Tulum, Mexico- Visitors Guide

What is Tulum Known For?

Tulum is a city which you can see on the East Coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, once it served as a pre- Columbian Mayan city. Such a great place to explore fascinating things like picturesque beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, and travel oriented activities.

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Offering a wide area of travel activities includes learning unique cultures of Mayan Civilization, history, and adventurous beaches and landscapes. Under Tulum, you never forget to see and remember great Tulum Ruins, which always says who owns the lands and cultures once.

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Apart from above, you are fortunate to see such crystal-clear turquoise waters, paradises of white colored sand beaches, and a good number of cenotes. Tulum’s sustainable and adventurous approach, along with supportive environments and atmosphere, is definitely one of the worth visiting destinations for all sorts of Travelers.

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10 Unforgettable Things to Do and Enjoy in Tulum, Mexico

1. Visit the Tulum Ruins

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Tulum ruins shows us well preserved ancient Mayan ruins officially settled and situated on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Tulum ruins always exhibited history and culture of Mayan civilization in order to show their way of life. When we talk about their existence, around 1200 AD Mayan indigenous people occupied the entire Tulum until the 15th century. Lateral area was attacked by the Spanish people. If you want to explore Tulum ruins you have to come 8 am to 5 pm in Eastern Standard Time (7 days open).

Entry fees: 90 pesos per person (INAH Ticket).

2. Relax at Tulum’s Beaches

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Like other beaches in Mexico, Tulum also has great beaches to explore beautiful sunset views, dip in the clear water, and even many water related activities. Tulum beaches are long stretches of silky smooth sands in nature, which are always more visible even from Mayan Ruins. Even beaches are also so popular for their white color sands and clean blue waters. Never miss to enjoy the beaches and turquoise waters Tulum is famous for. Playa Paraiso, Ziggy Beach, Playa Ruinas, Akumal beach and Secret Beach are the most common beaches here.

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3. Swim in Gran Cenote

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It is a crystal clear water, normally things to dip in the water of the Gran Cenote. As per Mayan peoples, this Gran Cenote is very sacred and used for many ritual purposes.  Under Tulum, Gran Cenote is an ideal destination for swimming and scuba diving. Swimming under a natural sinkhole with a stunning underwater zone and perfect spot for snorkeling are great opportunities. Here you can swim, snorkeling or scuba diving amidst some of the peculiar geological formations under the Gran Cenote. Birds flutter, while bats, stalagmites and stalactites are available to see under the beneath of Gran Cenote. Dos Ojos, Sac Actun, or Calavera are other cenotes available to enjoy here in Tulum.

4. Explore the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

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With 1.3 million acres of land biosphere reserve, Sian Ka’an is considered as the most Bio diverse reserve on the planet. Sian Ka’an means “where the sky is born” as per Mayan languages. Biosphere reserve contains a good number of Savannahs, mangroves, coral reefs, tropical rainforest, beaches and blue lagoons. You are fortunate to explore different flora and fauna here, which includes spider monkeys, howler monkeys, jaguars, American crocodiles and pumas. Apart from that, the reserve Biosphere holds 330 sorts of bird species and 400 sorts of fishes.

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5. Visit and explore Tulum Art Club

Tulum: An Art Lover's Paradise

Art lovers can indulge into immerse in the vibrant art scene of Tulum just by exploring Tulum Art Club. Tulum art club (TAC) shows the art depicted at Residencia Gorila, started in 2016. It is the place where you can see good collections of indoor events, photo and video studio space. It is a place where you can meet and exchange ideas regarding the space of creations and collaboration between artists and art seekers. Undoubtedly you can indulge yourself in admiring local artwork, attend workshops, café with refreshed drinks or even participate in a yoga class.

6. Make a Dine at Hartwood

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Just 5 minutes walk from the Mahayan Tulum homes. Established in 2010, Hartwood, known as premier restaurants in the Tulum region as well as foods are locally and organically grown. Interestingly, foods are cooked here through enormous wood or open grills, without traditional cooking spaces here. Local jicama and flowers are some sort of Salads, fully roasted plantains drizzled and whimsical agave glazes are major menu items served in Hartwood.

Some menu items include food which is made with uncommon ingredients.  Never forget to make reservations in advance as it’s a popular spot along with tasty grilled fish and roasted meats.

7. Om Collectives

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Some sort of Yoga classes or Yoga studio offering a wide range of yoga and meditation related classes. Considered as the most reliable and affordable yoga section when it is compared to surrounding sessions. A community based studio shows good numbers of yoga styles including Praanayama, Vinyasa and acro yoga. Out of the total population half of the population came for joining yoga classes here in Tulum.

Om collectives has daily classes from Monday to Sunday at 8 am, 10 am, 6 and 8 pm. Apart from Om collectives you can introduce yourself to other yoga sessions like Sanara, Amansala, Holistika and Ahau.

8. Discover the Tulum Underwater Cave System

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When we talk about underwater Cave systems, we should talk about San Acutum. It is the world’s longest surviving underwater system. The 368 km long cave system connects San Actun and Nohoch Nah Chich. The Gran Acuifero Maya, an organization behind the caves explorations, discovered around 200 caves including small caves. While exploring underwater systems they come to know that human bones and pottery’s which belongs to 1000 years ago.

Never miss exploring the rarest things which will not be available to any other destinations, including Cenote Dos Ojos or Cenote Angelita. It’s advisable to go with a certified guide.

9. Make a Bike Tour

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One of the craziest ways to explore the entire view of Tulum, includes Mayan ruins, cenotes and cultural sites. Easiest and more convenient mode of transportation, bike ride offers places which are not visible or not comfortable to see or explore the beauty while travelling in Car or Public Transportations. Bike raiding provides an easy way to spot along Tulum beach, a great way to see the sights and get some exercise.

“Cenote Trail Bike Tour” takes 3 adventurous jungle cenotes and off road trails. Moreover it is easy to taste foods where you find them, escape from traffic, take perfect captures, meet new friends and visit where you want? Are only possible through bike riding.

10. Experience Tulum Nightlife

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After enjoying the above adventurous destinations, Tulum will not leave you at night. Offering gorgeous nightlife’s including a diverse range of electronic music systems. You can feel combinations of techno, trance, house and modern remix songs, which makes you have a perfect night. Energetic nightlife in Tulum held in beach clubs, bars, and live music venues. Some popular spots include Gitano, Papaya Playa Project, and Casa Jaguar.

Best Time to Visit

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Probably between late October and mid- December are the most recommended seasons to visit Tulum. During these months, weather conditions are so friendly to travel within, balanced temperature, steady hotel rates are a matter of consideration.

Especially during Christmas and New Year Tulum receives high seasons due to supportive weather conditions. Likely rates of hotels and entrance fees tend to be high.

If you have another time period to visit, the lunar cycle. Lots of visitors are excited to see the lunar cycle here in Tulum, which makes the ultimate traffic. Spiritual centers and beach clubs are hosting many moon light events.

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How to Get Around

Roaming within Tulum is not a puzzle game. There are a good number of public transportation or personal or 2 wheel vehicles available.

1. Bike or Bicycles ride

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As we said earlier, a Bike ride or Bicycle ride is considered the easiest and most affordable way of transportation within Tulum. Popular way to get around, bike paths are a link between city central points to beach roads. Many hotels and guided tours offer impressive bike options to get around to explore iconic places.

2. Taxi or Cab service

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Common mode of transportation like other destinations, Taxi service is quite costly here and they receive cash only. Most of the prices depend on the places you are visiting and the number of people. Prices are negotiable before stepping into the car.

3. Scooter service

Tulum Scooter Rentals - TulumScooterRentals.com

Places where you can’t reach easily with Bicycles or are difficult to reach, you can choose a scooter to find uneven destinations. It will help you to connect places, centers and edges of the city. Due to the high level of scooter service and rental shops, you are fortunate to get as per market demands. Normally $44 is the fair price to take a scooter for rent.

Best Tulum Beaches

First and foremost things here in Tulum is Beaches. There are a good number of beaches which will add some value to the traveler’s journey. Let’s discuss one by one the top 5 Beaches in Tulum.

1. Playa Ruinas

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Known as the most and best landmark beach in the whole Tulum region. It is perfectly visible even from Tulum ruins, as a visitor posing on the beach below is a next level travel feeling here. Small areas of sandy beaches, swimming or dipping in the crystal clear water, walking in seaside cliffs and Mayan ruins views are never miss things to do here in this Playa Ruinas beach.

2. Playa Paraiso

Paradise Beach also called Playa Paraiso at Tulum - sunrise at beautiful  and tropical caribbean coast of Tulum in Quintana Roo, Riviera Maya, Mexico  Stock Photo | Adobe Stock

Playa Paraiso is some sort of beach, where once you visit here you can also visit Tulum prime locations like National Park of Tulum and archaeological sites due to closeness. You will see well and systematically arranged items like chairs, tables and umbrellas to visitors, even if it is a public beach. Beach holds a good number of clubs and restaurants, which serve snacks and local Mexican foods like lobster and cold drinks.

3. Akumal Beach

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You have to walk just 20 minutes’ drive from Tulum national highway. Unlike Playa Paraiso, Akumal beach requires small entry fees which vary from season to season. Core factors here in this beach are “Sea Turtle”, clean water for dip and supportive sands for relaxation and rejuvenation. Basic requirements like chairs, umbrellas, parking facilities represents the most calm and swimmable beach in the entire Tulum territories.

4. Playa Pescadores

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Containing a good number of fishing boats and fishing communities, Playa Pescadores is well known for fishing as well as water activities through snorkeling and scuba diving. If you are reached in the early morning you can find people who are involved in fishing activities.  If you visit in the later afternoon you will spot crazy people who are snorkeling, boat tours, and picturesque local views. It has the same features and facilities like what the above beaches are offering in Tulum.

5. Las Palmas

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Perfect beach you will never figure out in overall Tulum, such a great place for rejuvenations, relaxation, unwind, and friendly for swimmers too. Geographically a small beach with smaller coverage of rock formations. Due to its geographical and geological features, it is the perfect destination for solo and lovely couples along its calm atmospheres and less crowd. Unfortunately there are no such great umbrella or chair facilities available, until you carry along with you.

My Verdict

There is no doubt that, Tulum Mexico Amidst a traveller in awe inspiring feeling and position. No place on the earth like Tulum gives a mix of relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration. As an adventure lover it is the correct time to make a proper plan to visit Tulum.

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Q: Why is Tulum so famous?

A: Tulum is well known for Mayan ruins, beaches with white colored sands and Crystal clear water for relaxation and rejuvenations, Underwater Cave System, and Gran Cenote. Apart form, Tulum is also labelled for travel oriented activities.

Q: What is the Meaning of Tulum in Spanish?

A: Tulum is a Spanish Pronunciation, which means “Wall or Fence” in common Mayan language.

Q: Is Tulum Safe?

A: Definitely, Tulum is so friendly destination includes much secured hotels, accommodations and beachside. Tulum is not only safe for group travelers even for Solo, couples and Family travelers too.

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