Best Places to Visit in Toronto, Canada.

As we know Canada offers plenty of travel destinations. Instead of being one of the main cities, Toronto contains good travel spots. These places have attracted and filled the hearts of millions of tourists over a period of time. Toronto is a city that truly has kept something for everyone in its womb. Like from stunning architecture to scenic parks, world-class museums, and a thriving food scene.

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So, let’s discuss one by one places where people are visiting in more numbers in Toronto. These places will enrich and catch visitors’ attention in order to position them in the minds of the travelers. Toronto, ranging from cultural experience, natural beauty, and ancient art and paintings to modern attractions. Read the article below before going to pack your back and explore the hidden gem of Toronto city life and environments.  Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting, charm and charisma of this amazing world-class city.

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So, Lets discuss one by one what are the Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Toronto? Canada;


1. CN Tower

CN Tower: Toronto's Skyline Beacon and Architectural Wonder | MapQuest Travel

After Burja Khalifa, Canada’s CN Tower is considered the world’s tallest man-made building in the world. It was witnessed as one of the tallest freestanding structures (1975) over the last 30 years. CN Tower is also known for being the world’s highest wine cellar (351 meters high and holding up to 9,000 bottles).  Visitors are surprised when they see the skyline (also called Toronto’s skyline) from the top level, the Sky Pod observation desk, making dinner in 360 restaurants, and travel museums within CN Tower. In 1995, the American Society of Civil Engineering classified it as one of the 7 modern wonders of the world. CN Tower should be number 1 in your places to visit in Toronto list.


Interesting Facts about CN Tower;

  1. It took 40 Months and $60 million of time and cost to construct this huge free-standing building.
  2. The Canadian national highway took the Whole project.
  3. The Sky Pod observation desk is considered the world’s top observatory desk.
  4. At 553m, the CN Tower is the tallest free-standing structure. Especially in the western hemisphere.
  5. The total weight of this whole building is around 1,17,910 metric tones.

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2. Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum's 3rd Monday Nights Free initiative gives public free admission - Toronto |

Never miss visiting one of the world-famous museums, not only in Canada but also in North America (5th largest). It started in 1914 to exhibit its collections to the general public. Royal Ontario Museum holds more than 13 world-class art collections and natural samples (Exhibited in 40 galleries and exhibition centers).  The museum contained African arts, dinosaurs, East Asian arts, and art of European and Canadian histories. The interesting fact here is that this museum holds cultural, historical and even religious materials. Which will help students to understand subject matters practically.


Interesting Facts about the Royal Ontario Museum;

  1. This museum is home to a natural history gallery.
  2. It also contained the Tech suit of the Gallery.
  3. Home of many age-old historical mammals.
  4. It has world cultural galleries of museums.
  5. It gained an international reputation.

3. The Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Gallery of Ontario Eyes Transformative $42 Million Expansion - Artforum International

It was founded in 1900, known for being one of the largest collections of art in North America. It spans 5,83,000 square feet along with 4,000 unique types of art to public view. This museum covers photography, sculptures, graphic art and many more. You will see paintings and art of the Massacre of the Innocents, The Tired Model, The Young Biologist, and The Little Worker. AGO collections of more than 1,20,000 artworks by famous indigenous Canadian and other European artisans. Through its attractions and collections of artwork, it welcomes nearly 1 million tourists every year.


Interesting Facts about the AGO;

  1. This Art Gallery is considered as the 5 the largest in North America.
  2. Vincent Van Gogh’s Painting and The Night Café both are the most valuable paintings (Worth around $50 million each).
  3. It also contained the world’s most Canadian Arts.
  4. First day of the Opening, 6,500 people visited this AGO.
  5. A possible world interactive virtual art show will be held in 2020.

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4. Ripley’s aquarium

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada - YouTube

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is considered one of the top 10 best aquariums. Visitors can enter the aquarium and ocean area and easily access it. Ripley’s aquarium holds 5.7 million of water along with marine and freshwater species and habitats. You will get an opportunity to see great ocean species like fishes, barracudas, rays, jellyfish, moray eels, sharks and even many more in a very close-up manner. This aquarium consists of 87,000 sq., km owned and managed by Ripley’s Entertainments. After a lot of planning and rejections finally, this aquarium opened general public in 2013. Exhibits are more famous here in this Aquarium.


Interesting Facts about Ripley’s Aquarium;

  1. It contained 10 Galleries including Canadian Waters, Rainbow Reef, Discovery Centre, The Gallery, Ray Bay etc.
  2. It is home to more than 20,000 animals.
  3. Stingray Tour is a unique tour which exhibits some excitement to tourists.
  4. Here, a Marine and freshwater education center is available.
  5. Yearly this Aquarium generates $ 50 million in income for the government.

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5. Cosa Noma

260+ Casa Loma Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock | Casa loma toronto

Cosa Noma simply calls it a ‘Mansion’. It is the only castle in North America that is full-sized and endless. Popularized of its Unique architecture is one of the top tourist destinations and hospitality centers in Canada. Once upon a time, this castle was home to a rich Canadian financier, but today it turned into a tourist spot. You will see 59 telephone centers, an 18-metre-long big hall with a flag, a suit of armor, a 250-meter-long secret tunnel linking systems, 21 different fireplaces and a vacuuming system inside this castle. Due to its impressive green garden and beautiful ancient architecture, this Cosa Noma is known for its film shooting.


Interesting Facts about Costa Noma;

  1. More amazing rooms in Cosa Noma are called the “Oak Room.”
  2. Sometimes this mansion is also used for Marriage ceremonies, Film shooting and Special events.
  3. Cosa Noma was once called “Humewood Castle”.
  4. In 1933, the City of Toronto purchased this Cosa Noma for $27,303.
  5. It served as a training center for soldiers during World War 2.

6. Distillery Historic District

The Distillery Historic District in Downtown Toronto |

This world-famous cobblestone street or pedestrian village contained 40 different heritage buildings, restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries. It was founded in 1832 by the Gooderham and Worts whiskey distillery. Distillery’s historic district is known as Canada’s top cultural, entertainment, and art travel spot. It opened in 2003 to the general public and is widely used for shops, stores, studios, cafes restaurants and even theatres. Every year, art galleries and performance venues are hosted here (Like the Groundswell Festival and Night wood theatres). Due to its impressive buildings and attractions, this historic district was listed as the National Historic Site of Canada in 1988.


Interesting Facts about the Distillery Historic District;

  1. This was the first pedestrian area in Toronto.
  2. This place is declared as the Environmental empowerment zone.
  3. It was a National historic site of Canada in 1988.
  4. It contained numerous bars, coffee shops and restaurants, movie theatres and even more trendy places.
  5. The total area of the Distillery Historic District is around 13 acres of land.

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7. The Toronto Islands

A Guide to a Fun-Filled Day on the Toronto Waterfront –

Toronto Island welcomes visitors with its incredible natural beauty, tourist outdoor/water-related activities, and aerial views. Toronto Island Park is an attractive place in the Toronto Islands. It is made up of 3 other parks such as Ward’s Island, Centre Island and Hanlan’s Islands. Boating, Camping, Fishing, Bird watching, and other travel activities (including trailers) are common activities here.  You will enjoy things like swimming in Lake Ontario, Kayaking, Grass fields, Ancient lighthouses and golf courses in Toronto Islands.  Centreville Amusement Park, Bishop Toronto City Airport, residential areas and even travel-oriented beaches are the most attractive spots available here in Toronto Islands.


Interesting Facts about the Toronto Islands;

  1. It has some of the world’s top beaches.
  2. Here in this Islands people make some world records.
  3. It used to be a Peninsula one.
  4. Here you will see Man-made Islands.
  5. Airport ferry is one of the shortest in the whole world.

8. Rouge National Urban Park

Rouge National Urban Park opens for 2018 visitor season

Rouge National Park is located in the Rouge River (healthiest river) and Duffin’s watersheds. It is a well-ecological protected zone in Toronto and includes cities like Markham, and Uxbridge. A total of 79 square Km of land includes 247 different species, 73 types of fishes, 44 types of mammals and 27 types of amphibians. This urban park was categorized as class 1 farmland and contained the most fertile soil in the entire Canada. White-tailed deer, hawks, coyotes, ducks, beavers, minks, bats, golden eagles, moles, skunks, and red foxes are major animals and birds which you can see in Rouge National Urban Park.


Interesting Facts about Rough National Park;

  1. It contained 2 major national historical sites.
  2. It is considered much bigger than even your central park.
  3. 13 times bigger than New Zealand’s Central Park.
  4. The strongest protected National Park in the entire world.
  5. Cycling, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and camping are common activities here in this park.

9. Niagara Falls

Aerial view of Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada and New York USA border | Windows Spotlight Images

I think you need not require an introduction to introduce Niagara Falls. Everyone may have heard about it. It is a world-famous waterfall known for its amount of water flowing. It is the combination of 3 waterfalls (horseshoe, American and bridal veil falls). Horseshoe is also called Canadian Falls. It contained a massive flow of water including 7,00,000 gallons of water every second. You will enjoy the stunning beauty of Niagara Falls along with activities like zip lining, boat tours, and helicopter views.


Interesting Facts about Niagara Falls;

  1. One of the 7 Natural wonders of the world.
  2. It was about 12,000 years old.
  3. It is one of the most powerful waterfalls containing 1,68,000 cubic meters of water per minute.
  4. Niagara Falls Ontario Canada known as the Honeymoon capital of the world.
  5. The word meaning of “Niagara” is “a thundering noise”.

10. High Park:

High Park in Toronto - A Biological and Recreational Preserve – Go Guides

Spread over 400 acres of land, High Park is home to a good number of animals including different insects, birds, reptiles and amphibians, fish and mammals. This park one of the largest public parks in Toronto contains sunken gardens, hanging basket gardens, nature trails ponds and streams. You will see a Zoo in this park and animals like llamas, bison, reindeer and so on. You can indulge in various travel activities such as hiking trails, diverse vegetation, convenient parking, a dog park, a zoo, a children’s playground, a greenhouse, picnic areas and many more.


Interesting Facts about High Park;

  1. High Park has 71 vegetation communities.
  2. 152 plant species are considered conservative ones.
  3. The plant community is here got 1 rank in Geographical indication.
  4. It was opened to the general public in 1876.
  5. John G. Howard is the person who built this park.

My Parting Thought

We hope that the top 10 best places to visit in Toronto will inspire you to pack your back to Toronto, Canada. Toronto’s attractiveness and lifestyle are always ready to welcome you. From natural wonders to modern cities, Toronto offers something special to adventure seekers. Its park, aquarium, museums, islands and city tower are phenomenal things to enjoy.



Q: What are the most famous places to visit in Toronto?

A: 1. CN Tower
2. Royal Ontario Museum
3. Art Gallery of Ontario
4. Ripley’s aquarium
5. Cosa Noma
6. Distillery Historic District
7. The Toronto Islands
8. Rouge National Urban Park
9. Niagara Falls, and
10. High Park

Q: What is the number 1 attraction in Toronto?

A: Canada’s CN Tower is considered the world’s tallest man-made building in the world. It was witnessed as one of the tallest freestanding structures (1975) over the last 30 years. CN Tower is also known for being the world’s highest wine cellar (351 meters high and holding up to 9,000 bottles).  Visitors are surprised when they see the skyline (also called Toronto’s skyline) from the top level, the Sky Pod observation desk, making dinner in 360 restaurants, and travel museums within CN Tower.

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