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Havana, the vibrant capital city of Cuba, is one of the popular destination for adventure seekers to those who want to explore unique blend of history, culture, and Caribbean charm.  City offers a vibrant mixture of its colorful colonial architecture, classic cars, and lively music scene, which represents how Havana is a place that offers a truly immersive experience.

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There are multiple things available to explore starting from the beaches to Vintage cars, Havana is truly a magical travel destination. Every backpackers are enchanted by the city’s rich history, reflected in its well-preserved forts, museums, and charming old town, some of them listed under UNESCO World Heritage site. Architecture, music and dances, cars, food and drinks are more popular here along with bustling markets, art galleries, and vibrant street life provide endless chances to explore the city with cultural immersion.

Never miss to listen to Havana’s lively salsa music and dance scene, in order to join the city’s iconic music venues and dance clubs. Place which offers tremendous tasty cuisines like Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences, is another highlight for travelers looking to savor unique flavors and culinary traditions.

Let’s go much deeper into the Havana’s city history, beaches and things to enjoy.


What are the most interesting things attracted visitors in Havana, Cuba


1.   Architecture

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Havana is most popularly known for its architecture. As a traveler it is very important to know its architectural marvelous before stepping in the landmark. Most of the Havana architecture belongs to baroque style. Baroque architecture originally belongs to Italy. When the Spanish invaded the city, most of this architecture was converted into Spanish colonial architecture. Thereafter these Havana architectures are more muscular in nature. That’s why the city is always filled with pastel colored buildings, grand plazas and ancient forts. These things show us that place beautifully mixed with Spanish, neoclassical and art deco styles.

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2.   Music and Dances

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You will never believe Havana dance and music culture influenced by the world and impact on the popular dances in the Caribbean. Salsa, mambo, cha-cha-cha are popular dance styles and some other dance forms are merged with other dance forms to make new forms. Over a period of time dance and music styles of Havana have been transformed in many ways. More importantly Havana dance culture or Cuba dance culture is influenced by the variety of cultures throughout history. Including Spanish, African Caribbean’s, which led more add or impact to the existing dance styles. In Havana you can enjoy the live music on every corner even from lively salsa clubs to impromptu street performances.


3. Malecon

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Malecon is a soulful and iconic seaside promenade stretching over several miles along the city’s coastlines. With its long and vast area coverage it is the perfect place for the Philosopher’s, poets, fishers and Florida gazers. This is the place where you can see most potent at sunset when the weak yellow lights from creamy Veda do. Even today Malecon remains as Havana’s most open air theatre and even sometimes world’s longest sofa for those who want to meet, greet and discuss.  Total 14 blocks of the Malecon is the most lovable landmark for both locals and tourists to take leisurely walks, enjoy the sunset with the sea breeze and spend time in the bay of Malecon.

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4.  Food and Drinks

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Food and Drinks here in Havana are a mixture of Spanish, African and Caribbean influences. Here species are not really cooking and not so much gastronomic delights. Cuisines including Comida Criolla, Ropa vieja, Ajiaco and Tasajo or suckling pig are more popular here. Apart from that, you can also taste traditional foods like rice and beans, plantain, green banana and simple salad.  Sea food, fruits, vegetarians, and other items are the most popular dishes too.  Never miss to taste foods in national peso restaurants, where you can get decent Cuban foods occasionally. You need not pay the bill that locals paid for the same menu items and your menu prices are listed in the national pesos.


5. Classic Cars

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“Havana, Cuba is the country that time forgot”. You will see a good number of vintage American cars from the 1950s, which are a common sight on the city’s streets. Ford Falcons, Fairlane’s, and Chevy Bel- Airs are the most common cars you will see in the streets of Havana and Santa Clara. Classic Cars in Cuba have a very fascinating and long history. If you see the history of cars in Cuba or Havana, which dated back to the 1950s with the estimations of 60,000 classical American cars. Remember it is not a good idea to explore Cuba without taking a tour in any one of the craziest vintage cars lined in the streets. Normally the price range to travel in these cars will be around 25-30 CUC per hour. Ride in one of these classic cars is a must-do experience for any visitor to Havana.


Top 5 Beaches here in Havana, Cuba.


1. Playa del Este

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Located just 20 minutes west of the east of Havana, Playa del Este offers several beautiful beaches along with some of the small shore communities. Its nine miles long stretch of beachfront offers activities like snorkelling, diving, and other water sports. Never forget to spend the sunset in the evening with golden sand and crystal clear waters.

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2. Santa Maria del Mar

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Santa Maria del Mar is located in the east of Havana and considered as one of the most popular beaches for tourists and residents alike. The 10 km long beach includes white sandy shores and crystal clear waters, making it a popular spot for backpackers. Walking, collecting shells and sand games are more physical and relaxation activities done by the majority of visitors especially during the sunset. Perhaps you can also expect restaurants, cafes, convenience stores and pharmacy/ clinics to be more convenient to visitors along with paddleboards, and kayaking.


3. Varadero Beach

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Contains more than 20 km of sandy beach not directly in Havana, Varadero Beach is one of Cuba’s most famous beaches. Popular for its stunning stretches of sand and turquoise blue waters along with a good number of travel activities. According to domestic data, Varadero Beach receives 1 million of foreign visitors every year.


4. Playa Megano

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One of the most convenient and accessible beaches for both locals and tourists. Playa Megano is situated near the town of Guanabo, well known for its quieter option with calm waters ideal for swimming and relaxing. Beach well maintained and has all the infrastructural facilities like rental palapas, umbrellas, water sports equipment for kayaking, paddle boarding and catamaran rides and even more.


5. Mar Azul Beach

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This beach is a bit further from central Havana well known for its white sand and relatively shallow waters making a good place for swimming and stunning. Mar Azula beach includes some of the best and most beautiful beachfront in the area. Its secluded and tranquil setting, perfect for those looking to escape the crowds.


Best months to visit

Unarguably, Havana will be explored in the months between January and March. Due to its supportive temperatures and locations it is as low as 65 degree temperatures. You can expect only 2 wet and dry seasons. From November to April the season runs through dry or winter and May to October season runs through wet and prescriptions are also too high.

Havana is a place that celebrates a good number of festivals and carnivals year round. If you really want to see the most colorful city, visit August. This time you can see more number of Carnivals.


Getting around in Havana

Travelling around Havana is not a puzzle to travelers to choose which mode of transportation is good. But here we are going to offers some of the crucial transportations;


1. Vintage Cars

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Undoubtedly vintage cars will be the first choice of many backpackers who visited Havana. Cars lined in the street in unique colors and styles. Along with car experience you can also experience nearby places and destinations at a time. Price range is vary based on the choices of cars and durations of your travel. Normally 25-30 CUC they will charge per hour of journey.


2. Moto Taxis

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Moto Taxis are another option to travel inside the city. Moto bikes consist of individual riders like a bike or sometimes 2. Moto Taxis are naturally very cheap and more convenient to all the areas. Prices of these taxes are negotiable and sometimes they are fixed too.


3. Taxi Rutero

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Another most affordable way of transportation is Taxi Rutero. Yellow minivans and small buses will take you to Parque Curita, prices normally 5 pesos per person. There are 2 types of taxi routes available, one is the fixed routes Metro Taxi and Habana trans. These little bigger buses do fixed routes and destinations on a screen behind every taxi.


4. GuaGua bus

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Simply a local bus always over crowded along with the most efficient mode of transportation to roam within the city. These urban buses have fixed stops, where forms seemingly unorganized gather.  GuaGua buses normally charge between 40 cents to 1 CUC based on the distances of travel.


Domestic Law

As per domestic law U.S Citizens are not allowed to travel as a tourist according to Cuba domestic rules and law. At present, 12 categories of travel that U.S citizens will obtain from the U.S govt. to visit Cuba. Categories include educational activities, humanitarian projects and people to people travel.


Q: Havana, Cuba in which country?

A: Havana is the largest and capital city of Cuba located in the North America.

Q: What is the population of Cuba?

A: Present population of Cuba is 1.12 crores.

Q: Why Havana is so popular?

A: City’s rich history, reflected in its well-preserved forts, museums, and charming old town.

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