Lake District, England- Places to Visit, Things to Do and Weather

What is Lake District Famous For?

Lake District is famous from multiple angles, we can’t say it is popularized in one perspective. As a traveler there are multiple places available to explore and things to do there. Lake District is also called Lakes or Lakeland, is a place full of Mountain ranges and national parks situated in the North West side of England.

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Lake District attracts 18 million visitors every year due to its phenomenal mountain lakes, Coastal scenery, Grasmere, Lake Poets and Pencil museums. Interestingly, the Lake District has 2 World heritage sites; The English Lake District and the Frontier of the Roman Empire. Span around 2,363 sq. km of land includes the country’s largest National park and the deepest lakes.

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Home to the country’s tallest peak and largest lakes. Lake District contains 16 lakes covered by the lush green mountains and challenging hiking trails. Nations one of the famous tourist destinations covering amazing sceneries, wildlife’s, cuisines, history and cultures. Make sure, Lake District’s beautiful landscapes will surely put travelers in an awe inspiring mood.

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Lake District and Things to Do There

There are a good number of places available in the Lake District, England. Where travelers can take a number of things and activities with their family or solo. Below we are providing some of the famous places along with things to do there.


1. Lake Windermere- Must Explore one

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When we talk about Lake District we should start from Lake Windermere. Under Lake District, Lake Windermere is considered as the largest and most visited natural lake in England and a popular tourist attraction. Known as 11 miles long and 1 mile wide, having 19 different islands within.

You can feel the beauty of Lake Windermere by either taking a cruise, hire a boat, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll along the lake’s shores. Under Lake Windermere contains Belle Isle Island, one of the greatest islands constructed under Roman architecture.

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2. Lake District National Park- Take a Hike

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One of the finest and most important places in the Lake District where we can enjoy full-fledged things. Considered as the biggest in Wales and England, Hiking in the Lake District National Park is next level travel experience. Park sketches around 912 sq. km of land areas include scenic lakes, beautiful mountains, and lush forced valleys.

The Lake District National Park is also known for its stunning landscapes and is a paradise which is so friendly to hikers and walkers. There are numerous trails catering to all levels of fitness and experience, from easy walks to challenging climbs. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, containing 214 Wainwrights with a height of 304 meters, is so supportive for hikers.

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3. Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top Farm- Never miss to visit

Hill Top, Beatrix Potter's House - Ambleside - Visit Lake District

Such a peculiar place, Beatrix Potter renowned as a famous children’s author, lived in the Lake District (during 1905) and she was inspired to write a book about hill tops beauty. Especially in her first book called “Tale of Peter Rabbit” inspired to exhibit hill topics surrounding country yards and landscapes beauties.

Interestingly, the former home of Beatrix Potter, Hill Top Farm, is now a museum where visitors can explore the house and gardens that inspired her beloved characters. This is her first farm out of 15 farms that are now protected and preserved 4000 acres to the National Trust of England. She wrote around 28 books; under that 23 are story or tales books.

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4. Grasmere- Discover a picturesque village

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Grasmere is a charming village nestled in the heart of the Lake District. Grasmere is best known as the home of William Wordsworth, once called “The loveliest that man hath found”. There is another reason its beauty from mountains and panorama provide creations of romantic poems. Grasmere is also known for its romantic landscape, historic buildings, and as the final resting place of the poet William Wordsworth.

Tombstone here is so famous and the most visited literary shrine in the world, welcomes millions of visitors to this church. William Wordsworth has a strong connection to this church and he planted 8 Yew Trees here. Don’t forget to try the famous Grasmere gingerbread here and delicious local food.

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5. Hardknott Pass- Take a scenic drive

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Hardknott Pass is one of the craziest, challenging and breath-taking drives in entire England. Hardknott Pass is available to see between Eskdale and Duddon valley in the Lake District national park. The valley DuddIt provides the most stunning views of the rugged mountains, winding roads, and ancient Roman fortifications.

Along with the region of Cumbria, 20 km long between Eskdale to Little Langdale is a more challenging and risky trail drive. Majority of contribution goes to Roman for creations of building such a great 2.2 km long pass along with a dramatic stronghold at the top. Please note that this route requires confident driving skills due to its steep gradient.


6. Castlerigg Stone Circle- Take a simple walk

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The Castlerigg Stone Circle is known for being one of the oldest stone circles in Britain, dating back to around 3000 BC. Such a great monument included in the Ancient Monuments protection act, 1882.  Located near Keswick, it provides a mystical and atmospheric experience of its nearby environments to travelers that captures the imagination of everyone.

Castlerigg Stone Circle is known for being the earliest stone circle found in Britain and a one of the megalithic astronomy rocks. Contains a total 38 stone under that 10 called ‘Santunary’ (inside the circle). Providing a 360 degree view, Castlerigg Stone Circle was raised during the Neolithic period.

7. Coniston Water-Make water sports here

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Coniston Water is centrally located in Lake District national park under the gaze of a Coniston old man. It such a beautiful lake in the Lake District, offering to see raise the world water speed up to 300 mph. It also offers a variety of recreational activities, such as sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding.

One of the perfect places to enjoy the lake and take a panoramic scene on board a Gondola. You can rent water equipment locally or else join a guided tour. Under the whole Lake District this lake is famous for Donald’s Campbell attempts.


8. Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre- Take a short glimpse of Stargazing

Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre - Go Stargazing

Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre is known for being an activity center and place to stay in one of the U.K’s less inhabited valleys. Playing as leading Stargazing center and telescope views. Situated at the head of the Ennerdale water, popularly known for its ideal base of outdoor activities, field studies, and discovering the remotest valleys and fells.

Apart from that, Low Gillerthwaite is also called the Dark Sky discovery site where we can see the Milky Way with our bared eyes. Offering self-catering accommodation up to 40 people when you plan to take walking, climbing, canoeing, orienteering and field research.


9. Scafell Pike- Hike Highest Point in England

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Standing at 978m is considered the highest point in the whole of England and Wales. From the top of the mountain you can take a view of Lake District, national park and feel the sense of smugness. It is a part of National Three Peak Challenges, Ben Nevis and Snowdon where a person can hike out of 3 in just an hour. It is a challenging driving route that requires 23 miles of walking.

Mr. Joss Nylor is the first person who reached the ascent and descent of a summit in just 47 minutes, till now no one has broken this record. Owned and managed by the National trust, adventure seekers can hike the summit when there is less rainfall, snowfall and high wind periods.


10. Quirky Derwent Pencil Museum- Museum is full of mundane things

Derwent Retail Shop at The Pencil Museum - Keswick - Visit Lake District

Such a brilliant creature is the Quirky Derwent Pencil, where we can spot spray pencils used during World War 2, and 8m coloring pencils. Built like a modern building shadow of the old Cumberland pencil factory also known as the world’s first ever pencil. Located in the city Keswick started working from 1832, home of the biggest coloring pencil in the world. Here artists can indulge himself to join Artist in Residence courses where they can take local artist hosting’s and notable workshops.

Created by Barbara Murray in 2001, is 7.9 meter long, 446 kilo gram of weight. Yearly this pencil museum receives around 80,000 visitors every year especially from the Yorkshire district. Unfortunately in 2015 the museum was severely damaged by the flood of river Greta.


Lake District Weather

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Lake District is a place having versatile weather conditions, we can expect mild winter and cooler summer in this latitude, from 54 degree 55 degree north. That’s why the weather forecast in the Lake District has generally wet and mild weather conditions. Visitors or backpackers mostly prefer to visit the Lake District when there is less precipitation and snowfall and moderate wind movements.

We can also expect a hot dry season and cold spell with snow and ice. If you see the map, the Lake District has narrow lakes radiating from the high mountains of the central area. Sometime orographic rainfall creates a rise of coolness and moisture in Lake Districts.


Best Time to Visit

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Such a great place and beautiful place is a perfectly joyful spot for travelers to enjoy things all year round. Every season has its own merit for certain travel activities here in the Lake District. Likewise Most travelers prefer “June and August”, when we are fortunate to see green covered mountains, blooming wildflowers and friendly windflowers.

Some people would prefer winter (December to February) months to explore some of the places where we cannot see during the summer season. Better to visit the Lake District when there is less rainfall, less snowfall and moderate windows. So, make a proper research about which time is best to take a hike, camping, discovering and even summit.


Do not forget to remember to cross check the local regulations and rules and weather conditions before planning to visit or taking travel activities here in Lake Districts. Such a great place where adventure seekers can involve some of the tricky and challenging travel subjects.

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