Top 10 Safe and Cheap Countries for You Tube Travel Vlogger’s.



     After Covid-19 Pandemic there are a number of travelers, especially YouTubers crazy about making a video and uploading it to YouTube. Therefore, they looking for perfect countries to make YouTube Vlogs. Cheap affordability and safe/friendly people oriented countries are major things for every Youtuber. With affordable cost, they can explore and enjoy the entire country very easily.



       There are double advantages to travelers and the Country too. Travelers can monetize through  creating a YouTube channel. Along with he will get an opportunity to explore the world with explain different countries, peoples lifestyles and areas unique cuisine.  Countries will get Tourism publicity around the world without paying huge money.


   Top 10 Countries are Safe and Cheap to Make YouTube Vlogs and Easy to Explore:


        1. India:

             India is a country with diverse cultures and traditions, and nature with beautiful landscapes is attracting a mass number of outsiders includes YouTube vlogs every year. Especially Visitors from Europe, America, and Australia. Not only its beauty, but India is also even famous for affordability. Very cheaply you will get accommodation, transportation, and entry fees to YouTube vloggers. Too much budget friendly destinations when it is compared to other Developed/developing countries. 




         A study shows that more than 467 million Indians are engaging in  YouTube (16% of the total population). Friendly people and supportive domestic laws are protecting and encouraging vloggers. 

    Some of the perfect places for YouTube vloggers to make vlogs within India;

        • Delhi

        • Mumbai

        • Kerala

        • Kashi

        • Kolkata

        • Bangalore


         2. Indonesia:

             Another Asian country known for  incredible nature and beauty will attract millions of you tubers every year. Indonesia ranked 4th among most you tube watchers, with around 139 million active you tube users in the World. 

             When it comes to the cost of living, Indonesia has a very low cost of living.  Along with accommodations, transportations, and food are so friendly and cheap. It will help to save money for a Youtuber.




           When we talk about safety, the Indonesian government implemented a lot of measures regarding tourism. The crime rate is low, friendly natives and cost effective are some kind of advantages are eligible to enjoying to outside youtubers.

            Indonesia is a good option for a you tuber who is looking for a perfect place and destination. This country holds the most beautiful natural scenic beauty. When it comes to Natural Beauty Indonesian scores 7.7 out of 10. Not only for nature you can explore some famous cities and waterfalls near Indonesia. 


          • Jakarta

          • Surabaya

          • Komodo National Park

          • Gili Islands

          • Maluk Beach

          • Tanah Lot Temple

          • Kuta

          • Denpasar


           3. Thailand:

            Thailand is one of the Asian country always welcoming you tubers from every season to explore vibrant street markets and enjoy mountains series, learn unique culture, rest on the beach, etc..,  Thai means “Land for free”.

            Thailand welcomes 35 million travelers every year with stunning beauty and tasty foods.  Nightlife in Thailand is world-famous like Rooftop bars, Bangkok shows, etc.,.




            One of the major benefits of a you tuber from Thailand is easy to enter and easy to travel within. Transportation in Thailand will help you carry from different places in one package. Like Beaches, Wildlife, Street Life and Jungles. It will reduce the cost and time of travelers. As a vlogger can also enjoy world famous Thailand Massages here.

              When it comes to food, pad Thai, green curry, and satay are some of the famous dishes in Thailand. If you go to the streets, you will get tasty noodles and rice in Thailand. You will feel comfortable when you are roaming around Thailand. Friendly people and Culture will inspire you to travel more. That’s why Thailand is named a “Land of Smiles.


            •  Bangkok

            • Chiang Mai

            • Pattaya

            • Bangkok National Museum

            • Khao Sok National Park

            • Krabis Jungle and Hot Springs.

            • Railay Beach

            • Khao Yai National Park

            • Koh Phi Phi Beach


             4. Portugal:

              Many YouTubers felt that Asian countries are cheap  for YouTube Vloggers, Especially Westerners. But Portugal is a country that is so supportive of  vloggers. Especially when it comes to the cost of living compared to other European countries.

              In Portugal, food, accommodations, and transportation are relatively low compared to other nations. Along with Portugal is ranked as one of the Safest countries to live in and also travel to wherever you want. The people of Portugal are so cool and friendly in nature. Above that they are open minded they will create a welcoming atmosphere around you. Therefore, as a you tuber, instead of worrying about safety and fear about belongings, you can easily focus on your journey in Portugal.




                    When it comes to Adventure, Portugal holds stunning landscapes, great cities, and natural beauty that will grab the attention of every traveler including video makers.  Eating food in Restaurants and hotels in Portugal is cheaper than cooking at Home. Piri Piri Chickens, pastel de nata, and bacalhau are some of the famous as well as cheap foods in Portugal.

              Wine, clothes, and supermarket foods are affordable when you compare them to other nations.  When you want to travel from place to place in Portugal you will get a rental car, which is  less costly.  Apart from the Airport surcharge, toll roads are also available. Some of the best spots for Youtuber are:


              •    Lisbon

              •    Porto

              •    Sintra

              •    Douro Valley

              •    Algarve

              •    Cabo da Roca

              •    Pena Palace

              •    Nazare

              •    Poço da Alagoinha


               5. Nepal:

                  Another small Asian country covered with the Himalayan range and stunning mountains. Nepal is world famous for its scenic beauty and mountain range. This country is known for its incredible Himalayan range, including Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world. The country has a rich culture and ethnic groups.



                 As a Youtuber, you can easily discover Nepal with little budget. Accommodation, Food, and Transportation are relatively low. After the Covid 19 and Earthquake in Nepal, tourism improved drastically. Considering  a Developing country, Nepal faces some basic problems. ‘Dal Bhat Is a famous and affordable food in Nepal. ‘Gundruck’ National food of Nepal. Nepalis cuisine is very close and similar to Indian cuisine.

                   October to November is the perfect time to visit Nepal. There are a number of hotels and rooms available in Nepal both in hilly regions as well as City areas too. In Nepal, Homestay is called ‘Gharbas’.

                   Kathmandu’s Capital city is considered the safest city for lady travelers. So, without worry, you can easily make a trip to Nepal. Use Rickshaws and taxis to travel because it is best and cheap too. Nepal is considered one of the cheapest countries in Asia when it comes to transportation. 

                 Nepal is known for Lumbini- The birthplace of Gautama Buddha, nightlife, and Adventure activities such as trekking, rafting, rock climbing, mountaineering, etc. The natural beauty, culture, ethnicity, and cuisines of Nepal will always welcome every Youtuber to explore the colorful world of the Hilly regions of Nepal.  Some good places are:


                •    Kathmandu

                •    Pokhara

                •    Lumbini

                •    Nagarkot

                •    Mount Everest

                •    Sagarmatha National Park

                •    Phewa National Park

                •    Janaki Temple

                •    Pashupatinath Temple

                •    Chitwan National Park


                 6. Vietnam:

                        Vietnam is a country most visited by backpackers and Travelers. Colonial history, Stunning landscape (Ha Long Bay), and cuisine will inspire every youtuber to take a video about Vietnam. Beaches and friendly people are also some advantages to travelers.

                  The bus is a major transport tool to discover Vietnam within the country. It is so affordable and connects major cities within Vietnam. Apart from taxis, ferries, planes, trains, motorbikes, etc. are affordable to explore the cities. But no Ubear facilities are available in Vietnam. You will get a lot of Homestays near Hanoi and other famous locations at relatively less cost.



                 Vietnam ranked 43rd as the safest country in the world and 51.87 safety index out of 100. Not too high when it comes to traveling and tourism.  So, Vietnam is not only safe for women you tubers even Solo Travelers too. The people of Vietnam are so welcoming in nature and provide a lot of respect to outsiders. Therefore, without worrying too much about safety, you can enjoy the Journey.

              Perfect Place for Making YouTube Videos in Vietnam:


                  •  Hanoi

                  •  Hoi An

                  •  Nha Trang

                  •  Da Nang

                  •  Ninh Binh

                  •  Dalat

                  •  Ba Be National Park

                  •  Ho Chi Minh City

                  •  Phu Quoc Island


                   7. Mexico:

                    Mexico comes under North America known for  beautiful travel destinations for you tube vloggers with little budget and safety. Every year Mexico welcomes a number of travelers to explore the Stunning Beaches, cuisines, culture, and ancient ruins of Mexico.

                      When it comes to accommodation you will get budget-friendly housing in Mexico including hotels, guesthouses, apartments and homestays etc. Here also we recommend using public transportation because it is safe and cheap. Share autos and taxis are available to travel within the country. Colectivo, combi, and minibus are the best options to travel. Sometimes they offer discounted air tickets to various destinations. Along with travel, you can also taste world-famous Mexican cuisines and delicious foods such as Chilaquiles, Pozole, Tostadas, etc.




                       Safety is the primary point for travelers.  When it comes to travelling and tourism there is not much unsafe for them. Recent years the crime rate is relatively much higher.  Mexico is well-patrolled by the Police force, some businesses implemented safety measures for travelers.  The culture and history of Mexico are unforgettable. Museums, colonial architectures, cultural heritages, and ancient ruins are always welcome by travelers to make videos on them.


                    • Oaxaca city

                    • Puerto Vallarta

                    • Cancun

                    • Tulum

                    •  Izamal

                    •  Isla Cozumel

                    •  Playa del Carmen

                    •  Los Cabos

                    •  Cabo san Lucas

                    • Oaxaca


                     8. Cambodia:



                        There are several reasons a traveler should travel to Cambodia. Known its historical and impressive landmarks. In Cambodia, you will get an opportunity to make a video about the world-famous Angkor Wat temple (Biggest Hindu temple in the world) complex, Phnom Penh Royal Palace. Cambodia has a very rich and diverse history and culture when we compared to other Southeast Asian countries. Places in Cambodia are must-visited and entry fees or multi-day passes in Cambodia are relatively travel friendly.

                            Accommodation in Cambodia Soo affordable.  There are a number of choices are will get for accommodation. Price is based on the range of hotels, guest houses, and high-quality resorts. If you want low-cost accommodation with WIFI facilities will be available in this country. Air nab is perfectly utilized here in apartments and resorts.

                     When it comes to the Crime rate towards tourists it is relatively low. Pickpocketing and theft are not common to tourists.  Before going to a place better take caution and safeguard their belongings.

                        Tuk-tuks, public transportations, taxis, and motorbikes are common in Cambodia. Tuk tuks are relatively used for short-distance travel, while buses carry you long distances, motorbikes and taxis help you to navigate cities and remote areas.

                      Food is an essential part of our journey. As we know that Cambodia is famous for cuisines such as beef-lok-lak, Khmer curry, and fish amok are available in local streets at very reasonable prices. Apart from in the streets, you will get Juices such as Sugarcane, Tender coconut, Mango juice including coffee shops.


                      • Angkor Wat

                      • Bayon Temple

                      • Phnom Penh

                      • Banteay Srei

                      • Ta Prohm

                      • Bayon

                      • Pre Rup

                      • Banteay Samre

                      • Neak Pean


                       9. Greece:

                                Another European Country has good natural landscapes including safe and budget friendly. Recent year Greece minimizes the restriction on entry to outside. Therefore, we can freely enter the country without much limitations. Beaches with blue waters are mind-blowing attractions for every visitor.

                        When it comes to safety, don’t  worry too much about safety you can focus on your trip to Greece. Also safe for female solo travelers. February to April is the perfect time to visit.



                         Foods are so diverse in Greece. Olive oil, Grains, fish and meat, pork, beef, and goat are famous in Greece. Souvlaki is quite famous in Greece. You will get quality food in restaurants and hotels in every corner of Greece.

                         Ranked one of the Cheaper destinations in Europe. In Greece, it is better to use buses and ferries. These 2 options are budget-friendly to a traveler. Overnight booking is more economical than on spot purchases. Some of the Great places to Video makers are:


                        • Asos

                        • Corfu

                        • Lindos

                        • Santorini

                        • Mykonos

                        • Meteors

                        • Nafplio

                        • Parga

                        • Meteora

                        • Delphi


                       10. Hungary:

                           Located in Central Europe known for its world-famous hot springs and spa towns. Hungary is considered a developed country, obviously, the crime rate is relatively low. Hungary is known for its landscapes and lakes such as Balaton is a famous lake in Hungary with stunning wildlife and beauty. Europe’s biggest Thermal Lake is located in Hungary named Heviz.




                        Accommodation and Transportation are friendly in nature. Took public transportation that will help you to travel within the country. Friendly restaurants, hotels and Homestays are available in every tourist spot. Some of the Major tourist attractions are:


                          •  Budapest

                          • Eger

                          • Miskolc

                          • Szeged

                          • Gyor

                          • Sopron

                          • Pecs

                          • Debrecen

                          • Kecskemet


                             Overall, YouTube is a great Platform to explore Tourism Content. After the Post Pandemic, there are a lot of improvements are made in Tourism oriented countries. Vloggers came and explore the countries cuisines, places, languages, explore entire nations. Governments are given concessions in entry and entry fees, therefore welcome huge number of tourist every year.


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