffside.


Top Attractions in Fira;

  • Magaro Gizi
  • Metropoli Church
  • Catholic quarters
  • Museum of Thera
  • Santozeum


3. Explore Akrotiri Archaeological Site

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Akrotiri Archaeological Site is a prehistoric settlement, centre of Aegean culture of the island. When you see its past, Akrotiri Archaeological Site, a preserved ancient city buried under volcanic ash, had a massive eruption in 1600 BC. It is also called as “Minoan pompeii”, where inhabitants settled here during the Neolithic age. Even today cities streets, trade route networks and water management systems are challenging to the present generations.

Under Akrotiri Archaeological site, “Frescoes” is a preserved mural painting. Which depict the beautiful scene of religious practices and daily life of Minoan peoples, nature and mythological things are covered. Even today, excavation and research are witnessing the contribution of Minoan civilizations.


Top attractions in Akrotiri;

  •  Red beach
  • Akrotiri Lighthouse
  • Ancient Churches
  • Kasteli Castle
  • Caldera beach


4. Relax on Red Beach side

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No doubt, Red beach is one of the most interesting and eye-catching beaches in the entire Santorini island. Name says that its colour plays an important role here, beach sand are combinations of red and black colour, due to the surrounding of ‘iron rich volcanic rocks’. These rocks naturally hold black, red pebbles colours, that’s why you can see the sand colour of the red sea is the same as rocks. For that reason, Red beach is also called “Volcano beach”. Red Beach is considered the most picturesque beach throughout the globe.

You can take a short walk from Akrotiri archaeological site and Fira town (just 20 minutes’ drive). Red beach witnesses multiple things to enjoy, including Soak up the sun, swim in the crystal-clear waters, and admire the natural beauty of this volcanic beach.


5. Take a Boat Tour

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There are multiple types of boat tours available in Santorini. It is not just a pick up and drop, it is more about exploring nearby breath-taking volcanic landscapes, volcanoes and sunset points. Normally it takes from morning 9 am to 3 pm, including lunch facilities and even sometimes swimming too. Private boat tour starts from the city’s main entrance and winds up by sailing beneath the Oia cliff. Keep in mind that there is no Ferry service to the Volcano, you should travel through only boat tours.

Either you can choose a private boat tour or a group, both are fascinating showing perfect views of Caldera cliffs. Visit volcanic hot springs, swim in rejuvenating waters, and enjoy the panoramic views of the island from the sea during your boat tours. Explore Thirassia, red beach, white beach along with timely lunch or dinner especially sunset view of Olia.


Famous Boat Tours in Santorini;

  • Alex Private Boat Rental
  • My Blue Cruises
  • Barbarossa Sailing
  • Santorini expert
  • Angel sailing Santorini


6. Visit Ancient Thera

Ancient Thira in Santorini |

Interesting archaeological site is located on the top of the Mesa Vouno Mountain, exhibiting a perfect view of the Aegean Sea. Exploring the ruins of Ancient Thera is nothing but discovering the ancient city, which existed dating back to the 9th century BC. You will find some of the statues, clays, and pots which belong to the Minoan civilizations.

Take a perfect guided tour to re explore the interesting ancient Greek and Roman remains. Things which you are fortunate to see temples, houses, and an amphitheatre, along with breath-taking views of the island.

Thera site is located above 365 metre high, so the best way to reach such a massive mountain is either by bus or drive. Sometimes you can reach it through hiking. During your journey you will get some zig zag roads and steep paths. Maximum 1 hour journey from Perissa to Thera.


7. Taste Local Wine

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Apart from the Perfect destinations, Santorini is labelled for excellent Vinsanto wines. There are numerous variety of Wines are available, including (white colour wines) Assyrtiko, Nychteri, Adani and Athiri. Red wines include Mandilaria and Mavrotraggano. Santorini is renowned for its unique wines collections due to supportive volcanic soil. You will taste SantoWines or Gaia Winery samples and other varieties while enjoying perfect travel points of the island’s vineyards.

Known as “Wine Island”, not from the 20 or 21 century, even during ancient periods peoples were much more focused on making wines. During the excavation Akrotiri proved that wine making and trading is an integral part of the people. Even today, more than 1,200 acres of land are reserved for making Wine and Grapes production areas.


8. Go on a Hike

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Naturally, Santorini is a perfect place for hikers. Indulge into enjoying the natural beauty of Santorini and eye catching sunsets by hiking the Fira to Oia trail. It took around 10-kilometres of journey, hiking provides phenomenal views of caldera, cobblestone, and passing through traditional villages, vineyards, and charming chapels along the way. It requires a maximum of 3.2 hours to complete your whole journey.

Your hiking is passing from some of the famous steep cliffs of coastlines, witnessing the perfect spot for photo captures. Moderate level of hiking, contains several points where you can buy water or snacks or food in the middle of your journey.


9. Enjoy the panoramic view from Profitis Ilias

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Profitis Llias is known as peak point in the entire Santorini. This is the only place where you can see aerial views of the entire island in 360°. You can take a car or ATV or just walk to get into the Profitis Llias. Such a stress busting and mind relaxing destination, where you will see long hiking trails to Perissa and Kamari. Profitis Lias spotted the great historical Prophet Elias Monastery (Cycladic architecture).

Situated above 567 metres above sea level, the southeaster part of Santorini. This Monastery stood as a symbol of cultural, intellectual and economic influences, from 1806-1845. Used as a School, popularly teaching Greek literatures and languages. The 1956 earthquake severely affected the monastery building.


10. Sample Local Cuisine

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Due to nutrient rich volcanic soil it is so supportive to produce a variety of fruits and crops. Apart from soil culture, weather conditions like microclimate, winds and little rainfalls also play a crucial role to produce good numbers of crops and species. Indulge in the flavours of Santorini by tasting delicious local dishes including fava, a traditional yellow split pea dip, tomatokeftedes (tomato fritters), and some of the sea related foods. Keep in mind that, wind up your day while tasting world famous sweets such as Santorini dessert wine and Vinsanto.


Some of the Famous Local Cuisines are;

  • Kopania
  • Apochti
  • Fava Santorini
  • Chloro Cheese
  • Fava Beans
  • Moussaka


Best Time to Visit to Santorini

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Santorini usually has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry climates and mild winters. In simple terms, spring and autumn months (Sep to Oct and April to May) are considered as perfect months to pack your backpacks to Santorini. June to September are normally summer months, to enjoy a perfect sunny feeling from 24° C to 30° C.


Parting Thoughts

Greece offers such magnificent tourist destinations like Santorini. But it is far more unique than the rest of the destinations. Only one travel spot holds Beaches, Mountains, Ancient archaeological sites and Ruins, Cuisines and even more. Completely a different feeling is provided throughout the year for global backpackers. So, don’t wait, let’s Jump into Santorini.


Q: What country is Santorini in?

A: Santorini island is located in the Greece, with the total area of 76.19 square km in Southern Aegean Sea.

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