10 Things to Do in Valletta, Malta

Valletta, is a seaport and capital city of Malta, situated in the northeast coast of the islands of Malta. Popularly known for is a charming and historic city that offers a mix of rich cultural heritage and stunning Mediterranean views to travelers. Valletta, once an enclave for the Knights of St. John, blends Baroque with modern elegance along with other historical significances.

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Valletta is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its grand architecture, narrow streets, palaces, museums and vibrant street life. As a backpacker you can indulge yourself in the city’s impressive fortifications, visit the beautiful St. John’s Co-Cathedral, and wander through the bustling markets and waterfront promenades. Moreover Valletta has more travel friendly weather conditions and warm climate, therefore it is better to explore the city year round.  In spite of that, beautiful coastline, fascinating history and Strait Streets, Valletta is a wonderful destination for those who wish to spend a day in insightful and enriching travel experiences.

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Top 10 Things to do in Valletta, Malta


Valletta offers some of the impressive things to enjoy for every backpacker. It includes;


1. Take a tour at St. John’s Co-Cathedral

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May you get a better experience while entering a Church, as like other churches St. John’s Co-Cathedral offers the same features with its intrinsic baroque interiors? However the church also contains an excess of marbles and paintings like Caravaggio set up for the full Latin Mass on Sunday at 9.15 am. This stunning cathedral is a must-see for its architectural masterpieces of king’s knight wealth like ornate and impressive works of art, including a series of tombs and crypts.

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2. Take Upper Barrakka Gardens lift

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Barrakka Gardens lift is a 58m tall panoramic glass lift, which connects gardens to Valletta’s waterfront for sea level ferry access.  These beautiful gardens offer panoramic views of the Grand Harbor and Fort St. Angelo is a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery. Under these lush garden spaces, you will spot some of the fountains, monuments, neoclassical shrines and the finest skyline sceneries. Perfect place to take a picnic with a loaf of Malta’s staple sourdough and round trip with cost of € 1 per ride.

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3. Grandmaster’s Palace

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Grandmaster’s palace, well known for its historic palace, houses the President’s office and the House of Representatives, as well as the Palace Armory, which displays a vast collection of weapons and armour. Once upon a time the palace was enlarged and developed by the successful grand master to serve official residences. After the British took over Malta, they served as Governor’s palace and seat of Malta’s first constitutional parliament in 1921. But today it served as a seat of the office of the president of Malta’s.

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4. Fort St. Elmo and National War Museum

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Fort St. Elmo, a well preserved fort offers visitors a glimpse into Malta’s military history and contains a military museum with exhibits on the island’s role in WWII. It is a star shaped fortress of stone on the trip of the peninsula, guard of entrance to Valletta’s grand harbor. Fort St. Elmo has houses of chapel, resting place of knights lost to battle and national war museum. Moreover, the war museum shows us the armour of the military, George cross, and WW 2 memorials to offer educational information with 7,000 years of Maltese’s history.


5. National Museum of Archaeology

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The National Museum of Archaeology showcases Malta’s rich history, especially the prehistoric artefacts including the famous “Sleeping Lady” figurine. Perfect place to overview the prehistoric and early history of the Maltese island. Museum special focus on a range of artefacts dating back to Malta’s Neolithic periods around 5200 to 2500 BC. You can see tools which were used by the prehistoric peoples for their daily activities and representations of human and animal figures. In Spite of that, Venus of Malta, bronze daggers, Horus and Anubis pendant available here in this museum especially belongs to the Phoenician period.


6. Discover the Lascaris War Rooms

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Lascaris War Rooms is all about explaining the underground war rooms used by the British during WWII, complete with original equipment and maps. However it also explains history and discovers the role that Malta played in WW 2. Especially underground intact Lascaris War rooms via a complex of tunnels and chambers carved under the capital. In July 1947, this Lascaris war room served as an advanced headquarters for the Invasion of Sicily. Later the British government used different purposes of this war room until 1977.


7. Casa Rocca Piccola

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Casa Rocca Piccola is a 16th-century palace that provides tours to provide insight into the life of the Maltese nobility. Once it was a family home of the 9th Marquis de Piro, a person who lived here and part of the palazzo to the public. Casa Rocca Piccola provides unique insights into the lifestyle of the king and his family’s support during WWII includes air raid shelters which lie 100 ft. underground. Palace represents mixed architecture with styles from Palladium to Art Nouveau.


8. Take in the Triton’s Fountains

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While entering Valletta’s immediately you will find Triton’s Fountains. It has very interesting intrinsic features like the iconic three bronze Tritons that balance a basin in a structure of water jets and mist. It is built of concrete and clad in 730 tone+ of travertine slabs with a large basin, considered Malta’s most important modernist landmark. Vincent Apap, a person who built fountains turned on in 1959 and the grand fountain has since been restored as welcoming gestures. Interestingly these fountain sprays make Valletta’s summer cool.

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9. Watch Cannon fire at the Saluting Battery

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Cannon fire at the Saluting Battery it is a historic artillery battery for the daily noonday gun salute and stunning views of the Grand Harbor. Where cannon once fired salute to visiting naval vessels. Everyday afternoon (4pm) crackles and smoke plumes in Saluting batteries in order to overlook Fort St. Angelo and Valletta’s grand harbor. It also includes traditional ceremonial artillery firings and dignitary gun salutes started from 1566. Ticket price varies from person to person, with a midday cost of € 3 per adult.


10. Public or Strait Street

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1 km long public or Straight Street where you can find most of the walled city’s main sights. Once it was a notorious red-light district, this pedestrian street is now a lively area filled with bars, restaurants, and live music venues. Street having a historical significance known as “Strada stretta in Maltese” street was a pinnacle nightlife to American and British military men’s between 19th and 20th century. During your leisure strolls in the streets you will spot Café Cordina, National museum of archaeology, artisan cellars and other places handsome of old lunch spots.


Q: What is Valletta famous for?

A: Valletta popularly known for is a charming and historic city that offers a mix of rich cultural heritage and stunning Mediterranean views to travelers. Moreover its museums, palace, streets and war rooms are must explore things.

Q: What is Valletta like?

A: Valletta is the capital city of Malta which like things rich history, stunning architectures and impressive museums and ancient war rooms.

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