Yosemite National Park Travel Guide

What is Yosemite National Park Known For?

Yosemite National Park is located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, United States of America. Considered as one of the national parks in California, spans over 7, 59,620 acres of land is well managed by the National Park Service.

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When it comes to traveler’s point of views, Yosemite National Park is well known for many breath taking natural beauties and iconic landmarks. Granite cliffs like EI Capitan and Half Dome, Yosemite valley, Glacier point, and waterfalls are must visit and things to enjoy within.  You will also spot some of the crazy cascading waterfalls like Yosemite Falls and Bridalveil Fall, and Serene Meadows and Forests.

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These spots are renowned for greatest recreational activities like hiking, rock climbing, camping, fishing, and photography which attracting millions of visitors each year.

During your Yosemite park journey you are fortunate to see great, encompassing species and endangered wildlife animals like black bears, bobcats, mule deer, and the rare Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep.

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Most Famous Things to Do and Places to Visit in the Yosemite National Park

1. Hike to Half Dome

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Remember, Yosemite National Park popularized one of its features like Hiking. Hiking in half domes considered as a most iconic aspect especially to enjoy the panoramic views of the park. Half Dome is a distinctive rock shape, a smooth and rounded surface on the top level is much supportive to the hiking. The hike is approximately 4,800 feet (round trip) and requires a permit due to its popularity, provides a perfect view of the Vernal and Nevada Falls, Yosemite Valley and High sierra.

It’s a 10-12 long strenuous hike that includes the use of half dome cables for the final ascent, to hike the most famous and infamous part of the half dome. The reward at the top is worth it, as you’ll be treated to panoramic views of Yosemite Valley and beyond.

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2. Explore Yosemite Valley

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Such a great place under Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Valley known for spectacular glacier carved landscapes. So, never miss its mind blowing sceneries and its gorgeous cliffs, canyon, rivers, and lakes. Yosemite Valley is located in the heart of the park, containing parallel granite domes and granite cliffs, such as El Capitan and Yosemite Falls.

Yosemite Valley is considered as a park’s peaks point where travelers love to take a stroll or bike to explore the valley floor, watch lush green forest, wildfires, and rivers. As a backpacker do not miss the opportunity to admire the mirror-like reflections of the iconic landmarks on the Merced River. Moreover Yosemite Valley has well preserved and well-maintained trails, picnic areas, visitor center, and convenient shuttle services.

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3. Visit Glacier Point

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Located on the south wall of Yosemite Valley, Glacier Point offers commanding views of Yosemite Valley, falls, and half dome. Such a great place for enjoy the perfect sunset and sunrise overall at Yosemite park. It is very easy to access to this point, either you can use a car from late spring through fall or by hiking during other times. Both are more convenient and offer awe-inspiring vistas of Half Dome, Nevada and Vernal Falls, and the surrounding high country.

Glacier points include some of the starting and finishing points of the Yosemite National park’s includes famous hiking points like Four mile trail and Panorama trail. Bird watching, hiking, skiing and snowboarding at Badger pass ski area are more famous things to enjoy. Never forget to witness captivating sunsets or even stargazing sessions from this viewpoint.

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4. Experience Yosemite’s Waterfalls

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Located in the Sierra Nevada of California, Yosemite National Park is witnessing another perfect thing that is Yosemite waterfall. Such a massive waterfall dropping a total of 2,425 feet from the top, one of the most prominent falls are Yosemite Falls and Bridalveil Fall. Not only that, Yosemite Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in North America and consists of 3 sections including Upper Fall, Middle Cascades, and Lower Fall.

Under that, Bridalveil Fall is considered as the most iconic waterfall, which flows from 620-foot height that is easily accessible from the Tunnel View parking area. Yosemite waterfall got world recognition for its volume and beauty of water flow during late spring. Never miss to enjoy the mist and beauty of these magnificent falls, especially during spring or early summer when they’re at their peak flow.

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5. Take a Scenic Drive

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Finally Yosemite National Park offers spectacular views especially natural like mountain and landscape views. There are a good number of scenic drives that allow you to appreciate the park’s beauty just from your car seat. Tioga Road (Highway 120) is the most popular and must take drive, this 46 miles driving shows the valley’s beauty especially during late May and June months. Valley normally much crowded and never slow when it takes you through high-elevation meadows, granite peaks, and alpine lakes.

Winding its way through the heart of Yosemite, the Tioga Road runs from Crane Flat to Tioga pass. Where you can enjoy picturesque vistas in just a 1.5 hour journey. Another scenic drive is the Glacier Point Road, which takes you up to Glacier Point and offers incredible views along the way.

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10 Impressive Facts about Yosemite National Park

There are a lot of unknown facts, which is something hidden gems about this world famous Yosemite National Park. So let’s see one by one;

  1. Yosemite National park is witnessing a good number of Giant Sequoia trees. Considered as the biggest living things on the planet.
  1. John Muir, a Scottish writer, naturalist created and made an awareness about Yosemite National Park. In 1980 he raised awareness in essays, newspapers and magazines about this beautiful park.
  1. Park is visited by over 3.5 million visitors on an average every year. During summer, the number may rise.
  1. Yosemite Valley was formed by the glacier. These glaciers were formed at top evaluation and shifted to river Valleys.
  1. Mt. Lyell is Yosemite’s highest peak. Apart from that, Half Dome and EL Capitan are popular summits too.
  1. Out of 10 things, hiking is the best and convenient way to see the park. Yosemite Valley is open all year for hiking within the valley, 12 hour and 14 mile hiking journey. Ex; Half dome.
  1. Ahwahneechee Indians are the real indigenous American Indian people who lived once here. Their homes look like teepees.
  1. You will find the rarest Sierra Nevada Red Fox. This red fox is native to the Sierra Nevada California, along with black bears, deer, bobcats and many more animals.
  1. Yosemite National Park covers around 1,200 square miles of land. Interestingly, the majority of the park’s areas are untouched and uninhabited by humans.
  1. Park is set aside by the US government. First area in the whole United States kept for preservation and protection purposes.

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Yosemite National Park Ticket Price/ Entry Fees

Pass NameDays/ YearPrice in $
Individual (on foot)7 days pass$ 15
Individual (Motorcycle)7 days pass$ 30
Individual (Automobile)7 days pass$ 35
Yosemite pass (For Automobile)1 year$ 70
Beautiful national parks and Federal recreational pass (Automobile)1 year$ 80
Senior citizen passLifetime$ 80

What are the benefits of Traveling’s?

Best Time to Visit

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As per visitor’s traffic and old data “May and September” are considered as perfect months to visit, due to low crowds and snow effects. Apart from May and September, Yosemite Park and valley are the majority of months covered by the snow effects, so it is difficult to travel and explore too.

How to Reach Yosemite National Park

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There are multiple airports available nearby Yosemite National park. Not only is that park more convenient from California, San Francisco and even the USA too. Fresno- Yosemite International Airport is considered as the very closest airport to the Park, just 65 miles from the south of the park. San Francisco International Airport, Oakland International Airport, San Jose International Airport are the nearest Airports which receive the majority of flights from all over the world.

Remember driving could be very long and clocking to park, it took around 3 hours and more long journeys. If you are not a solo or less drive lover then don’t come to this conclusion.

So, at the end as a traveler never miss to study detailed about Yosemite National Park and its travel guides. In this article we are presented some of the basic things about park. If you want to know in-depth, visit official website of Yosemite National Pak.

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Q: Where is Yosemite National Park?

A: Yosemite National Park is located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, United States of America. 140 miles from the east side of San Francisco city and 100 miles from the southeast of Sacramento.

Q: How big is Yosemite National Park?

A: Yosemite National Park is spans over 7, 59,620 acres of land is well managed by the National Park Service.

Q: What city is Yosemite National Park in?

A: Mariposa, California is the nearest city to Yosemite National Park. Situated just 32.2 miles from California.

Q: When did Yosemite become a national park?

A: On 1 October, 1890, Yosemite become a national park. Considered as a 3rd national park in whole US, after Yellowstone and Sequoia.

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