Interesting Things to Do in the Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada

Why is Stanley Park Famous?

Stanley Park is a large urban park located in the vibrant city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Stanley Park is a national historic site in Canada, covering an area of 1,001 acres (405 hectares). It is a world recognized Park welcomes tourists just by its natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and a range of recreational activities, Stanley Park attracts millions of visitors every year.

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Along with it offers a variety of attractions and amenities that create a long lasting impression on visitors. Created a long lasting relationship between the natural environment and cultural elements. Its lush green forests and scenic seawall provide a breath-taking setting for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure to explore.

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I insist that the below information provides some of the great things for travelers to enjoy in Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada. It is a life changing experience and do not miss the chance when you are in or plan to visit Stanley Par. So, let’s discuss one by one what the famous things which you can do are;

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Interesting Things to Do in the Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada

1. Try Seawall Cycling/Bike ride

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Stanley Park, Vancouver is a great place to enjoy some of the craziest things including Seawall Cycling. Due to its geographical condition, flat terrain is relatively so supportive to the Seawall cycling. You can take a bike for rent and explore the 10-kilometre Seawall, which offers spectacular views of the ocean, city skyline, and mountains. You can choose a variety of bikes based on your preferences like mountain bike, tandem bikes and electric bikes.

Bike rental naturally includes Helmet, bike lock, parks clear map and other essentials. Cost varies from hour to hour, $8.50 is the basic fees. Per 1 dollar is subsequently reduced when your hour increases (like 2 hour $7.50, 3 hour $ 6.50 likewise). While seawall cycling you can explore surrounding mountains, beachside along with the ocean. It’s the greatest and cheapest way to enjoy the scenery of Stanley Park while getting some exercise.

2. See Totem Poles

Totem Poles Stanley Park Vancouver Stock Photo - Download Image Now - Totem  Pole, Canada, Vancouver - Canada - iStock

Such peculiar things you see in the north coast of BC and lower Alaska. Totem Poles at Brockton Point, and these carved poles show some of the mythological events that occurred over a period of time. Right now they are not worshipped or believed, show some sort of honor, respect to the people and history. These Totem poles are painted but not fully, they used some kind of salmon eggs and cedar barks are used to make colorful poles.

We have a lot of questions that; how do they make such great Totem poles? It was made by the malleable woods and red cedar, both are very popular and abundant in the north coast. There are unique and different numbers of Totems poles available, which includes intricately carved sculptures that shows First Nations’ history and culture in BC. Never forget to visit such a stylish and unforgettable place, symbolism behind each totem pole.

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3. Explore Vancouver Aquarium

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Vancouver Aquarium is not only one of the best things to see and it is considered as officially Canada’s first public aquarium. Known for the Largest Canada’s Aquarium, Vancouver Aquarium, located in Stanley Park. Contains around 60,000 aquatic species including sea lion, sea otter, penguins and jelly fishes. You will spot some of the aquatic creatures even before BC, such as Ceph Rogen and Pacific Octopus. Never miss to explore such a wide variety of marine life, enjoy interactive exhibits, and even witness dolphin and sea lion shows.

I insist you should take 4D movie theatre experience, such a great way to explore aquariums along with 3D films with sensor effects. Interesting facts here in Vancouver Aquarium is that all revenue from tourism and fees which generate conservation of aquatic life is fully contributed to research, empowerment and conservation programs by the Ocean wise initiatives.

Fees Structures to Vancouver Aquarium;

For adults (aged between 13 to 64 year); $ 42.00

For Children’s (aged between 3 to 12 year); $ 26.25

For Senior Citizen (Above 65+ Year); $ 36.75

4. Take a Walk in Lost Lagoon Nature

Lost Lagoon In Stanley Park Stock Photo - Download Image Now - 2015, Beauty  In Nature, British Columbia - iStock

Wish to spend quality time with nature and birds, then Lost Lagoon will be a better choice in Stanley Park. Such a great place to see herons, swans, species of ducks. It is a 41 acres of artificial picture square body of water surrounded by lush greenery, kept in a wide range of bird species, including the park’s resident swans of short glimpse. Canada geese, mallard dusk, great blue herons are even some special wildlife species are available here.

Apart from that, you are fortunate to see even unique species like raccoons and coyotes. 1.79 km of Walking trail, considered as a next level travel feeling, includes walking on the edge of the historical famous fresh water body and Vancouver’s centennial fountain monuments. This lagoon was once erected by Robert Harold Williams to celebrate the city’s golden jubilee.

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5. Visit Prospect Point

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Located in the northern tip of Stanley Park, undoubtedly Prospect point is the most popular place in the entire Vancouver. Name suggests that Prospect view gives a panoramic view of West Vancouver, North Vancouver, North Shore Mountains and Lion Gate Bridge (Where ships are in and out of Burrard Inlet). There’s a restaurant nearby, making it a great spot for a meal or snack like point bar and grill, which includes a menu like chicken wings, soup, fish, and burgers.

Normally trail or walking is a good option to explore the entire Prospect point. It is just a 15 minutes’ walk from the parking area of Prospect Point to the top of the landmark. Interestingly you can see cruise ship movements here in Prospect Point passing from the under Lion gate bridge between 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm in summer evening. Never miss to visit when you are in Stanley park, especially things to like, feel and explore the admirable views of the mountains, bridges here in Prospect Point.

6. Travel in Miniature Train

Stanley Park Train | City of Vancouver

Hop aboard the Stanley Park Miniature Train, is a different experience along with lots of fun irrespective of ages like both kids and adults. Annually Miniature train receives more than 10,000 visitors even from local and internationals too. This train journey makes you on a scenic tour through the forest, complete with charming décor and festive lights during the holiday season. Its 2 km rail track covered most of the forest areas including Typhoon Freda.

If you are a wildlife photographer or simply a photographer, then you can take some of the great captures during your 15 minutes journey.  Minatare trains would be run every day in the summer and winter seasons (Around Mid-April to Mid-June in the winter and Mid June to September in summer).

Fees structure to the Miniature Trains;

Adults (Aged between 19 to 64 years); $ 7.50

Children’s (Aged 13 to 18 years); $ 3.75

Senior Citizens (Aged 65+); $ 5.25

7. Swim in the Third Beach

110+ Third Beach In Stanley Park Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free  Images - iStock

Located in the Ferguson point in Stanley Park, Third beach is literally a nature friendly sandy beach surrounded by lush greeneries that will grab the attention of travelers totally from urban life. Never miss to Relax and soak up the sun at Third Beach, a sandy shoreline where visitors feel more enthusiastic and adventurous. Third beach even has some great travel activities like picnic points, beach volleyball, sun training or dipping your toes in the water.

Swimming is a great experience here in Third beach, not too warm water unlike any beach in Stanley Park too supportive. Its waves and tropical standards are very supportive even to the kids, the sea not having a lot of big rocks scattered around. You will get some of the lifeguards from Victoria Day to Labor Day. Parks, seawall system, public washrooms, pay parking and Barbeques are some of the great basic amenities you will enjoy here in the Third beach.

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8. Visit to Beaver Lake

Nature Stanley Park - Free photo on Pixabay - Pixabay

Out of total 10 things to do in Stanley Park Beaver Lake is quite surprising and thrilling too. Once upon a time it was used by the  Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil peoples, considered as the most spiritual and holy place in the entire Vancouver. Beaver Lake is one of a few freshwater lakes in Vancouver and its ecology is the most spiritual and recreational site to coast the first nation.

Beaver Lake once contained more than 60 until 2008, but today you see only 5 Beavers in the entire Lake. These beavers are consistently working nearby to plug up the flow of water out of Beaver Lake into Beaver Creek. Never miss the loop trail around the lake offers a great chance to spot incredible local and migrated wildlife and enjoy the peaceful and calm surroundings.

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9. Enjoy the Rose Garden

Rose Garden In Stanley Park Stock Photo - Download Image Now - Arch -  Architectural Feature, Autumn, BC - iStock

Rose garden of Stanley Park was first established in 1920 by the Kiwanis club. Such a great place to enjoy the different colors of Roses and Smell the roses at Stanley Park’s stunning Rose Garden. This rose garden is witnessing around 3,500 rose bushes and 150 different varieties, just by it’s a feast for the senses. It’s stylish west coast inspired arbor is a must exploring one. This garden is particularly vibrant from late spring to early fall.

Totally a Public garden shows and grows some of the garden roses and rose species too. Display and exhibitions are tremendously phenomenal here, grouped individual color, variety and classes of roses. Visitors are allowed to walk on the grass, so they can get a close up view of roses and other flowers. Interestingly this place is also known for Wedding photography especially during summer.

10. Teahouse Restaurant

The Teahouse Restaurant

Stanley Park will not disappoint you when it comes to Restaurants, Teahouse restaurant provides delicious meals, local cuisines and foods in the heart of the Stanley Park. Making sure dining in Teahouse can be an unforgettable experience, with its beautiful outdoor patio and ocean views. Towering trees in the backyard oceans at the front door of restaurants are phenomenal things.

Remember Teahouse provides a breath-taking view of the English bay, and North shore especially from backdrops, even for west coast cuisines and services. Nothing like the Teahouse in Stanley gives a perfect place to unwind and enjoy some fine dining. It’s Comfortable and friendly atmosphere will always serve as a perfect setting to feel the Sunset of Vancouver.

Final Verdict

As we knew that Stanley Park is very vast and huge in areas, that’s why there are no specific things you can do. Here we are giving some of the greatest and most popular things that most of the travelers can do and enjoy. Apart from that, there are multiple things you can do, so feel free to explore and discover even more hidden gems along the way.

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Q: Why is Stanley Park is famous?

A: It is a world recognized Park welcomes tourists just by its natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and a range of recreational activities, Stanley Park attracts millions of visitors every year.

Q: Stanley Park is a Tourist Spot?

A: Yes. It is one of the famous tourist spot not only in Canada, even in whole world. It receives millions of tourists every year from all over the world. Known its beautiful natural views, beaches, wildlife’s and recreational activities.

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