Things to do in New Orleans

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New Orleans is a vibrant city located in Louisiana, United States. City renowned for big annual events like Mardi Gras and Jazz fest and many renowned restaurants and bars. Its place is also full of rich cultural heritage, distinct Creole and Cajun influences, and lively music scene.

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However New Orleans is well known for its dynamic and diverse festivals, including Mardi Gras, and many tasty and delicious local cuisine, featuring dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, and beignets. If you are a curious backpacker who wishes to see multiple things like world class museums, amazing architecture, past history and outdoor activities, then New Orleans is on your bucket list.

In Spite of that, it is home to many beautiful historic architecture like the French Quarter and Garden District, and is often referred to as the birthplace of jazz. We recommend it is really a unique place with the combinations of history, music, and cuisine and make sure that New Orleans offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience.


Top 10 Things to do in New Orleans


1. Visit the French Quarter

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The French quarter is situated in the heart of the city of New Orleans. As the name suggests, French quarters is a place full of French architecture and buildings and also the oldest neighborhood here. However French quarters offer sites like Vieux Carre place full of beautiful architecture, loads of history, food and music and crazy dance performances. In spite of that, French quarters (like French Quarters in India; Pondicherry) are more influenced by French culture and traditions along with its nightlife, music scene, and iconic architecture including Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral. Never miss to visit such a great historic place to see collections and take a panoramic view of the Mississippi from the edge of the quarters.


2. Vue Orleans

Vue Orleans

Vue Orleans offers 4D experience with 9 original films, 7 interactive exhibits and the city’s 360 degree panoramic viewing platform. However, its 360 degree spectacular view of the indoor and outdoor observation deck always looks like Mississippi City. Vue Orleans uses technology to shine a focused spotlight on the full of arts, music, food, culture and the history of New Orleans. Place includes state of the art technology that brings the city’s story to life in a whole new way.


3. Jazz Music of New Orleans

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You will find Jazz music everywhere in New Orleans and the place is home to the Jazz museum. Just we can say New Orleans is a place where the musical genre was born. Started during the 20th century from the ragtime, African religious worship and Cuban music found here. And the Jazz museum is hosting many educational programs for kids for those who want to take Jazz music as a career from the legendary Louis Armstrong and Louis Prima.  Never miss to immerse yourself in the sounds of jazz in the birthplace of this musical genre. Also involved at jazz clubs, bars clubs, and Visiting Street corners throughout the city.


4. Mardi Gras World

Tour a Mardi Gras Museum in Louisiana

Always look behind-the-scenes at the elaborate floats and costumes used in New Orleans famous Mardi Gras parades. Started in 1984, Mardi Gras World built for the purpose of grabbing the visitors with its behind the scenes of their work. Blaine Kern has built Mardi Gras floats for various crews that roll in Carnival paradise. Mardi Gras World is also well known near great places like convention centers and tours which offer a first-hand look of the Mardi Gras World. Due to its intrinsic design and popularity more than thousands visitors visit this place every year. As a backpacker, I never miss to get curious about the history and traditions of this festive celebration.


5. Garden District

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Garden district is a place filled with picturesque neighborhoods filled with historic mansions, lush gardens, historic cemeteries and oak-lined streets. It is very important to take a stroll through these beautiful pedestrian spaces. Here you will see the houses and history which are actually drawn along with the neighborhood which offers a wealth of shops, cafes as well as Commander’s palace. It is very important to visit Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 for a glimpse into the city’s above-ground burial practices to complete your Garden district visit.


6. Swamp Tour

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It is an open air adventure and is actually one of the safest activities in New Orleans. Swamp Tour always experience the natural beauty of the Louisiana swamps on a guided air boat or pontoon tour. While your tour will be fortunate to get fresh air along with you can also seek questions in Louisiana regarding culture, wildlife and history. It is very important to you to encounter wildlife such as alligators, herons, and turtles while learning about the unique ecosystem.


7. Streetcar Ride

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Unique mode of transportation to see the whole city, and no other better way of exploring Streetcar Ride in a very charming and convenient way.  Started from 1835, made by the Williams from a long line to a desired line in a better way to access the city. Ride pass amidst famous French quarters, Charles Avenue, famed garden district and Audubon Park. Never miss taking leisurely rides through green cars to see different neighborhoods, including the charming Uptown area and the bustling Canal Street.


8. Visit Magazine Park

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Origin of the Magazine Park in New Orleans goes back to the late 1700’s when the place was popularly known for being the home of the rue de magazines and shops. Park stretches 6 miles long including vibrant shopping, dining, art galleries, unique architecture and Zoos and friendly local business owners. Magazine Park is a place where you will meet residential and commercial properties. Never miss to shop in any local boutiques and meal at any one of the famous restaurants along with offers sidewalk dining or patios.


9. National WWII Museum

How to Plan a Trip to the National World War II Museum

The National WWII Museum is all about discovering the fascinating exhibits and interactive displays at this renowned museum dedicated to the history of World War II. However the museum includes planes, jeeps, hugging theaters and theater WWII, those are used during the time of war. You can also learn about musical performances, restaurants and gift shops from 1940’s inspired gifts and clothes. Be enthusiastic about war’s impact on the home front and the heroism of those who served.


10. City Park

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Park renowned for major relaxation and unwinding in this urban oasis along with including some of the lush greenery, botanical gardens and art installations. The park contains 1700 acres of land filled with moss drenched oaks, walking paths and native birds. Its big lake offering recreational activities such as paddle boating and picnicking which embrace your inner childless at Carousel garden amusement park. Its couturie forest is really worth visiting, its diverse nature trail with New Orleans peak point and Laborde Mountain another one which is 27 feet above sea level.


Here you will see the top 10 things which a backpacker can do. Also there are multiple things available to enjoy like Frenchman streets, Audubon zoo, City Park, New Orleans museum of art and Cafe du Monde. So, it is very important to enjoy the real beauty of this city from different angles of your journey.

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