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Tulum always welcomed a good number of tourists in recent periods, due to its geographical, geological and elegant destinations. Includes beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and rich cultural heritage like Mayan ruins, that leaves visitors in unforgettable experiences. Tulum’s beachfront, this eco-friendly hotel combines modern feelings with traditional Mayan influences, and an immersive experience to the customers.

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Tulum, Mexico is undoubtedly one of the spectacular and popular tourist destinations in the world. But when it comes to hotels and accommodations, travelers get confused where should we residue? So, in this article we are going to present briefly about what are the top 10 best hotels available to tourists with premier services.

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These hotels are not only good service providers even know for their elegant architecture and lavish accommodations, this boutique hotel keeps a tranquil oasis in the heart of Tulum’s buzzing town. I insist that you never miss to enjoy the service offered by the hotel along with beautiful views of oceans, beaches, jungle and other panoramic views of the Tulum.

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Top 10 Most Famous and Elegant Tulum Hotels


1. Hotel Esencia- Luxury Beach Resort

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Most picturesque hotel is located in the midst of forest and picture square Xpu-Ha Beach. Initially, Hotel Esencia was built as a private hideaway home of many Italian duchesses. Total 50 acres of land, which contains luxurious suites, private villas, a spa, and multiple fine dining options.

Its 500 meter beachfront is really spectacular, the atmosphere is so friendly to indulge in the Tulum panoramic beach view. Once it was owned and managed by the famous Hollywood producer and Businessman Mr. Kevin Wendle (In 2014), after its property value, areas with the chicest and famous beachside in the entire Tulum have gone high.


2. Be Tulum Hotel- Best Wellness Hotel

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Just 1 hour and 20 minutes’ drive from Cancun international airport, located between the Tulum jungle and the Caribbean Sea. Be Tulum offers panoramic ocean views and bio diverse national parks of Tulum. Be Tulum attracts its elegant beachfront suites, an infinity pool, a renowned spa, and an open-air restaurant serving gourmet cuisine.

They have given much concentration for its rooms, an open plan room shining through its sliding glass doors. Its plush beds and sloping bath are really attractive. Overall its locations, wellness, rooms and atmosphere make it the perfect hotel for honeymoon couples.


3. Azulik- Most Artistic Hotel

Azulik, Tulum – Updated 2023 Prices

Azulik is a place where you can feel Hospitality meets Art. Yes, its innovative and stylish artwork especially from ancient Mexican history and traditions are impressive. Its light villas are technically designed, where they use candles instead of electrics and air conditioning to reduce pollution.

Azulik is known for its unique eco-luxury design, Azulik provides spacious, tree house-style villas with stunning ocean views. Sea villa, Sky villa, Moon villa, Jungle and Mayan villa are the most famous villas. The hotel also offers holistic spa treatments, ancient culinary traditions and clothing-optional beach area.

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4. Nômade Tulum- Most Boutique Hotel

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This Nomade Tulum is located in the areas of Tulum, right side of the beach. Here rooms are called a “deluxe tent”, containing Indiana Jones sleeping’s and tents. Its private outdoor areas are really impressive, geographically small areas and private areas known for relaxation and work spaces.

Emphasizing spirituality and holistic wellness, Nômade Tulum provides unique accommodations such as luxury tents and suites. Breakfast, restaurants, and travel amenities are included here in Nomade, Tulum along with a hotel that contained beach club, yoga classes, and a healing center.


5. Casa Malca- Well Structured Villa

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It is just 25 yards afro Caribbean oceans (nearest to Sian Ka’an Biosphere reserve), previously owned and runner by Pablo Escobar. Casa Malca is known for containing original artworks of Malacca’s collections, especially includes local crafts, art works, wooden statues of horses and two sided human faces.

When it comes to villas, they are big and look like box shapes, each room or villas hold lounging areas, unique art collections, ocean garden view suites. Casa Malca now serves as a boutique hotel offering luxurious rooms, business center 2 pools,  a beachfront infinity pool, an art gallery, yoga and paddle boarding including  a rooftop bar.

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6. Tulum Tree house- Best Designed Hotel

AJAL TULUM TREE HOUSES - Updated 2023 Prices & Lodging Reviews (Mexico)

If design keeps you feeling more proud and passionate, Tulum Tree house will be a better choice. Such a great hotel with impeccable design, its 5 rooms never feel distracted. Tree house contains good features including a private beach, an infinity pool, a gourmet restaurant, and a spa overlooking the turquoise waters. Its architecture and designs are influenced by Luis Barragan, a famous Mexican modern architect.

He made with white colored cement walls and Tzalam woods, especially hotel doors and windows. These windows show panoramic views of the beautiful jungle view and lounge chairs. Tulum tree house serves local cuisines and Mexican dishes, even for night too.


7. Mi Amor – Famous Hotel for Couples

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Due to its romantic atmosphere and panoramic ocean views Mi Amor is popularly known as a hotel for couples. Its Acapulco style architecture holds impressive 20 rooms including private plunge pools. Apart from these, rooms provide incredible opposite ocean views, jungle views and cabana lined views once you open the room’s ceiling glass door. Never miss dine award winning chef Jose Luis Hinostroza’s seafood menu.

Mi Amor provides stylish rooms, a rooftop infinity pool, and an intimate restaurant featuring Mexican fusion cuisine. Moreover its couple’s spa treatments are next level, no matter where you are from and you will pursue the real feeling of the Tulum in Mi Amor.

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8. Habitas Tulum- Known for Environmentally Friendly Hotel

Habitas Tulum, Tulum – Curated by Designers

As we said Habitas hotel is more natural, infrastructure and resources oriented to protect the natural environment. You will see a lot of environmentally friendly measures such as paper and plastic less, architects used organic woods and materials including palpa roofs while constructing hotels. Founded by Oliver Ripley, 32 ultra luxe canvas lent sets are set right on the beach and laidback luxury.

Total 32 rooms built by wooden platform with porches, sized furniture, hippie- chic wall hangings, and king sized beds. The outdoors is surrounded by palm trees and bamboo enclosed bathrooms. When it comes to service, the Hotel includes Spa treatments, massage and signature treatments, ‘Tierra Maya’ one type of Signature treatment, and honey facial treatments.


9. Papaya Playa Project- A Member of Design Hotels

Papaya Playa Project, Tulum – Updated 2023 Prices

It is a 900 meter ocean stretch of Caribbean coast of Mayan Riviera. Such a great boutique hotel is even known for eco-friendly cabins, which includes well decorated private bathrooms, and a good number of natural lights. Papaya Playa Project hotel has a good sea and tropical gardens views, along with Mayan Shaman therapies, water activities, fishing nearby beaches.

Moonlight parties and other basic amenities like blend of eco-luxury and rustic charm, private beach area, Airport shuttle, outdoor swimming pools, and beachfronts casitas, cabanas and villas out of 100 rooms.

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10. Casa Violeta Tulum- Most Boutique Hotel

Casa Violeta, Tulum – Updated 2023 Prices

If you are looking for a guest house with a simple and most elegant beachfront boutique hotel with a Tulum beach vibe, surely Casa Violeta is your choice. Such an impressive hotel, restaurants and spa offers an ideal mix of comfort, convenience and value to their customers. Simple design with crisp white color walls and art works, rooms or guest houses contains good baggage storage, timely room service and concierges.

You can do Yoga or wellness, cleanse body and mind in the traditional temazcal. Eco-friendly accommodations with a focus on preserving nature in order to serve Italian chefs, Alex and Sala, both Italian and Mexican traditional dishes. Moreover, Casa Violeta is known for designed rooms, a beach club, a vegetarian restaurant, and a holistic spa.


My Final Verdict


As we know, Tulum’s has a great tourist place including many destinations. But when it comes to Hotels and Accommodations, Tulum has great options too. After learning from the above articles we come to know that various sorts of Hotels and Resorts provide quality services for a long period of time to the customers. If you plan to visit Tulum, make a good choice in the above out of 10.

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