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Neuschwanstein Castle is a historical palace mainly built for the purpose of the isolated retreating King Ludwing II of Bavaria. One of the most photographed landmarks in Germany is nestled in the hilltop village of Fussen. In the year of 1869 castles initial works were started and later it is known as a symbol of romanticism, a famous architectural style.

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In the amidst of the palace construction, the visionary king died and after the death palace was known as the most visited destination in Germany. However it is inspiring to many European architecture and world famous Disney’s sleeping beauty castles. There are plenty of things which travelers can explore, interior designs like drawing rooms, throne hall, study room and king’s bedroom are the most beautiful things.

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History of Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the historical palaces located in Bavaria, Germany, was commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and was constructed in the 19th century. When we talk about its history, construction around the castle began in 1869 summer and was overseen by the architect Eduard Riedel. Moreover with the 8 metres of stone outcrop removed to make way for the foundations. Particularly in 5th September 1869 first foundation stone was laid off with building plan by King Ludwig II according to traditional incorporations established by King Ludwing I.

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Primary purpose of building such a big palace is to retreat for the reclusive king and also served as a homage to the composer Richard Wagner, whom Ludwig greatly admired. Interestingly King is a big fan of music, art and architecture, therefore Neuschwanstein Castle didn’t have an ambitious project; it is just a commissioned order to enrich the cultural landscape of his nation.

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Most of the architectural style of Neuschwanstein Castle is based on the Roman styles, and it was designed to evoke the romanticism of mediaeval castles.  Neuschwanstein Castle despite its mediaeval appearance, it was associated with the latest technologies of the time, including central heating, running water, and toilets with automatic flushing systems.

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Unfortunately in 1886 King Ludwig II died and construction of the castle was not fulfilled and completed during Ludwig’s period. However he can spend only 172 days in a castle or 11 nights. The Neuschwanstein Castle was opened to the general public after his visionary death in 1886. Even today King’s vision and dreams live on the building’s stones and walls, therefore, Neuschwanstein Castle has become one of the most iconic and visited sites in Germany in order to welcomes 1.4 million visitors every year.

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10 Quick Facts about Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


  1. Neuschwanstein Castle was built for only one person, King Ludwig II in 1886. Later it became an iconic tourist destination or palace in the entire Germany (sometimes receiving 6000 visitors per day).


  1. Neuschwanstein Castle means “New Swan Stone” derived from Wagner’s opera character, the Swan Knight.


  1. Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the highest towers in Europe reaching 213 feet in height.


  1. Christian Jank, one of the famous theatrical artists and designers, drew the castle plan.


  1. Initially its name was New Hohenschwangau castle, but after the death of the king the name was changed to Neuschwanstein Castle.


  1. Neuschwanstein Castle was a real inspiration to build a Disney’s castle in 1950.


  1. Unfortunately visionary King Ludwig II spent only 11 nights in his entire lifetime in this Castle.


  1. Inside of Neuschwanstein Castle has 14 well furnished rooms including king’s bedroom, cave-like grotto and singers’ hall.


  1. Around 14 carpenters are constantly working 4 years to finish wooden work in the palace bedroom.


  1. In 2012, Neuschwanstein Castle image appeared in the €2 commemorative coins.

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Inside of Neuschwanstein Castle

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Neuschwanstein Castle, the most iconic German palace, belongs to 19th-century Romanesque on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria. As we said earlier, the palace was a dream vision of King Ludwig II of Bavaria as a retreat and in homage to Richard Wagner, the renowned composer. So, after the death of the king, the palace is open to the public and people, so therefore it is very important to understand the inside of this palace.

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Palace was well designed in a fairy-tale style, the interior of the castle is intricately decorated with various themes and motifs, including scenes from Wagner’s operas and Germanic legends. There are 14 rooms which are well finished and maintained for visitors, where you can explore with the help of a guided tour of the Neuschwanstein Castle interior.

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Moreover, backpackers can also explore even more lavishly furnished rooms within the castle, including the Throne Hall, the Singer’s Hall, the king’s dressing room, and Ludwig’s private chambers. Under that King Ludwig II dressing room contains intrinsic ceiling painting and murals representing work of poets Walther and Hans Sachs including rich gold and violet silks.

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Throne hall is another major attraction, it is a two story space presenting the majesty of Byzantine churches and with a 13 floor tall chandelier and a painted cupola. Moreover the castle is nestled in the rugged hill and offers breath-taking views of the nearby landscape from its viewpoints. However the castle also had ornate furniture, colorful wall paintings, and stunning architectural details.

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Neuschwanstein Castle Disney

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Neuschwanstein Castle was an inspiration for many European architectures and more than that is inspired to the one of the sleeping beauty of California is Disney’s castles in Anaheim. Sleeping beauty of castle is one of the iconic structures in the Entire Park and looks like a real Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria and first castle in the entire Disney Park.

Before starting the construction of Walt Disneyland both he and his wife took a tour to Europe. Once they visit Neuschwanstein Castle they are inspired by the beauty and vision of the castle and decide to implement it here. Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland nestled on a hill and drawbridge, moat, turreted towers. Both interior and exterior design are most peaceable in nature, exterior includes grand staircases, stained glass windows, and a royal throne room.

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Sleeping beauty castle offers a beautiful tour of the castle, which gives the chance to learn about its history, interior and exterior designs and stunning views from the castle’s views. Such a great castle in Disneyland is inspired by the great Neuschwanstein Castle.

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Neuschwanstein Castle Ticket Prices

There are mainly 2 types of ticket available in online;


1. Individual guest

Adults: € 18.00

Children’s and Pupils below the age of 18: Free of Charge.

Reduced Tickets for Senior citizens (65+ age) / disabled persons: € 17.00.

Remember service fees of € 2.50 are applicable for reserved online ticket purchases. Tickets are not cancellable or transferable in nature.


2. Groups (Only on demands and request)

Group tours of adults starting from 15 members cost €17.00.

Children’s and Pupils groups below the age of 18 members are free of cost.

Remember a booking handling fee of € 1.50 is chargeable for reservations of ticket. Group tours are eligible only after submitting a written request.

For more information’s visit official website of Neuschwanstein.

Overall, Neuschwanstein Castle is not just a popular tourist destination, it is also a striking appearance and picturesque location for adventure seekers like artists, filmmakers, and writers. Moreover, the castle attracts millions of visitors over a period of time and is one of the worth visiting landmarks in the entire Europe continents.

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Q: What is the distance between Neuschwanstein Castle to Munich?

A: Distance between Neuschwanstein Castle to Munich is around 135 km and it will take around 1 hour and 36 minutes of time to reach.

Q: What is Neuschwanstein Castle meaning?

A: Neuschwanstein Castle means “New Swan Stone” derived from Wagner’s opera character, the Swan Knight.

Q: Who lived in Neuschwanstein Castle?

A: Neuschwanstein Castle is a historical palace mainly built for the purpose of the isolated retreating of King Ludwing II of Bavaria.

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