St. Lucia- Places to Visit in Saint Lucia

St. Lucia is a beautiful island located in the eastern country Caribbean Sea. It is a nature paradise blessed by great geographical and cultural richness’s in order to keep the beauty of the place as a heaven for visitors. Moreover its stunning natural landscapes, including the iconic Pitons, two volcanic spires rising from the sea are more popular places to explore here.

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Naturally St. Lucia Island is also famous for its lush rainforests, beautiful beaches, and vibrant coral reefs, in order to keep the attention of nature lovers and beach enthusiasts alike. Moreover St. Lucia has a great historical background, majorly influenced by both French and British colonial rule, later affecting the island’s unique culture, traditions and architecture. Island warm weather condition and welcoming local population adds push to your travel journey. Never miss a destination like this for those seeking a tropical paradise with a rich history and natural beauty.

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Best Places to Visit in St. Lucia

1. The Pitons

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St. Lucia is well known as the perfect destination for vacations on the Caribbean coast. Under that, Pitons contains totally iconic twin peaks that are a must-see when visiting St. Lucia. Namely Gros and Petit Pitons, which steep above the 2500 feet’s Soufriere corner. One of the UNESCO World Heritage sites covered from some of the beautiful volcanic spring, 875 acres of beaches and 1,134 acres of sea areas. As a traveler either take a hike in the Gros Piton or simply admire them from a distance.

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2. Sulphur Springs

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Known as the “world’s only drive-in volcano,” this geothermal area is popularly known for its mud baths and hot springs offerings. Its surface looks like a half moon. Most of the visitors or backpackers felt Sulphur Spring is an awe inspiring spot due to its classic crater and cauldron of magma. The hot river created pools which offered a more relaxing, rejuvenating water source for visitors to relax in mineral rich water and mud baths.


3. Marigot Bay

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Located in western coast of the island, it is called “The most beautiful bay in the Caribbean” by James A. Michenear. This picturesque bay provides stunning views and lovely beaches which has been a favorite among sailors. The ridge and surrounding hillside are home to some of the most elegant and unique real estate in St. Lucia. This bay also gets popular for its yachting destinations with its Mega and super Yachts attractions.


4. Pigeon Island National Landmark

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Most funniest and romantic place in the entire St. Lucia, surrounding remains of barracks, batteries and garrisons including ghost town effects. This historic site contains some of the ruins belonging to military buildings and offers panoramic views of the island. Its grounds are well furnished with lofty trees, lawns and the finest coastal views. A good number of guided tours are available with the ticket price of $ 59 for group visitors. However, the landmark also provides cannons, fortresses and finest views to visitors.

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5. Anse Chastanet Beach

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One of the most elegant and beautiful beaches surrounded by lush jungle and crystal clear waters renowned for activities like snorkelling and swimming. One of the finest curving beaches which sheltered the bay is protected by a high cliff.  Snorkelling on the beach could be a next level travel adventure made by millions of visitors every year. Here you can also seek day passes which will allow you to use sun loungers and water sports activities. Water taxi round trip with $ 100 creates a 1 mile walk from Soufriere along with sheer mountains.

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6. Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and Mineral Baths

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This colorful and vibrant garden includes tropical flowers, trees and features a breath-taking waterfall. It had a great historical background starting from 1784 famous for mineral baths. Built by the King Louis XVI for taking therapeutic benefits at the top of hot springs. Travelers can dip in small public pools in order to take healing effects or less appealing enclosed private bath houses. Just 1 mile from mine town where a waterfall runs down the rock face.


7. Tet Paul Nature Trail

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Tet Paul Nature Trail is the most popular nature trail in St. Lucia and one of the most popular attractions in Soufriere. Abundant tropical vegetation, amazing views of the island and historical importance of the first inhabitants of the land. Great picture square destinations offer stunning views of the Pitons and the surrounding landscape. Includes famous Jalousie bay, Martinique and St. Vincent. During your trail you can spot a good number of crucial flora and native species specially used for medical purposes like sour soup trees and guava.


8. Sugar Beach

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Quite interesting isn’t it? Yes, Sugar beach is the most impressive location in St. Lucia. Situated in between 2 Pitons which is more visible from both sides of sand and in the water too. Naturally Sugar beach contains white sand beach and soft sand beaches where we can expect free basic lounges and rent, one of the most luxurious models. $50 you can expect a day pass to Public access by the Viceroy resort. It is better to make a prior advance booking for water sports activities instead of waiting in a long queue.


9. Castries Market

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Castries market is situated in the heart of the Castries capital city of St. Lucia. Renowned as the largest open air market in the island.  Visitors can take a leisure walk amidst the market in order to discover market stores including fruits, vegetables and some of the manmade handcrafted items. Opens every day in the week except Sunday. Constructed around 1891 by the Bruce and Still ltd, generates massive visitor experience about its local culture, shop for souvenirs, and sample fresh fruits and spices.


10. Anse Mamin

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Surrounded by the lush green rainforest Anse Mamin enclaves of sand edges with a gently curved cove. Located just 30 minutes from the main town and 10 minutes’ walk from north Anse Chastanet. This beach is also known for its black sand, clear waters, and peaceful atmosphere. Contains sun loungers and a grill restaurant offering premier service and quality of Tatsey foods.

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