Glacier National Park – A Perfect Travel Guide

Glacier National Park located in the backyard of Montana, United States of America. This National park is full of glaciers, mountains, flower laden meadows and diverse wildlife’s. Due to its parks, protected carved out glaciers and valleys, glacier lakes and forest and wildlife’s makes the title as “Crown of the Continent”.

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Total 4,100 .77 sq. km of areas was established in 1910. Offering many travel activities even from season to seasons. Camping is more popular among them and they pitch a camp by the most precious campsites. Even with unstable and extreme weather conditions Glacier National Park offers tremendous travel benefits and perfect vocational destinations irrespective of traveler’s backgrounds.

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10 Best things to do and Places to visit in Glacier National Park

Here we provide some of the things which every traveler likes. Those are;

1. Scenic drive to the Going-to-the-Sun Road

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Going to the sun road is around 50 miles and crosses the Continental divide at Lagoon pass. Undoubtedly this incredible iconic scenic drive offers breath-taking views of glaciers, waterfalls, towering mountains, colorful wildflowers and alpine landscapes. It’s very important to start your drive in the morning of the day to avoid crowds and enjoy the best lighting for photography.

2. Hike to Grinnell Glacier

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Hiking in the Grinnell glacier will be a next level travel enthusiasm activity and one of the favorite hiking trails in the park. Panoramic views of glacier lakes will improve your hiking speeds in which moderately challenging trials offers stunning views of alpine meadows, waterfalls, and, of course, the impressive Grinnell Glacier. Total 10.3 miles of hiking trails which showcase the lake’s incredible color and Angel Wing tower. It is important to check trail conditions and bring bear spray.

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3. Explore Many Glacier

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Well known as the heart of the park, the area of the park is popularized for its wildlife, including bighorn sheep, moose, and grizzly bears. Offering most outstanding views of the valley and trails under that Grinell glacier and Iceberg lake trail which are famous among. Many Glacier also offers several great hikes, such as the Swift current Nature Trail. During winter or spring times attracts a good number of viewers with its close view of the wildlife like spot wild bears and bighorn sheep.

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4. Boat Tour on Lake McDonald

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Never miss to take a scenic wooden boat tour on the largest lake in Glacier National Park. Each of the 5 lakes are well organized and includes many Glacier Waterton. The tour includes narrated information about the park’s history and geology, and the stunning mountain views are not to be missed. However Lakes are set even spellbinding settings covered by the snow covered mountain ranges and floras. Every boat tour offers very unselfish learning experiences about lakes and nearby regions.

5. Visit the Logan Pass Visitor Centre

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Located at the summit of the Going-to-the-Sun Road, considered as the highest elevation in the park even anyone can reach by the Car or Bike. The most popular landmark to visitors passing from Reynolds Mountains and Clements mountains both are popular hubs of colorful flowers. The center offers visitors educational exhibits, ranger-led programs, and access to several popular hiking trails, including the Highline Trail. Centre gives perfect picture square postcard views of the lakes especially during the mornings.

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6. Go White-water Rafting

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Experience of just 2 or 3 hours of journey offers the thrill of navigating the wild and scenic Middle Fork of the Flathead River. Showcase the history and panoramic views of the Glacier national park while entering an impressive canyon with small rapids and deep clear water pools. This is a great way to see the park from a different perspective and enjoy some adrenaline-pumping fun. Fees for white-water rafting starts from $75 for adults and $55 for children’s.

7. Camping

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Spending a day overnight with Glacier National Park is also a great adventure feeling. Camping is the better way and highly recommended experience especially during summer. Make a tenet beneath the open sky dotted with the gazillion stars and wake up in the beautiful views of nearby mountains and glaciers. Camping will provide a close up view to Glacier national park and wildlife’s. Total there are 13 different camping grounds and more than 1,000 campsites are available to choose where you want to pitch a tent.

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8. Visit Lake McDonald Valley

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Such a great place for activity on the west side of the Glacier National Park. Made around 1,000 years ago was filled with a great number of hiking trails, diverse species and wildfires, historic chalets and a great McDonald Lodge. Approximately 500 feet deep, the largest lake in the park. Glacier which carved the broad U-shaped valleys that McDonald site also carved tiny hanging valleys that are accessible by the numerous hiking trails. These valleys and glaciers were carved thousands of years ago.

9. Visit Two Medicine

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Located in the southeaster corner of the Glacier National Park. Renowned for beautiful sceneries, wilderness experiences, and panoramic views, rushing waterfalls and reflective lakes. Very calm area of the park is perfect for those seeking solitude and tranquility atmospheres. Two medicine areas have a great space for picnic areas, wildlife watching’s, rental boat tours, campgrounds, camp store, gift shops and a good number of hiking trails.  Never miss to like the scenic trails, take a boat tour on Two Medicine Lake, and visit the historic Two Medicine Store.

10. Skiing and Snowshoeing

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Much supportive geographical conditions and snow covered roads and trails is making it one of the popular things to do in Glacier National Park. The west side of the park, like Going to the Sun road, is open to the Lake McDonal Lodge. Skiing and Snowshoeing are starting from there and until they like up the road. Especially during March, the park is fully covered from the Snow and easy to make these activities. Skiing and Snowshoeing also the easiest way to reach the popular landmarks in Glacier National Park like Two Medicine road, many glacier roads and looking for glass roads. These roads or trails aren’t snow covered year round only during winter months.

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Glacier National Park Ticket Prices/Entrance fees

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National park has some level of entry fees/pass. Which vary from person to person and sometimes season to season too.

1. Standard Entrance Pass (From $20 to $ 35)

Entrance fees typically differ from season to season under which winter rates are typically lesser than summer rates.

  • For Private Vehicles- $35.00
  • For Individual Person- $20.00
  • For Motorcycle- $30.00

Commercial Vehicles;

  • Commercial Sedan upto 1-6 seat capacity- $25.00
  • Commercial Van upto 7-15 seat capacity- $75.00
  • Commercial Mini- Bus upto 16-25 seat capacity- $100.00
  • Commercial Motor Coach above 25+ seating capacity- $200.00

2. Annual Entrance Pass for Park is $70.00

Annual entrance pass name suggests that a valid pass for one year terms from the month of entry and admits the purchaser and passengers in a single, private, non-commercial vehicle, pass holders and family members. Keep in mind that the amount of annual entrance fees is non-refundable, non-transferable and does not cover any camping fees.

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Glacier National Park Map

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Best Time to Visit

As we knew that Glacier National Park was a more exciting tourist destination which offers something special in each season.

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“July, August and September” are more recommended months to visit Glacier National Park. During these months visitors can take activities like camping and hiking. Due to clear weather conditions and vistas of nature backpackers can explore the beauty of national parks, valleys, glaciers and wildfires.

During winter (around November month) most of the national park areas are covered by the snow and it creates activities like skiing, snowshoeing and camping’s. Remember hiking during these times is inaccessible.

Some explorers visit even during the June and October months too. Not a bad period when it comes to discovery. Yet some regions are blocked by the snow effects.

How to Reach to Glacier National Park

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As we knew earlier, Glacier National Park is located in the northwest region of Montana, USA. There are multiple vehicle options available to reach from different railway, airport and bus stations to here.

1. By Air route

Glacier National Park airport located just 30 miles from western entrance of the park Kalispell, Montana and 12 miles from the town of whitefish. Currently 10 airlines travel between the airport and the national park and all are non-stop.

2. By Road

If you are a domestic traveler or don’t want to take a cross country trip you can choose the roadway to reach the national park. Better way to enjoy the nearby scenery and southern border of the park. U.S highway 2 connects to West Glacier, Walton, and East glacier entrance. U.S Highway 89 connects you with many glaciers, St. Mary and Two medicine entrance.

3. By Train

Amtkar’s historic builders train spot available at west glacier all year round and seasonally in East Glacier.

Glacier National Park is undoubtedly nature’s true gift to this planet. Offering some of the crucial nature views and outdoor activities in order to keep the positions of one of the most visited tourist destination in the U.S.A. Never miss to explore its natural beauty once in your lifetime.

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Q: What city is Glacier National Park in?

A: Glacier National Park located in the city of Columbian falls northwestern Montana city of United States.

Q: Is Glacier National Park in U.S or Canada?

A: Glacier National Park is situated northern rocky mountains in northwestern of Montana, United States of America (US).

Q: Where is Glacier National Park?

A: Glacier National Park located in the backyard of northwestern Montana, United States of America.

Q: Why Glacier National Park is famous?

A: Due to its parks, protected carved out glaciers and valleys, glacier lakes and forest and wildlife’s making one of the finest destination in the Montana.

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