Things to Do in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a capital city of Scotland located in the southeaster part of the Nation. Undoubtedly one of the dream destinations for global backpackers due to its Edinburgh Castle, fine architecture, cobbled streets of the Old town and weather conditions. However the city explains its history, culture, and stunning landscapes too.

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If you take a leisurely walk amidst the city to look at its visual feast of historic architecture at every turn. The city’s rich history comes alive in its numerous museums, galleries, and historic sites, including the world famous iconic Edinburgh Castle and the mysterious underground vaults.

In spite of that, Edinburg will not disappoint you if you are really fascinated about food and cuisines. Take Edinburgh’s vibrant culinary scene, with a mix of traditional Scottish fare and innovative dining experiences. The city is also a paradise for shoppers, with a fantastic array of boutiques, local craft markets, and high street stores.

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Perhaps while exploring city architecture and castles, you are fortunate to explore its city’s hustle and bustle by hiking up Arthur’s Seat for panoramic views or strolling along the Water of Leith walkway.


Top 10 Things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland


1. Explore Edinburgh Castle

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Most iconic place in the whole of Edinburgh is Edinburgh Castle. World famous located on top of Castle Rock which overlooks panoramic views of the city and houses the Crown Jewels of Scotland. One of the oldest fortified places in Europe, which is one of the important houses of Scottish artefacts like honors of Scotland or crown jewels. Guided tours are available to this 12th century castle in the languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. € 11.40 is the entrance fee to these new towns of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site.


2. Royal Mile

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Never miss to take a leisurely walk along this historic street. Royal mile filled with charming shops, pubs, and cultural attractions like St. Giles’ Cathedral and the Real Mary King’s Close. It also became a professional route between Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood palace. Royal mile contains the shadow of Arthur’s Seat and more importantly it was built in the same period as St. Giles Cathedral and high kirk. It is a total of more than 107 yards passing many beautiful walking tours, cafes, cathedral and churches.


3. Holyrood Palace

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Holyrood Palace is the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland, located at the end of the Royal Mile next to Holyrood Park. Palace which having a beautiful entrance with the inclusion of a stone staircase built by Charles II. Along with its ceiling plasterwork it looks like a life size angel holding the Scottish Crown. Tapestries are in Walls which were sent to the Palace by Prince Albert. King’s Bedchamber, royal dining rooms, privy chamber, queens chamber, throne room and holyrood abbey are the most highlighted things in this Palace.


4. Arthur’s Seat

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Nestled at a height of 250 meters, Arthur’s Seat was once a volcano around 350 million years ago. Hike one of the famous Edinburgh landmarks for breath-taking views of Edinburgh and the surrounding countryside. It is a moderate 5 km journey to the top, which can manage just half an hour including a lot of deeper and longer routes too. During your hiking you will spot dark grey basalt rock, the lasting evidence of the lava which once flowered here. During your summit you are fortunate to explore two stoney banks and Iron Age hillside fort. You can start from your hiking journey either from Royal miles or Holyrood Palace also.


5. National Museum of Scotland

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Perfect place to explore Scottish history, art, and culture through fascinating exhibits in this modern museum on Chambers Street. Exhibited prehistoric times to the present days especially includes treasure troves of Celtic, Roman and Viking artefacts, including famous Lewis chess pieces. Its gallery is a really impressive showcase of tiny monymusk reliquary, the queen Mary harp and her collections. There are many attractions which are free of cost, even some events and things like exploring castles, museums, art galleries and many with the admission are free.


6. Scotch Whisky Experience

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Never miss to taste world famous Scotch whisky located at the top of the Royal Mile, next to Edinburgh Castle. Not just drink it you can also learn Scotland’s famous whisky production process and enjoy a tasting session at this interactive attraction on the Royal Mile. Visitors have an opportunity to try and taste a few different sorts of Whiskeys. There are 3,384 different bottles available and over 450 whiskies are available for tasting. There are fruity, sweet or smoky flavors available to taste and experts explain which will help you to choose the perfect one. Explore Scotland’s whisky history from the very beginning through global achievements.


7. Greyfriars Kirkyard

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Greyfriars Kirkyard is a historic cemetery and hear eerie tales about the loyal dog, Greyfriars Bobby, and the many ghost stories associated with the area. It is also surrounded and associated with Greyfriars Kirkyard churches dating back to the 1500s. Kirk is an old Scottish word for a church. This was established as a burial area during the reign of Mary Queen of Scott and almost 10,000 people were buried here. Most strange and must know place in the Edinburg which is also known as the haunted graveyard in the world from the last 400 years.


8. Dynamic Earth

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Dynamic Earth explains a broad understanding of the process that shapes the Earth. As well as it embarks the journey through Earth’s history at this interactive science center near the Scottish Parliament building. It is a center which opened in 1999 on a former brewery, under which it incorporates a portion off the southern wall and turret of the old town. Dynamic Earth is more fun both indoor as well as outdoor educational values. Outdoor excitement includes its amphitheaters, front of the buildings and collections of rocks are really impressive. Perfect place to understand the geological queries and information in just one place.


9. The Real Mary King’s Close

The Real Mary King's Close

Mary King is a prominent merchant who traded fabrics. Hidden away beneath the cobbled streets of Edinburgh old town, and more importantly it was very close is a historic street that disappeared from view in 1800. Today The Real Mary King’s Close offers a very close to family friendly glimpse of Edinburgh’s past. Never miss to take a glimpse to Edinburgh’s underground history on a guided tour of this hidden network of streets and houses beneath the Royal Mile.


10. Scottish National Gallery

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Opened in the 1850, Scottish National Gallery was designed by the famous architect William Henry Play fair in neoclassical style. Most of its paintings, sculptures and papers are from the 9th century. It includes collections of fine arts, spanning Scottish and international arts belonging to the 20th century. Its origin lies with the establishment in 1819 of the Institution for the encouragement of the fine arts in Scotland, in order to promote the culture and learning through exhibition of fine art.


Edinburgh is not just a capital city of Scotland it is even well known for several things. Its rich history, stunning architecture, vibrant food scene and natural landscapes makes your travel day even more grateful. Never miss visiting such a great city full of ancient castles and architecture during rainy and winter seasons.

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