Most Famous Hotels in Santorini

Every traveler has a dream to visit one of the iconic places in the Greek, Santorini. Such a great place to explore its beauty including views, ancient ruins, crazy beaches, more importantly its picturesque village of Oia. It is not a 1 or 2 day tour, it will probably take more than 4 days to 1 week. But the biggest question is where to stay in Santorini?

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Here you have the answer. As we said earlier, such a great place for travelers and even great place to accommodation too, there is no exception. In this article, we are going to make a small glimpse of an idea, that includes the most luxurious and picturesque hotels in Santorini, which exhibits and get good recognition from their marvelous services, features, amenities, and ambiance.

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As a traveler, you wish to feel romantic ambiences, suites, spa or massage centers or an unforgettable adventure, then you need not make much research, Santorini has great options when it comes to perfect accommodations to suit your desires. So, let’s start to immerse yourself in the world of Santorin’s finest and most popular accommodations and hotels. Keep your dreamy landscapes and next level hospitality transport you to a place of unforgettable.

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Top 10 World Class Santorini Hotels

Lets discuss one by one, What are the top 10 famous Hotels and Accommodations in Santorini?

1. Canaves Oia Resort

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First comes to mind when we talk about perfect travel oriented hotels in Santorini, Canaves Oia resort. It is an upscale resort located in the picturesque village of Oia and provides a wide range of mind blowing luxurious accommodations facilities over a period of time. If you clearly observe this resort, it is covered by the blue sea and sky. Indulge visitors to feel world class dining experiences with phenomenal gourmet experiences.

Popularly known for intimate gourmet dining experiences in a well-managed place, from rooms to suites and even including villas too. As a traveler those who are looking at phenomenal views of caldera, private plunge pools, fine dining options, and great service offerings are fine charters and helicopter transfers.

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2. Grace Santorini

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Accommodation in Grace Santorini will be a next level feeling. Interestingly, located in the charming village of Imerovigli, Grace Santorini, grabs the attention of visitors with its renowned Caldera. There is no such a great place to explore a perfect view of sunset over the Aegean Sea. Each guest room offers a simple balcony and views corner in elegant designs, including “Hammam” bathing steams.

Grace Santorini is such a simple designed hotel with a contemporary elegance. It is an ideal destination for honeymoon couples and solo travelers seeking rejuvenation and relaxations. Find elegant and comfortable suites and villas, a infinity pool overlooking the volcanic Cliffside and Aegean Sea view, a spa provides a rejuvenating and relaxing treatments, and a renowned restaurant serving tasty local and Mediterranean sea foods.

Visit official website of Grace Santorini.

3. Mystique Santorini

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Mystique Santorini is a most luxurious hotel in Oia offering traditional charm with its whitewashed and cave-like accommodations. Known for offering a dazzling view of Chrysler clear water of Volcano and Views of Aegean Sea. Interestingly each suite or villa at Mystique Santorini has aspects of a private terrace or balcony, which are sea facing terraces with private plunge pools.

You will notice a Cobblestone pathway provides a drive to the pool which serves as a relaxation and rejuvenations. Guests can indulge in tranquil feelings in the on-site spa, enjoy fine dining at the hotel’s restaurant with multiple local Santorini cuisines, or relax at the stunning infinity pool. You can enjoy “Aura” -Bar, “Charisma” -a Gourmet restaurant, “ASEA”- Japanese restaurants and “Secret” -Wine Cave are common accommodation options.

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4. Astra Suites

Astra Suites

Offering wide coverage views of the caldera and Santorini’s famed sunset. Perched on the cliffs of Imerovigli, Astra Suites also offers mind blowing and crazy views of the Aegean Sea and the volcano. Astra Suites labelled next level of Santorin’s all suites, retreats and luxury and prosperity of Aegean. Contains total 27 sumptuous suites are elegantly made Cycladic style along with 8 tempting suites. These include swimming pools and Jacuzzi, offering unique and stylish hospitable feeling to customers.

Apart from above features, Astra Suites welcomes tourists with its spacious suites like elegant furnishings, private terraces, and plunge pools. Perfect private balconies offer sunset views, relax by the poolside bar, or indulge in the panoramic views from the infinity pool. Astra Suites offers great food including local cuisines like traditional recipes, wines and local ingredients.

For more information visit official website.

5. Katikies Hotel

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Known for combinations of luxury, unparalleled service, warm temperature, perfect location and breath taking romantic ambiences, located in Oia. Premium service offered by the hotel along with a romantic and luxurious ambiences. Leading hotel no scarcity for views, offers sublime Santorini views, Caldera views, and backdrop of bougainvillaeas. In Oia, Santorini Katikies hotel got a reputation of Grande dame of Caldera luxury hotel.

First hotel in Santorini is designed with boutique luxury comforts like the natural setting of Mothers nature monument. Situated above the 300 feet Caldera cliffs, individually designed suites and villas, some with private Jacuzzis and Pools. Guests can taste such a great delectable Mediterranean cuisine at the various on-site dining venues in Katikies hotel. Never miss to enjoy wine-tasting experiences and relax at the full-service spa.

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6. Andronis Luxury Suites

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If you want to stay in the midst of Oia, probably Andronis Luxury Suites is perfectly choice, designed on the basis of tranquility and top elegant styles, in order to keep the customer more fun.  Andronis Luxury Suites will grab the attention of every backpacker due to its existence, accommodations carved into the cliffside. You will see a special sort of design that basically shows stunning sunset Island and volcano views.

Under Andronis Luxury Suites, every suite gives some sort of private veranda or terrace present uninterrupted sea views (As we said earlier Sunset and Volcano Views). Its multi-level balconies with a well-furnished white color furniture perfectly touches the inner soul of a traveler. If you are a visitor, never miss to take advantage of the hotel’s world-class spa, infinity pool overlooking the caldera, and exceptional dining experiences.

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7. Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa

Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites and Spa Hotel 5* - wijnregio Santorini, Griekenland -

It is just off of the main 3rd Oia road, just 9 miles from Thira, the island’s capital. Undoubtedly, Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites and Spa holds good collections of spacious and stylish suites and villas along with world class private pools or hot tubs. This suite and spa shine its chunky volcano walls, white colored domes, and local herbs (Includes oregano, mint and Cretan dittany).

When we talk about services, this suite and spa includes indoor heated pools, sauna, ice rooms, and includes 4 treatment rooms. You will see small areas of gym facilities, Aegeo- a face and skin treatment process in a unique way. Larger area of infinity pool with panoramic views, Nimble fingered therapy, multiple dining options and 5 quality of fresh water pools give more push to a traveler to involve more. Apart from the above benefits, visitors or customers can indulge in participating in cooking classes and wine tasting sessions.

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8. Perivolas Hotel

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Perivolas Hotel is nestled in Oia, northern part of the Santorini. Just 12 miles from the Main Airport. You will not believe this hotel, once owned and managed by the Psychas family, from 1983. Its design is a traditional cave dwelling transformed landscapes into suites and studios (transformed rock by rock). Its Blackstone path will be a next level feeling to visitors.

Service is top notch, its curvy infinity pool will be a most preferred service here. Apart from the outdoors, you can enjoy whirlpool tubes, saunas, and steam rooms that provide a serene and luxurious escape. Its whitewashed cave-like suites with private terraces contain good space for a large gym, yoga center, and Pilates Studio. Mediterranean-inspired cuisine at the on-site restaurant, or speedboats to perfect things to enjoy beaches, sea caves and nearby islands.

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9. The Tsitouras Collection

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The Tsitouras collection is a mansion, built in 1780. Located in the Firostefani, The Tsitouras Collection is a primarily beautiful boutique hotel that showcases a private collection of art and antiques. In 1985, this world famous Hotel was renovated by the art collector Dimitris Tsitouras into 5 different units with unique themes and names. Every room and theme is made by Greek architecture and traditions.

The hotel offers the most advanced and luxurious suites with unique stylish designs, private terraces and balcony spaces to explore panoramic views of the Santorini’s caldera.  Under every suite within Tsitouras, you can see complimentary bar facilities, CD Players, satellite tv, DVD, dial phone and some of the basic amenities. As a visitor or traveler, you are fortunate to enjoy the hotel’s beautiful gardens, infinity pool, and personalized concierge service.

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10. Cavo Tagoo Santorini

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Cavo Tagoo Santorini, is located in Imerovigli, popularly known as an ideal location for both business and leisure travelers. Cavo Tagoo Santorini offers contemporary and world class luxurious accommodation. Total 13 posh suites are available according to your possibilities. These suites have good Caldera and Santorini views like Tsitouras. More than, these suites offer travel friendly private outdoor plunge pools and outdoor Jacuzzi.

When we talk about hotel features, we should not miss to include its world class stylish rooms and suites including private pools or hot tubs. As a visitor you can unwind at the large infinity pool in order to explore the city’s panoramic views. Savoring gourmet cuisine at the renowned restaurant, and relaxing with pampering spa treatments are must do things here in Cavo Tagoo Santorini.

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My Parting Thoughts

Santorini is a world famous destination, up to 2 millions of visitors are coming here to explore its beauty. But the biggest question is where to stay? So, after reading the above article you will come to know which suites or hotels are perfectly fit to your budget and conveniences. Please keep in mind that Hotels price and facilities are subject to change, better to cross check in their official website before packing your backpacks.

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