Amalfi Coast, Italy- Reasons for Your Visit

The Amalfi Coast is a 50 km stunning stretch of coastline located in the southern edge of the Campania region of Italy. Perfect landmark for honeymoon couples, family travelers and Solo travelers which is well known for its picturesque seaside towns, sheer cliffs, and lemon terraces.

21 of the best things to do on the Amalfi Coast

UNESCO listed coastlines Amalfi coast is also popular for pockets of small beaches, towns and fishing villages. Never miss to highlight the local cuisine, because of such a variety of cuisines especially fishing items as well as famous Limoncello liqueur and fresh seafood.

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Sorrento, Ravello, Amalfi and Capri are famous coastlines under this and each has its own beach sides and coastlines. As a traveler it is important to mention any personal experiences or insights that inspired your interest in writing about the Amalfi Coast. Which helps long lasting experiences and keep the beauty and uniqueness of this area in your heart and mind till the last breath.

What are the core reason for visit Amalfi Coast as a travelers perspectives?

1. Scenic Marvel

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The Amalfi Coast is also famous for “Divine Coast”. Due to its absolute visual delight and world famous jet set considered as the most elegant and scenic views in the world. Make a dream travel with its breathtaking coastal views with winding roads of cliff and lush greeneries. The stunning coastline, with its colorful villages perched on cliffs that are something you’d typically see on postcards.

There are a good number of viewpoints which makes you a perfect photographic destination. Includes Positano, Amalfi, and Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Never miss to climb the Cathedral of Saint Andrew where you can enjoy perfect panoramic coastal beauty. The views of the colorful houses and harbors of the sparkling blue sea against the backdrop of terraced hillsides makes you really impressed.

2. Unique Towns and villages

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There are fantastic towns under the Amalfi Coast which are well known for their traditional as well as historical significance. Such as Amalfi, Atrani, Cetara, Furore and Maiori are famous among them. Each town along the coastline has its own charm, all 13 towns in Amalfi declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. However Amalfi is going to provide historic maritime power, Positano is known for its pastel-colored houses and vibrant arts scenes nearby Amalfi.

Some towns are used for commercial purposes like trading and street markets. Amalfi is a great example for that, which has traditional trade routes and relationships with Arabs. Ravello offers a perfect scenic view of its historic villas and gardens, and Sorrento provides a lively and bustling atmosphere.

3. Culinary Delights

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You can also wish for delicious cuisines like Scenic beauty which are available here. Undoubtedly considered Amalfi Coast is a food lover’s paradise. Delicious fish cuisines like shrimp, redfish, bream, sea urchins, octopus, blue fish, molluscs, pezzogna are famous. Never miss the taste above of savoring fresh seafood dishes to indulging in delicious limoncello, the local cuisine is a highlight. Along with seafood you can try flavorful wines, and coastal foods which express regions abundant traditional foods.

Pasta Amalfitana, considered the region’s famous seafood, consists of handmade pasta made in tomato sauce with tomato, garlic, olive and basil are the major ingredients. Apart from that, Frittura di Paranza and Parmigiana di Melanzane are even famous with the above cuisines. Never forget to try local specialties like “scialatielli” pasta and “sfogliatella” pastries.

4. Outdoor Adventures/ activities

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Outdoor activities are some sort of pulse to travelers, which makes travel more energetic and fruitful. When you are in Amalfi coast, there is no lack of outdoor activities. As a backpacker you can embark on scenic hikes, boat trips to hidden coves and grottos, and even take refreshing dips in the clear waters. You are fortunate to walk leisurely with countless lights and trekking routes with different wind directions overlooking panoramic views of the Divine Coast. The Path of the Gods provides unique and crazy spectacular views in the region.

Most of its outdoor activities and adventures are enriched and generated by its nature, history, traditions and local cultures. Amalfi costa kayaking, snorkeling, cycling, coast hiking, outdoor garden and leisure walking are famous adventures. Especially in coastal walking with scenic marvel views revealed its next level beauty and uniqueness.

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5. Beaches and Crystal Clear Water

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Amalfi coast is well known for its crazy pristine beaches and crystal clear water. While you’re leisurely walking on the coastal side you will fortunate to see good numbers of beaches. Most visitors insist on indulging themselves in these beaches. Sorrento to Praiano, Capri to Positano coastlines make incredible views. Most elegant photographic coastlines Amalfitana which cover eye catching scenarios.

Some of the greatest beaches in Amalfi Coast;

  • Bagni Regina Giovanna (Sorrento)

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Perfect beach for swimmers and seawater flows into a cave. It is the hub of many Roman villas and crystal clear waters. Waters which go under the natural archway and ventures into the sea. Moreover you can do many things like dives and cliffs here.

  • Fiordo Di Furore

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Located amidst the 2 sheer rocks that are interconnected by arched bridges, which create panoramic views to the swimmers. Sunbathing and summer swimming are the most crucial water activities done by most of the visitors here. You can seek incredible views from the top, even some of the cliff jumping’s. Along with you will also take a drive to nearby quaint villages and hiking areas here.

  • Spiaggia Di Cauco

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Located in the final stretch of the southern part of the Amalfi coast, it is very close to Saleno, Erchie. Most traffic oriented beach in the entire Amalfi, always filled up with the Umbrellas and sunbathing spaces. Don’t forget to letto (Chair or bed) before the beach fills up. Great place to catch a perfect sunset and spend the whole day with family.

  • Marina Di Praia

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Nestled amidst the two rock bridges in the lower part of the Praiano. Beach has some restrictions under which it is available to only a limited period in a day. Landing beach for ships which carry woods or timbers from Africa and Agerola. Marina Di Praia beach has historical significance used for fishing nets, built boats, village activities and space for cured fish.

  • Vietri Sul Mare

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Called the “first pearl of the Amalfi coast”, it is considered one of the longest and sandiest beaches in the entire Italy. Vietri Sul Mare is a collection of four different beaches, containing La Baia and Marina di Vetri. Just 10 minutes walking distance from the main city with well-furnished parking systems and family friendly atmospheres.

5. Relaxation and Luxury

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There are a good number of hotels and resorts available to visitors offering premium service and boutiques. If Positano is the glamour puss of the costiers, Ravella is redefined and aristocrat. It is not a big question whether it’s lounging on a sun-kissed beach, unwinding in a luxurious Cliffside hotel, or enjoying a spa retreat, the Amalfi Coast provides a wide variety of opportunities for relaxation and indulgence.

Borgo Santandrea, Belmond Caruso ravello, Casa Privata, hotel Santa Caterina, LeSirenuse, Villa Trevillo and Casa Angelina are famous hotels which provide all amenities including swimming, gardening, parking and tasty local cuisines.

7. Historical and Cultural hub

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During the 10th to 11th centuries, the Duchy of Amalfi existed in Amalfi city. Later during 1137, Amalfi coast was controlled by Salerno and demolished by the Republic of Pisa. During our journey amidst the coast we should delve into the history and culture in order to visit some of the ancient sites and landmarks. As we knew that Amalfi coast was recognized by the UNESCO World heritage site witnessing good numbers of historic cathedrals, exploring artisan workshops, and experiencing local festivals.

Ravello the Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone are symbols of the greatest architectural marvel and a breathtaking view.  Amalfi is a famous traditional old paper mill where you can see how people are making papers during those periods. Never indulge yourself to access insight into the rich cultural heritage of the region.


8. Hiking Trails and scenic drives

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Stretching winding coastal lines renowned for Amalfi drives well known as SS163. If you are a travel or outdoor enthusiast these hiking trails provide unforgettable hiking experiences amidst the rugged cliffs and deep valleys. Hiking in these coasts exhibits the most rich culture and natural diversity. “Path of Lemons” is the most iconic option for ideal hiking lovers. This hiking trail terraces lemon groves between Minori and Maioori.

There are good options for hiking when it comes to hiking routes such as Path of Gods, Amalfi walk in Punta Campanella, Valle delle Ferriere, Valle dei Mullini Amalfi hiking trails and Santa Maria del Castello are famous.

So, finally we come to the conclusion that Amalfi Coast exhibits a perfect blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and indulgent experiences. Good backpacker’s destination Amalfi coast offers a calm coastline for leisure walking and rich in outdoor activities, beaches and hotels making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking a memorable and enriching holiday.

Q: What is the travel distance between Rome to Amalfi coast?

A: The Amalfi Coast is one of the Italy’s famous regions situated just 172 miles or 277 kilometers from Capital city of Rome.

Q: Where is the Amalfi Coast?

A: The Amalfi Coast is a 50 km stunning stretch of coastline located in the southern edge of the Campania region of Italy.

Q: What to do in Amalfi Coast?

A: you can do many travel activities and things like taking the leisure walking in coastlines, take swimming and sunbathing in beaches, take hiking trails, Scenic drives, explores the ancient towns and villages and never forget to taste local tasty cuisines.

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