Do You Know Lake Louise?

Lake Louise, located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, truly a breath-taking destination that grabs the attention of travelers from all around the world. There are a lot of things which inspire you like crystal-clear blue waters, towering mountain peaks, and pristine landscapes. That’s why Lake Louise is considered one of the most stunning natural wonders on the planet.

Lake Louise Sunrise | It was a very crowded morning at Lake … | Flickr

As a traveler you should see a lot of things here, especially outdoor travel activities and opportunities for its nearby landscapes and beauties. Lot of adventure activities ranging from leisure walking or hiking to tricky and risky activities cater to all levels of experience. Under that we present a lot of things to do in Lake Louise. These are mesmerizing and last lasting experiences to a rover. Let’s see one by one;

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Things to do in the Lake Louise


1. Hiking in Lake Louise

7,500+ Canadian Rockies Hiking Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images  - iStock

There are numerous hiking trails available, which are so supportive to hiking, under which Saddleback is more famous. Saddleback offers panoramic views and an open meadow of Canadian rocks. You will see even more hiking trails especially west end of Banff National park. Well known for most scenic and inspiring hikes in the world, Lake Louise is very close to hiking and a top notch destination in Banff Park. Moraine Lake and Canyon are most preferred and popular hiking trails like Saddleback by the adventure seekers, especially during winter of the September to December.

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2. Take the Lake Louise Gondola

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I think your Lake Louise trip will be incomplete or not enjoyable until you enjoy or feel the beauty of Lake Louise Gondola. Undoubtedly, it is the most opted place in the Canadian Rockies. Enjoy a scenic gondola ride up to the top of Mount Whitehorn, where you will find grizzly bears, black bears, Iynx, moose, mountain goats, elk and unique deer species are available to explore. Most preferred place during summer to enjoy its sheer beauty, adventure, and relaxations. World’s most picturesque place known for camera captures and wildlife photographers especially its surrounding glaciers, soaking peaks.


Fees Structure;

Adults (18-64) – $60

Senior (65+) – $49

Children’s (6-17) – $13

 Bondi Beach, Australia.

3. Skiing

290+ Lake Louise Ski Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock  | Lake louise ski resort, Banff lake louise ski resort

Out of 10 things Skiing is more fun and enjoyable activities to do. Banff National Park and Lake Louise are both so famous for Skiing, visitors can easily access one of the park’s three world class ski hills. Total 4,200 acres of terrain land across major 4 mountain faces, so supportive for skiing and riders. It is known for attractive views of some of the tallest mountains in the region too. You are fortunate to see and enjoy skiing between Sunshine, MountNorquay and Lake Louise terrains around 8000 acres of land. Ticket prices for skiing here are relatively affordable for just one trip.


4. Try Canoeing

Canoeing On Lake Louise Banff National Park Alberta Canada Stock Photo -  Download Image Now - iStock

One of the greatest ways to explore Lake Louise even from every corner, a totally different experience for both solo and mutual travelers. Most capitative feature, Canoeing is things where you should pedal across these world famous crystal clear waters of Lake Louise and drink water from Victoria Glacier. There are a lot of Canoes available for rent to use in Lake Louise boathouse, each Canoe is available on hourly basis along with a total weight of 25 kg each. Each Canoe must receive 2 adults and 2 children’s for 55 pounds.


Entry Fees;

Canoe boats operate only seasonally, especially May to October months in Canada.


Day visitor (half an hour); $ 135+Tax

Day visitor (1 hour); $ 145+Tax


In house Guest (half an hour); $ 85+Tax

In house Guest (1 hour); $ 95+Tax

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5. Go on a wildlife tour

It's bear spotting season at Lake Louise | The Lake Louise Ski Resort &  Summer Gondola

If you join a guided tour to spot local wildlife such as elk, bears, mountain goats, and even more such spectacular things and rarest animals which you can see. Not just that, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn about Lake Louise’s different flora and fauna. As we said earlier, Louise Gondola is a next level aspect to spot and get a view of some of the Lakes species especially bears, elk and birds. From tiny chipmunks to elk and spirited bald eagles to regal grizzlies, are included in the ecology and wildlife of Lake Louise.


6. Trail Riding

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Trail riding is simply a horse ride, Lake Louise is most preferred destination for horse ride or Trail raid due to its surrounded landscapes. It is so supportive both for raiders and hikers too, with the hand curated trail map and driving directions. Here you can choose a horse out of 300 horses with largely mules, which are perfectly trained as per your convenience to travel long hours with you. While your trail raider you are fortunate to see some of the places like Lakota, trusty, pack mule and Aardvark. During your journey you will see a lot of wildlife species and 2440 meters of Allenby pass.

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7. Try ice skating

90+ Skate Lake Louise Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

During the winter months, the frozen Lake Louise transforms into an ice skating paradise, so that time visitors or adventurer lovers can take skates for rent and glide across the cold and freezed ice area covered by the scenic beauties. Truly beautiful even when you wake up in the early morning with snowfall, whether you wish indoor or outdoor ice skating is not a problem. Interestingly, a good number of Skates are available in hotels like Fairmont, you can take hockey sticks and pucks are available along with Skates.

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Fees for Skates

Operating hours; 7:30 am to 8:00 pm


Skates for 2 Hours rent;

Adults; $ 20

Children’s; $10


Skates for full day;

Adults; $ 30

Children’s; $ 20

$5 is an additional charge for Hockey sticks.


8. Mountain Biking

830+ Banff Couple Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock | Lake  louise, Canada

Make sure Mountain biking is the only way to see and explore the different aspects of rugged mountains and different terrains of Lake Louise and Banff Park. 190 km of total mountain bike trail, offering light travel paths to technical single travel paths. During the biking trail you are fortunate to see some of the places like jaw dropping peaks, wildfires, glaciers, broad valleys, alpine meadows and glistening turquoise, which unable to see in hiking or skiing. Lake Louise encourages travelers to use bikes to enjoy the park’s natural environments and its uneven and tricky places especially during the months from May to October.

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9. Snow Tubing

Tube Park | The Lake Louise Ski Resort & Summer Gondola

Snow tubing is a different kind of travel activity where travelers need not require more or less experience to do, even children’s or women’s can try this. Situated in the base of Lake Mountain, where travelers can pick tubes and spend a day riding in 2 lane Sunny Tubes. Operating daily from 10:30 to 4:00 in early December to early May months, smooth sliding can make your snow tubing more enjoyable and fruitful too. A lot of safety measures are taken to children’s; they must ride with their parents or guardians with a valid tube pass and they must wear helmets (especially under 12 years of age).


10. Ice field adventure

Icefields Parkway Popular Stops Along the Way, Attractions, Viewpoints

You will see Ice field in the southernmost point of the Park, Lake Louise provides spectacular moments to start your tour of Athabasca glacier. Never miss “Columbia ice fields” skywalk, a unique experience offered by its crazy glass floored observatory. Just 125 km north of Lake Louise on the ice field parkway, 918 feet above the Sunwapta valley, where snow covered mountains and beautiful glaciers. Here you will see 100 visible glaciers, lakes, waterfalls and hiking trails along with campgrounds.


How to get to Lake Louise?


  • By Air

230+ Calgary International Airport Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free  Images - iStock

Majority of International Airplanes arrive directly at Calgary International Airport, just 137 km or 90 minutes journey to Lake Louise.

After settling down from Airport, either you can take a shuttle bus or rent a car from the airport. Both are more convenient and preferred transportation from Calgary airport.


  • By Car

How to Get Parking at Lake Louise - 2023 Guidelines & Parking Info

As we knew that Banff National Park and Lake Louise are located on TransCanada highway 1. If you come by Car or Van, suppose from the East side, Lake Louise is just 130 km or 90 minutes journey or if you are coming from the west side it is 850 km of journey included. Remember, coming from Car or RV provides spectacular Canadian views and Coast Mountain.


  • By Train

Rocky Mountaineer: Grand Rail Circle in Canadian Rockies

Unlike Car travel, via train journey provides unique picture square landscapes travel. Rocky mountaineer provides regular and timely train services from April to October to Banff and Lake Louise. For more detail about train details visit Rocky Mountaineers website.


Best Time to Visit Lake Louise

Every traveler and backpacker has a question about which is the best time or season to see the entire beauty of Lake Louise? Remember your question should be a subjective one and also there is not much difference in weather conditions Banff National Park and Lake Louise.

“June to September” is considered a perfect month to visit, although these months are not winter. So if you wish to do things like ice skating or snow tubing then the best time is winter, “December to March”.

Even though some visitors like to visit even in summer too, the experience is totally different. Keep in mind that Lake Louise weather is open and accessible year round.

Q: How deep is Lake Louise?

A: As per study Lake Louise is around more than 70 meter (220 feet) deep. It spreads 1.5 miles to northeastern sides.

Q: How was Lake Louise formed?

A: The Lake Louise is formed by the turquoise of the water comes from the rock flour, carried along with some melt waters from the mountains glaciers.

Q: How old is Lake Louise?

A: There is no specific data about particular age of Lake Louise. As per some assumption Lake Louise is around 150 year old.

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