10 Premier Lake Louise Hotels for Backpackers 

One of the breath-taking destinations in Canada are Lake Louise and Banff National Park. As we discussed earlier, Lake Louise is well known for its natural beauty, hiking and mountaineering area in Canada. Destination which attracts millions of tourists every year just by its crystal clear blue waters, towering mountain peaks and landscapes. That’s why it is called as one of the stunning natural wonders on the planet.

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In this blog post, we will uncover the top 10 premier hotels that promise an unforgettable stay amidst the stunning landscapes of Lake Louise. Starting from the world class room options, amenities to exquisite dining options, these hotels offer a perfect blend of comfort and long lasting experiences.

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It is not a big matter if you are an adventurer seeking a cozy respite or a leisure traveler looking for luxury or lavish hotels and rooms, this below article will guide you towards the finest accommodations Lake Louise has to offer. Get ready to immerse yourself in the lap of the luxury hotel options along with enjoying the beautiful scenic views of Lake Louise.

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10 Premier Lake Louise Hotels to Backpackers

Under that, top 10 hotels list available nearby in Lake Louise as per your luxury and comfort. Those are;


1. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

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Located at 111 Lake Louise Drive, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel is surrounded by the beautiful mountain lakes, majestic Victoria glacier views and emerald lakes. Hotel popularly known for its location along with premier luxury rooms and world class dining options. Constructed in 1890, Fairmont Chateau Lake hotel is well known to provide quality of service in the edges of pristine wilderness.

When it comes to amenities, hotels offer multiple restaurants, spa and wellness centers, fitness centers, indoor pools, and stunning views of the lake and mountains. Its world class ski resort provides one of the finest 45 skis in North America. There are good room options available from deluxe rooms, suites, to lakefront rooms.

Visit Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.


2. Post Hotel & Spa

Post Hotel and Spa, Lake Louise (AB) | 2023 Updated Prices, Deals

Located at 200 Pipestone Road, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Post Hotel & Spa was built in 1942 located in the midst of the peak point Banff National Park. The hotel is well known for providing a variety of dining options and spa facilities with breath-taking sceneries, top skiing, and perfect view of Lake Louise. It is heaven for relaxation and rejuvenation, wellness center and holistic treatments for mind and body. Its dining room is really amazing, awarded as the “best food in America” with fresh cut flowers and a grand fireplace.

Amenities are really worth one, including a fine dining restaurant, spa and wellness center, swimming pool, hot tub, and outdoor activities. Options like family suites, cabins, suites are separated based on customer preferences. When it comes to room options, hotels provide deluxe rooms, suites, and cabins.

Visit Post Hotel and Spa.


3. Moraine Lake Lodge

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No such hotels and lodges in this list provide Rustic Cabin style accommodation with perfect Lake Louise views. Moraine Lake Lodge is Located on Moraine Lake Road, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. A perfect hotel only accessible during the summer months and well known for its oasis of calm and tranquility. Its beauty will make you one of the environmentally friendly nature hotels, even known as the perfect base for taking all outdoor activities in famous Rocky Mountains.

When we talk about amenities we should start from Gourmet dining, spa treatments, canoe rentals, hiking trails, and breathtaking lake views. These amenities will be available with local cuisines and afternoon teas. Moraine Lake Lodge has a great place for room options like Lodge rooms, cabins, and suites. Cabin offers wood burning with phenomenal lake views.

Visit Moraine Lake Lodge.

4. Baker Creek Mountain Resort

Baker Creek Mountain Resort | Audley Travel UK

A centrally located (official address Bow Valley Parkway, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada) resort which had all the famous sceneries in Lake Louise including the views of mountain lake, scenic drive, hiking, biking and snowshoe or cross country ski. Private log cabins, lodge suites, bistro, café and gift shops and heritage executive conference center are the major highlights under this resort. Apart from that there are a good number of amenities too, that will be available to visitors/customers like on-site dining, outdoor hot tubs, hiking trails, bike rentals, and cozy cabin accommodations.

Room options include Cabins and suites. Interestingly these cabins or chalets are situated along the scenic bow valley parkway, which are stretches of mountain roads that connect Banff National park. Never miss to stay in Baker Creek Mountain Resort especially in winter months.

Visit Baker Creek Mountain Resort.

5. Deer Lodge

File:Deer Lodge - Lake Louise - panoramio.jpg - Wikipedia

Located at 109 Lake Louise Drive, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Deer Lodge is a famous hotel after devastating by fire and later 2 ski resorts staff came together and built such a great unit in the phenomenal town of Lake Louise in 2023. There are a good number of culinary options available including the lake house, the prow, mount Fairview dining room and mount burgess. Along with it are multiple food items like raised pork, beef, organic poultry products, and fresh deli products. Keep in mind that these all are directly bought from farmers.

Rustic lodge atmosphere, rooftop hot tub, on-site restaurant, lounge with fireplace, and proximity to hiking trails are basic amenities added in these lodges. However, weddings, elopements and meeting venues are common things which are occurring every time. Deer Lodges has good Room options including Lodge rooms and cabins.

Visit Deer Lodge.

6. Emerald Lake Lodge

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Same like above hotels Emerald Lake Lodge is situated in the midst of the Banff Rocky Mountains, Emerald Lakes. Located in the Emerald Lake Road, Field, British Columbia, Canada (20 minutes west of Lake Louise). Built in 1902, contains excellent features like 85 comfortable units in 24 chalet style cabins, cozy duvets, wood burning fireplaces and patios of phenomenal views.

When it comes to room options it had Burgess dining room, lodge rooms and cabins. These are very famous while serving wine options, lounge and bar and hot tubs. Outdoor activities include skiing trails, canoeing in lakes, hiking are more common activities available to a visitor. A perfect place for beginners or advanced adventure seekers with premier amenities like Lakeside dining, outdoor hot tub, canoe rentals, hiking trails, and scenic views.

Visit Emerald Lake Lodge.

7. Paradise Lodge & Bungalows

PARADISE LODGE & BUNGALOWS (Lake Louise) - Lodge Reviews, Photos, Rate Comparison - Tripadvisor

Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies (Just 1 km away from Lake Louise) 105 Lake Louise Drive, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Owned and managed by the Pedersen family members from the last 50 years, from then on they are not going to compromise when it comes to quality and excellence in their services. Paradise Lodge & Bungalows is a place where visitors can explore a beautiful flower garden while enjoying the nearby mountains and lake views. Hiking is a common thing every traveler wishes to do including red cooper, original founder, in order to maintain a visitor’s taste to enjoy the breathtaking true mountain experiences.

Normally they offer 2 types of accommodations, Room includes bungalows and cabins, under each cabin which have been fully customized and modernized. Built in 1930, each cabin is well known for cleanness and cultural and heritage resources. Under that, Cabins are fully modernized as per demands and even the respect of heritage and cultural themes. Next option is lodge suites, containing 1 or 2 bedrooms with or without kitchens. Apart from that, it’s amenities like Bungalows with kitchenettes, on-site restaurant, BBQ facilities, bike rentals, and proximity to outdoor activities.

Visit Paradise Lodge & Bungalows.

8. Mountaineer Lodge

Mountaineer Lodge - UPDATED 2023 Prices, Reviews & Photos (Lake Louise, Alberta) - Hotel - Tripadvisor

Situated in the official address of 101 Village Road, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Just a 5 minutes journey from Lake Louise and Lake Louise ski resort, such a great place to relax and kick back after a day of discovery in Lake Louise. It is very important to see incredible mountain views with hot tubs and breakfast. You will see any other hotels and resorts in the whole Lake Louise offering where continental breakfast included in your stay or Canadian Rockies with wholesome breakfast.

When it comes to rooms, Mountaineer Lodge provides wide options for rooms like for couples king rooms, for family 2 queen beds and even for pet friendly rooms. However, suites provide a cozy fireplace in living rooms of signature suites and families have their own space for explorer suites with bunk beds, king and queen beds. Continental breakfast, indoor hot tub, fitness center, outdoor patio, and comfortable guest rooms are famous amenities here.

Visit Mountaineer Lodge.

9. Lake Louise Inn

Lake Louise Inn | Lake Louise Hotel in Banff National Park

Situated in one of the UNESCO World heritage sites Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Lake Louise Inn renowned for natural sceneries and outdoor activities. Such as skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing are more common travel activities offered in this hotel. From Italian inspired dishes at Timberwolf Pizza and Pasta Café pub at explorers lounge and Canadian dining are major food options available in this hotel. Keep in mind that this hotel offers Breakfast Buffets for $1, so never miss it.

They will not compromise in amenities like multiple dining options, indoor pool, whirlpool, steam room, tennis court, and spacious guest rooms are in premier and high standards. Even though it will provide a wide range of guest rooms and suites as per customers taste, style and budgets in rocky mountain getaways. Visitors can unwind heated indoor pools and whirlpools, along with panoramic mountain views through floor to ceiling windows.

Visit Lake Louise Inn.

10. HI Lake Louise Alpine Centre

HI LAKE LOUISE ALPINE CENTRE - Updated 2023 Reviews (Canada)

This hotel is perfectly made and suitable for backpackers. Located at 203 village road, Lake Louise Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Features include a sauna, library, co working spaces, cafes and outdoor fire pit where groups of people gather and relax and exchange experiences with each other. With 100 km of hiking trails offering ski trails, white water rafting, horseback riding, wildlife spotting ski resorts are common outdoor activities we can enjoy.

Rooms are in multiple options like guest rooms where a fireplace and TVs are common. Styled rooms like shared bathrooms and showers and free Wi-Fi too. Free parking, family rooms, restaurants, bar space and a non-smoking area are basic amenities available here.

Visit HI Lake Louise Alpine Centre.

Please keep in mind that availability and rates of the hotels may be subject to change and vary based on season and demands. So, it is crucial to check prior your booking and reservation in respective websites or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


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