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Kruger National Park is located in Mpumalanga and Limpopo, Northeast of South Africa. Considered as an Africa’s one of the largest game reserves, finest wildlife sanctuaries in the whole world. Kruger National Park covers 7,523 square miles (19,485 square kilometres) of total land area. Through a Safari or Segway tour you can explore Africa’s iconic wildlife, diverse ecosystems, and stunning landscapes.

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Interestingly Kruger National Park and Ngala private game reserve are both private reserves changed as a National park for the first time in the whole world. Kruger plays a vital role when it comes to conservation, education, and tourism attracting millions of tourists around the world. You will read much deeper about it;

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History of Kruger National Park

Kruger national park has a very decent history record which developed from time to time over a period of time.

When we start from its origin, the park’s roots can be found around the 19th century. Paul Kruger, popularly known as a conservationist who was once a president of the South African Republic, shows the Sabie Game Reserve in 1898. Main goal is to protect the wildlife in the Lowveld region from massive hunting and poaching.

62,400+ Kruger National Park Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock | Kruger national park landscape, South africa, South africa safari

Kruger  tried to expand its spam over a period of time, initially about 7,500 square kilometres (2,900 square miles) expanding its size in 1926, when it was officially called  the Kruger National Park. Conservational efforts are another core factor its lifetime. As we said earlier national parks expand additional land area in order to focus much on conservational efforts.

In 2002, the Kruger National Park as well as Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe and Limpopo National Park in Mozambique known as Great Limpopo Trans frontier Park. After this big move it got the UNESCO World Heritage Site title.

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From recent periods, Kruger Park has tried to maintain its rich natural heritage, home of good collections of archaeological sites. This cultural evidence is a perfect witness of human existence dating back to 1,000 years ago. Evidence includes Rock art sites, iron-age settlements, and cultural artefacts are perfect insights of human history.

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Top Attractions in Kruger National Park

Top 5 Attractions in Kruger National Park, you must see and visit during your Kruger Journey.


1. The Big Five

Buscando los Big 5 en el Parque Nacional Kruger | Viajar con niños por el mundo Paco y Vero Travels

Kruger National Park is known to the world one of its prosperous wildlife, normally called the Big Five. What is the Big 5? It includes;

  • Lion (1,500 population)
  • Elephant (12,000 population)
  • Buffalo (2,500 population)
  • Leopard, (1,000 population ) and
  • Rhinoceros both white and black colour (5,000 population)

Naturally, these 5 Animals are Africa’s dangerous mammals to hunt. Its behaviour differs from animal to animal like Lions and Leopards are predators of a bunch. The Remaining 3 animals are spotted in groups, especially in densely thick forest regions. Interestingly these Big 5 animals appear on South Africa’s currency. Taking a perfect safari in the park can fulfil the chance to spot these magnificent Big Five Mammals in their natural habitat.


2. Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon Stock Photo - Download Image Now - South Africa, Blyde River Canyon, Landscape - Scenery - iStock

After the Grand Canyon of the USA and Fish River Canyon Namibia, Blyde River Canyon is the 3rd largest Canyon in the world. Keep in mind that, Blyder river canyon is not under the limit of the Kruger National Park, but one of the nearest locations to explore. Total 16 miles of area known for hiking, white water rafting and Kloofing. Never miss the opportunity to feel the wind effect while hiking. Horse riding, biking, air ballooning and boat ride in the Blyde River is more crucial to enjoy the perfect views of such a great canyon. Impressive rock formations and beautiful waterfalls are more eye-catching too.

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3. Olifants River Lookout Point

480+ Olifants River Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock | Kruger national park

The Olifants River is simply called the “Elephant River”. Located on a top cliff. Situated on a high cliff, thie Olifants River Lookout Point provides panoramic views of the park and the Olifants River. The Olifans River started from the border of Mpumalanga and Limpopo, provides more enjoyable top spots for bird watching and sunset viewings to backpackers. Portuguese called this river as a “Mozambique”, an in order flow through Mozambique’s Limpopo National park.


4. Letaba Elephant Museum

LETABA ELEPHANT HALL: All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)


Name representing simply means a museum focusing on researching and learning more about elephants, such a great place to learn about unknown insights, especially African Elephants. Includes Letaba Elephant Museum, covers biology, behaviour, ecology and elephant evolutions. Apart from that, there are numerous collections of elephant anatomy and interesting facts about these majestic creatures. It is a place where it is more fun and learning to those who are seeking school education, especially practical education. Museum is free to the general public from 8.00 to 16.00 throughout the year.


5. Wildlifes in Kruger national park

Wildlife in Kruger: What Animals Will You See On Safari?

Apart from Big 5, numerous animals are available to explore within Kruger National Park. Witnessing 147 Species of Mammals, 114 sort of reptile species, 49 types of fish species, 51 unique collections of deadly snakes and 508 of bird’s collections. You are fortunate to see some of the Wild dogs, Cheetahs, Jackal, Hyenas, African Wildcat, Honey Badgers, Wolf and Antelopes.


Best Time to Visit

Wild Dogs of the Kruger National Park - also known as painted wolves.

Undoubtedly Kruger National park is an all year round travel destination. Every season this national park holds something special to visitors. May to October months are considered as a wet season in Kruger, that’s why these months are so supportive to the wildlife safaris and game viewing too.

During this period normally temperature is mild for animals those who seeking and searching for water sources. So, it is easy to spot more species and mammals.

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How to Visit Kruger National Park

  • By Air

More about Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport | LekkeSlaap

No compromise when it comes to International tours, either you can book an air ticket to Johannesburg or Kruger Mpumalanga International airport. Mpumalanga International airport is just 40 km from the main entrance of the National park. These 2 are most recommended and very convenient.

If you are not comfortable above International airport you can also take East gate airport or Malelane regional airport. Please check well in advance whether flights are available to these 2 airports.


  • By Road

Self-Drive Safari in Kruger National Park | Zen Travellers

If you are a domestic traveller or simply a car crazy person, you have 9 different ways to enter the main gate of Kruger National park. Numbi to Johannesburg (114 km) is the very nearest route. Phabeni, Crocodile bridge, Paul Kruger, Orpen, Punda Maria and Parfuri are famous routes to enter this national park.


Entrance Fees


Types of TravellersChildren’s (2-11 Years of age group)Adults 
South African Residents / domestic touristsR 5 (South African Rand)R 116
ForeignersR 243R 486
South African Development Community Citizen (SADC)R 122R 243


Keep in mind that, every year Kruger National Park offers “Entry Free Week” to South African tourists. Recently, they did on Sep 12-16, 2022. Just go through it upcoming offers.


Camps in Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is well known for Camps. Kruger Park contains a number of accommodation options, huts, and safari cottages. Normally these Camps has a great varieties of cooking rooms and pools.


1. Skukuza Rest Camp

Skukuza Rest Camp, Kruger National Park | Namibia Tours & Safaris

If you are looking for something big while camping, Skukuza will be your choice. Considered as the largest rest camp in the park and operating as an administrative base. Total capacity of 1,000 visitors in a single night, inclusions of accommodations, cottages and safaris. Perfect family friendly holidays even know its restaurants, a museum, wildlife viewing points, and a golf course. If you are not satisfied with the above facilities, it is also labelled for filling stations, post office, and even some shops for basic travel items.


2. Lower Sabie Rest Camp

LOWER SABIE REST CAMP - Updated 2023 (Kruger National Park, South Africa)

A simple rest camp is located on the banks of the Sabie River, the most authentic water source. Lower Sabie rest camp is not only known for picturesque settings and excellent wildlife sightings, it also got good recognition for being a perfect base camp to explore wildlife too. Undoubtedly, a great place for relaxation and rejuvenation along with providing stunning sunset views desks (Marulas, Natal Mahoganies and Sycamore figs).


3. Punda Maria Rest Camp

Kruger National Park - Punda Maria Rest Camp - Accommodation

Simply looking outside the Kruger national park’s dense crowd and trying to feel local village ambiences, then Punda Maria Rest Camp can be a good choice. Located in the far north of the park, in the remote area of Punda Maria. Started during 1919, offering a unique atmosphere with beautiful baobab trees and diverse birdlife, built according to the olden Kruger Saar Camp. No such location like Punda Maria rest camp to birdwatchers and those seeking a more secluded experience like diverse vegetation and botanical gardens.


4. Satara Rest Camp

Satara Rest Camp Kruger National Park SANParks | Book Your Dream Self-Catering or Bed and Breakfast Now!

Located in the heart of the national park, in the middle of a straight plain of Savannah trees. Known as one of the largest rest camps in Kruger, it is always busy due to its location, green area coverage and open space to explore diverse animals and species. Interesting facts is, built in a series of wooden circles and gardens with eye-catching birdlife. Lions, Giraffes, Red billed buffalo and Blue wildebeest are common animals that are available to see in nearby this camp.


5. Orpen Rest Camp

Orpen camp is situated in a high-density predator area

Solo Travellers or Couples are always looking for smaller camps, Orpen rest camps situated nearby the central part of the Kruger National Park. Inside the camp, you will notice 3 big and luxurious guest cottages, up to the capacity of 6 people. “15 thatched cottage” is a more famous one, with 2 beds facilities each. Apart from that you are fortunate to enjoy Grocery shops, a small waterhole, and a principle access point.


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