Tasmania- Major attractions and Things to Do

Tasmania, located off the south eastern coast of Australia, it is an island state renowned for its stunning natural beauty, beaches, unique wildlife and water related activities. Tasmania is considered as the 26th largest island in the world and biggest island in the whole Australia continents. Therefore it is referred to as the “Island of Inspiration.” Moreover, it is even famous for its diverse landscapes, including rugged mountains, pristine beaches, and ancient buildings.

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You will spot several national parks here, including the renowned Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Southwest National Park and Freycinet National Park famous among them. These parks offer tremendous outdoor activities to backpackers. Tasmania will not disappoint history lovers, boasting a rich cultural and colonial heritage, with a history of indigenous Aboriginal people and European settlement.

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However, it is a heaven for food lovers. Contains delicious food and wine, particularly its seafood, cheese, and cool-climate wines. Keep in mind that all are grown locally and organically. Its capital city Hobart, includes a charming waterfront town with a booming arts and culture center.

Under this article we are presented what are the best attractive places and things to do for travelers here in Tasmania. So, let’s go deeper in that.

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Top 5 famous attractions in Tasmania, Australia;


1. Freycinet National Park

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Freycinet National Park is well known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and granite peaks, moreover it’s iconic, memorable and breath-taking views. Its stunning beauty of Wineglass bay is really spectacular- where you can explore crystal clear water and curvaceous white beach. There is no doubt that Freycinet National Park truly inspires every nature lover due to its most picturesque mountains, azure bays and beaches. The park contains wildfires like black cockatoos, yellow wattlebird, honeyeaters, and Bennett’s wallabies flap.

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2. MONA (Museum of Old and New Art)

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Located just 12 km north of Hobart’s city center, MONA is considered as Australia’s largest private museum and showcases a unique collection of art and antiquities. MONA is borrowed into the Triassic sandstone of a peninsula jutting into the Derwent River. Museum built by the local philanthropist David Walsh with the price of $ 75 and the mix of ancient antiques among contemporary works. The museum’s avant-garde architecture and controversial art installations make it a must-see thing for art enthusiasts. During the end of 2018 they decided to start striking a new five star hotel in its premises, expected to open in 2024.


3. Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

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Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the iconic Cradle Mountain and Tasmanian wilderness. Total 1614 sq. km of national park contains the state’s most famous mountains such as Cradle Mountain and lakes such as St Clair and Dove Lake. Visitors can enjoy hiking trails, boat cruises, and wildlife spotting in this breath-taking wilderness area here. National park bifurcated into 2 parts: the northern section around Cradle Mountain and the southern section like Lake St Clair. Year round destination covers from snow in winter, displays of yellow, orange and red cross the mountains slopes and deciduous Faugs turns color are really spectacular.

Kakadu National Park.

4. Port Arthur Historic Site

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Port Arthur is a former penal colony and one of Australia’s UNESCO World heritage sites. In Tasmania Port Arthur has 30 sparring complexes belonging to the 18th and 19th centuries. Visitors here can explore the well-preserved historic buildings, learn about the site’s convict history, and take a cruise around the harbor. During 1837 Port was convicted for many crimes of the day, like pretty theft, juvenile delinquency, violence and political unrest. Some research says that prisons are built to punish prisoners through 23 hours a day isolation. You can see daytime cafes in the main entrance along with restaurants and gift shops.

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5. Salamanca Market

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One of the perfect examples of Australian colonial architecture is a row of three and four step sandstone warehouses. During the time of the 20th century many warehouses were damaged and fallen into ruin. Later in 1970 the warehouse went into a restoration project and today it serves as a restaurant, café, bar and shop, simply called “Salamanca Market”. Market held every Saturday in Hobart, today Salamanca Market serves as one of Australia’s most popular outdoor markets. Visitors can browse through over 300 stalls selling local produce, handmade crafts, and unique souvenirs while enjoying live music and delicious food.


Top 5 Things to do in the Tasmania, Australia;


1. Hiking

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A 65 kilometer Alpine walk journey takes you amidst the Tasmania wildfires World Heritage areas. It is a total of 6 trekking trails, starts from the Cradle Mountain and ends at Lake St Clair offering a glimpse of glacier carved valleys, ancient rain forest and alpine meadows. Journey of hiking opens your mind to the new world with unique landscapes and opportunities to witness unique flora and faunas.

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2. Water Sports and Activities

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Tasmania is most popular to the world even by its water activities. Offering the most adventurous water activities like

Kayaking– Rivers, lakes and coastlines offer ideal conditions for kayaking and canoeing. Even beginners or children’s can also find something to suit their taste. With the help of Kayaking you can spot underwater caves, waterways and marine wildfires.

Surfing– Surfing provides some of the most secluded and pristine beaches in the world. It serves all sorts of surfers from ship stern bluff to beginners at Clifton beach. Surfing gives more thrill especially while you are in the northeast and southeast coast.

Fishing– You should never miss it while visiting Tasmania. Unique and mind free activities fishing held in 3000 rivers, streams and lagoons. Due to its fresh rain, water makes it an ideal destination for fishing. Even though the island is well known for its disease free status. The “World Fly Fishing Championship” is held in 2019.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

3. Mountain Biking and Cycling

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Blue Derby mountain bike trail is a network of world class mountain bike trails situated in the rainforest of northeaster Tasmania. It is a moderate biking trail that caters to all sorts of riders even for beginners too. Offers totally different experiences from smooth flowing track to challenging downhill. Under the Tasmania trail you can travel if you are a mountain biker, walker or even horse rider. Total 480 km trail passes through landscapes, mountains, wildlife’s and small towns.

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4. Taste Local Cuisines

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Tasmania has very delicious street foods, interestingly these items or ingredients made or grown by the locals. Dishes that showcase the fresh seasonal products and range from high end restaurants in urban centers. We should also visit nearby local farmers markets that offer a vibrant and bustling atmosphere. Here visitors can take samples and purchase a variety of fresh, locally made fresh products. Major features of these products (fruits and vegetables) are grown organically from artisanal cheeses, bread to preserves.


5. Explore Colonial Heritages

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Tasmania is not just a place that offers beaches, wildlife’s, landscapes and water activities, even well known for colonial heritage sites. As a historian or curious about the past you can also choose Tasmania as your future destination. It has a heritage highway and ponders life in the 19th century. Under that;

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Richmond village– Nestled in the Coal river valley is well preserved Georgian architecture. It is a charming town set back in time with historic buildings, the oldest stone bridge and the oldest Catholic churches.


Clarendon house– It is a grand colonial estate built by the convicts for James Cox, an English Merchant. It includes servant quarters, heritage walled garden, colonial farm buildings and a rare avenue of elms.


Hobart’s battery point- It is an historical district, famous for its narrow lanes and colonial era cottages. Travelers can walk in the streets, visit antique shops, and quaint cafes. Never miss to explore the area’s rich history and beautiful preserved architecture.

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Tasmania Climate and Weather

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Tasmania receives different climate effects in different seasons. Tasmania’s east coast has maritime climates, with mild average temperature and four distinctive seasons. Its average maximum summer temperature ranges between 17 and 23℃ and with the temperature of between 3 and 11℃.

If you compare with other parts of the Tasmania region, the east coast is often milder than other parts of the island, due to the ocean’s decent airflow. Therefore, places which help to enjoy summer days, see clear winter, crisp and fresh spring seasons.

So, it is very important to take prior actions and adequate clothing for sun and rain effects, protections and local fluctuations of weather. Because sometimes you will see all 4 seasons even in one day here. So, be ready to face it.

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Tasmania Map

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Tasmania is the most recognized destination in this world due to its incredible beauty, history, nature, and culture. If you are truly an all-round traveler seeking beaches, nature, wildlife, outdoor and water activities and historical or ancient buildings in one place, then we will recommend packing your bags to Tasmania.

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Q: Where is Tasmania?

A: Tasmania, located off the south eastern coast of Australia. It is an island state with the capital city of Hobart.

Q: Is Tasmania a country?

A: No, It is not a country, but its a island state located in the South eastern cost of Australia.

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